Snow Lift Proposal

Chapter I

Snowflakes danced freely in the late winds of December, creating tiny whirlwinds of white powder and artful wisps of crystal patterns in the evening light. They traveled on the dry, cold air of winter over the open fields of the country and through the frost-laden trees in the forests, not wanting to reside on branches or snow banks along the way. It was as if they would float on forever, never wanting to settle down, but fly on. Still, as they made their journey above a town lit with Christmas lights and street lamps, the wind died down to a gentle breeze allowing the traveling flakes to begin a new journey downward, drifting to the buildings below. Finally, they would come to rest after their long trip through the endless sky.

Among the many offices, stores and homes that would receive snow that Christmas night, sat a small apartment building. The snowflakes landed on the window sills and balconies of the tenants, adding extra authenticity to their holiday decorations and more to the mounds of snow there already. One occupant, in particular, was especially intent on watching the display before them. Considering the ordeal she had been in for the past three days concerning the heavy snowfall, she was in a good mood. In fact, one could say she was tickled pink if it wasn't for the fact she normally was that color anyway. A fairly beautiful, pink hedgehog in her early twenties sat near the snowy scene dressed in a pink lace nightgown.

Amy Rose looked out her window and allowed a wide smile to take her features. She had just gotten home from what should have been a few hours of shopping but turned into something more. Her gaze slowly strayed down to her mug full of hot chocolate and she took a deep breath of the steam, warming up her being with a sip. As she sat on her couch, she drew the warm comforter snugly to her body with her left hand and noticed the reason she was especially joyful this year. It caused her mind to wind back and reflect upon the events that took place only a couple days ago.

December 23

"I swear, Amy, this is the last time I let you drag me into this again."

"Oh come on, Sonic, it's not that bad," Amy responded, blissfully unaware of the many reasons Sonic counted off in his head as to why he should have stayed in bed rather than come along on her 'last-minute Christmas shopping adventure' in the first place.

"Wonder where we are, do you know?" she asked. Sonic cringed at the question, hearing it now for only the hundredth utmost time, which happened to be one of his many reasons not to have joined her. It, along with the crowds, was driving him crazy.

"Look, Amy, if anyone knows this shopping center better, it's you, not me . . . Fine, I don't know, look at one of those 'you are here' signs," Sonic directed testily as he adjusted one of the several bags he had the honor of lugging around; reason number two. The temptation to drop and run was high. Amy gave the blue hedgehog a side glare, not enjoying his tone of voice at all. Honestly, she hadn't dragged him in to shop with her this time. She simply asked and he agreed. Now, he was acting like a two-year-old just because the trip had turned into an all-day expedition.

"Thanks, Sonic," she said curtly as she headed for the sign he had spoken of. Sonic sighed, but followed suit, trying his best not to curse the shoe box that was jabbing into his tenderized side, reason number three.

"It says here we're on B17 next to the pretzel shop. Okay, there's an elevator five stores down from here," Amy stated.

"Hallelujah! Let's get some pretzels; I'm starving," Sonic cheered, heading straight across to soft pretzel heaven. Amy sighed, but in a knowing manner. No wonder he was acting so cranky, he was hungry. She knew that, next to being cooped up or bored stiff, an empty stomach for the blue blur was an irritation. She followed him over to the shop, feeling her own stomach growl as the smell of salted baked doe reached her nose. Looking down at her watch, she noted the time was four-thirty; later than she thought. The bargain hunter in her wanted to hit a few more stores on this floor before leaving, but on seeing the time, and Sonic's tired face, she decided heading home was probably a better idea. After all, he had been kind enough to come with her on his own and she certainly didn't want this to be the last time.


"Hum," Sonic responded with a mouth full of bread. Amy couldn't help but chuckle at her companion's puffed out cheeks as he quickly made an attempt to swallow.

"I think we'll head home now," she announced. It didn't take a skilled observer to see the smile of joy in the blue hedgehog's eyes at the prospect, but still, he tried to remain inconspicuous, not wanting to hurt her feelings.

"Really? Are you sure? We still have daylight," he asked raising an eyebrow.

"Cut it out. I know you're happy," she stated with a smirk, shoving him playfully. Sonic grinned. He liked it much better when she was happy instead of upset, and considering they have been coming to nice relational terms with each other for a year now, that was a good thing.

