Unexpected Pleasure

She was prettier than he remembered.

He had caught glimpses of her over his son's years at school and throughout the war, but he did not recall actually appraising her as anything but a nuisance since she was an awkward teen at the Quidditch Cup all those years ago. Now she was confident, self-assured young lady, studying alone on a Friday evening in the Hogwarts Library. Her barely tamed curls framed a face full of life and intelligence as she scribbled away on a bit of parchment. Although modestly clad in Hogwarts robes, his practiced eyes could still discern the devastating feminine curvature lying beneath.

No wonder his son was obsessed with this… creature.

Pity Draco could not be allowed to pursue her. After the Battle of Hogwarts, his son was growing more and more pigheaded, harder to control.

Too… Gryffindor by far.

The boy would accept that Lucius would guide the Malfoys through this treacherous new era, or else.

Lucius stalked her, unseen, watching her quietly study as he crept through the silent stacks.

Closer… closer…

With a quick Silencio he jerked the startled girl out of her seat and into his arms. One arm occupied by the volumptous, struggling, furious girl, he activated his Portkey, taking them away from Hogwarts to one of the many Malfoy safehouses.

The heady scent of oranges and woman filled his brain as the Portkey hooked through his guts.

He would enjoy this more than anticipated.