"I am sure that . . ." Amy started but was interrupted by her gurgling stomach again.

"Hungry?" Sonic quipped, offering her the other pretzel he had in his hand and turning back to the teenage vendor for a couple more.

"How many of those are you going to eat?" Amy asked as she accepted the food and took a bite.

"Just enough to last me until we reach the Chinese restaurant I saw earlier on the first floor."

Amy rolled her eyes but gratefully finished off her pretzel just as Sonic received his others in a paper bag.

"Merry Christmas, Sonic," the teenaged fox said as he handed the hedgehog his change.

"Merry Christmas to you too, Alex," Sonic replied, reading the name tag on the youth's shirt. As the two hedgehogs walked away they could hear Alex literally squeal in delight at serving Sonic the Hedgehog.

"Must be his first day here," Sonic stated, before a little mischief entered his voice, "Usually they give me the pretzels for free and throw in a free pretzel dog while they're at it."

"Stop it," Amy said with almost a straight face, almost. They made their way over to the elevator that had been pointed out by the sign earlier. Sonic inwardly groaned as they reached the silver doors of the 'sardine can' as he so lovingly called it. It wasn't that he was necessarily frightened of elevators, but something about being enclosed in a small area rubbed his fur the wrong way and he'd prefer to take the stairs any day. This elevator was particularly irritating for him though, because, despite it being a bit more spacious than most others he'd encountered, probably to accommodate large crowds, this particular mall thought it would be even more splendid to have the 'sardine can' descend through a cascade of fish, reefs, and bubbles. That meant water on all four sides for seventeen stories, a total of two whole minutes. This did frighten him.

"Man, I hate this mall," he complained as the doors slide open to reveal the agua chamber.

"I know, Sonic, but with all these bags this is the quickest way down," Amy assured him, stepping in and placing her bags beside her.

"I know," he mumbled stepping on as well and swearing to find the person responsible for building this twenty story monster and giving them a piece of his mind. Then his face lit up as he saw it sitting right across from the elevator, or more correctly standing. It was a drink machine with everything from water and passion fruit drinks to soda and hot chocolate.

"Amy, wait!" Sonic shouted as he reached out, bags and all, and stopped the doors from shutting. He could feel the familiar tinge of thirst in his throat and a nice beverage sounded really good.

"Sonic?" Amy questioned, surprised by his sudden actions as she watched him race to the vending machine. Rolling her eyes for the tenth time that day, she placed some bags in front of the doors to keep them open and stepped back out of the elevator to make her way over to the blue hedgehog who appeared to be in great thought.

"What's wrong," she asked with a hint of sarcasm. For someone who made such a big deal of wanting to get out of here so fast, he sure was taking his time.

"I'm trying to decide if I want strawberry-banana blend or tropical berry blast. Maybe I want a soda instead or a hot cocoa," he mused, rubbing his chin like a scholar, which actually was a labored task considering he was weighed down by three pairs of shoes, five designer dresses, a couple of jackets, and who knew but Amy what else. She insisted that they were Christmas gifts for friends, but Sonic assumed that there was a three to one ratio going on. Buy three gifts for friends and one gift for herself. He figured this out when she started trying on some of the items she was getting.

"Move you. I already know what I want," Amy smiled, playfully pushing Sonic aside as she proceeded to take some money out of her purse. To be honest, the pretzel had made her thirsty too, and a bottle of water didn't seem so bad. She placed four quarters into the coin slot and pushed the button that displayed her drink of choice. After a moment her reward was produced at the bottom slot as she bent down to collect.

"Why would you pay a dollar for water . . ." Sonic began until Amy rose up with not one but two bottles of water.

"I've been here before, this machine's broken, but it's only the water."

"Oh," he replied as he took the extra bottle that Amy was offering out to him, "but I still want something with sugar in it."

And with that Amy proceeded to drag Sonic to the elevator, no if, ands or buts. Once inside, the pink hedgehog pressed the white plastic button on the control panel labeled with the numeral one as her gaze trailed over to the highly agitated and slightly nervous male at her side. Sonic had already placed loads of purchased items on the marble floor, even the water and pretzels, and had crossed his arms as he resorted to tapping one foot rapidly to release tension. Judging by his peeved expression Amy knew this was going to be a long two minutes, but even in the face of a bad attitude, Amy still had the persistence to try and start a conversation.

"I like how you can see outside through the aquarium. It looks so nice with the snow falling behind it. What do you think?" she probed, hoping to at least curb Sonic's mood. He just quirked an eyebrow at her, not uncrossing his arms or stopping his tapping foot.

"Yeah, nice. You don't feel so claustrophobic."

Amy sighed inwardly and decided to take a sip of her water and nonchalantly did so. After putting the cap back on, she looked back up to see Sonic had switched feet in tapping and was staring intently at the floor numbers as they passed on the small screen above the door.

"Honestly, Sonic, it's not that bad," Amy huffed, agitated with his impatience. Was it really that hard for him to stand in one spot for a few minutes?

"Yes, it is. Can't this thing go any faster!" Sonic demanded, feeling anger replacing annoyance. He was ready to get out of this mall. Was that too much to ask?

"Can't you just stand still for two minutes for me, it's not going to kill you," Amy could feel her own temper flare. Of course, he could stay still if it was something he wanted to do. Why couldn't he just pretend he was happy doing something she wanted to do?

"I hate these things, you know that!" Sonic declared coming off a bit defensive. He had come with her, shopped for five hours with her, and even carried those bags for her, why couldn't she appreciate that?

"Fine, why did you come in the first place then?! You knew I would take the elevator!"

"You asked me too! Had I known we were going to the seventeenth floor, stopping on every floor in between, maybe I wouldn't of."

"Well, no one was making you stay. If you hated it so badly why didn't you just go home?"

By now both hedgehogs were yelling, steaming with energy and anger. Apart from being different colors and the opposite sex, they looked identical in features, flared nostrils, erect quills, narrowed eyes, clenched fists and bared teeth. If someone were to happen on the scene they would swear both looked like they were out for blood.

"I would have gone home, but a little pink someone insisted I carry the bags and judge clothing tryouts," he said evenly.

"Well, I'm sorry, it's not my fault a certain blue person can't focus long enough to string a sentence together like 'Gee Pink, can we go home I'm tired, please!" Amy remarked with sarcasm.

"Oh my apology, I was only trying to help you out. I thought after the hundredth time of saying can we do something else maybe you would have caught a clue," Sonic stated hotly.

"Pardon me, was that before or after you told me 'sure I'll come with you' then made me miserable with your constant complaining," she said angrily, but the hurt was becoming evident in her voice. How did this argument start? She didn't want the day to end like this, and especially around Christmas time. He did help her, but she was so upset and angry and her hurt wouldn't let her drop her guard.

"Whatever," Sonic mumbled, glaring at her, but feeling equally as hurt and guilty. He didn't really want to pick a fight with Amy, but he was still irritated by the situation. Was this trip a waste? He knew his behavior wasn't top notch but did he make her miserable? That's not what he intended at all, he was just tired.

Both settled on silence for a moment, mulling over their own injured emotions, and occasionally sighing in exasperation. Neither wanted to add to the argument, but they didn't want to admit defeat either. However, as the jazzy rendition of 'God Rest Thee Merry Gentleman' began to play over the speaker, stubbornness in the room eventually lost out. For the hedgehogs, this was not something to lose love and goodwill over.

"Amy . . ."

"Sonic . . ."

They could hear the apologetic note in the other's voice and said together "I'm sorry."

They smiled at one another, and Sonic returned to his impatience stance but with a smirk on his face instead of a frown. Amy shook her head and gave a stifled laugh.

"Some things just don't change with you, do they? Well, at least were on our way home . . ."

Without warning the elevator stopped, causing its occupants to lurch in their balance. Amy looked down to see if any of the other buttons were lit up which would indicate that other passengers were waiting to board, but the first floor was all that shone.

"What's going on," Sonic inquired as his eyes drifted from there spot on the floor-gauge to Amy.

"I don't know," she replied, pressing the number once again. The machine jerked and shuddered, but didn't budge. The two exchanged a look of both annoyance and concern.

"I think it's stuck."

Author's Note: It has been a while hasn't it. Well with college, two jobs, family, friends and saving the world :) time is a little short for me. I still love writing though and I still love Sonamy so here is a late Sonic & Amy Christmas story. The funny thing is I'll probably be updating this one all the way up until July. Anyway, I hope all of you are enjoying your New Year and that all you plan to do is done. God Bless.