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Snow Lift Proposal

Chapter VII

Amy could not remember a time she had ever felt so good then she did that Christmas Eve. Sonic, the hedgehog she had spent so many years chasing, had taken her, the person he always ran away from, to a nice dinner at Stardust's and was now treating her to a walk through the beautifully lite park of Celestial point. It was indeed a dream come true for this long time romantic. Finally, after several years of knowing him and wanting more than just a friendship, Amy Rose was on a date with Sonic the hedgehog. Though, as they talked and laughed, she noticed something was missing as they made their way down the snowy paths of the park.

She glanced over at her companion as their conversation lapsed into a silent period of time. His hands were tucked deep down in the pockets of his jacket, the only article of clothing she could convince him to wear, and he seemed distant as his eyes stared at the scenes ahead. She then glanced at her own arms that were folded over in front of her, in an effort to keep warm, she guessed. It was then she realized that she wanted to get closer to Sonic or, in a way, see how close she could get.

Since she had known the blue hero, personal boundaries were a must in his priorities. He didn't invade others' space, unless absolutely necessary, and he expected the same treatment in return. Of course in her younger days she overlooked this belief and went out of her way to at least stand side by side with the world-wide hero. Back then she saw it as an annoyance that he didn't want to hug or touch her back, but now in her twenties she could see that Sonic's reluctance to touching and grabbing was not only respectable but well appreciated. Too often she had seen women her age basically being dragged around by guys who saw them as nothing more than a toy or prize that they would tire of, dump, and pick up with another one. Sonic never did that. Underestimate her abilities, maybe, but never her personhood. She was so lucky to have Sonic in her life, she sometimes wondered if he felt just as lucky to have her.

And if she only knew, her worries would subside. Sonic was trying so hard to make this work like he thought it should. He knew it now, he loved her, but what was he supposed to do with that? He was looking out at other couples who were holding hands, linking arms, and making out . . . Woah . . . did he have to do that too. He blushed as he turned away embarrassed. He side-glanced over to Amy and noticed the somewhat saddened look on her face and her crossed arms. Was she not enjoying this? Maybe he was doing something wrong? It figured, what did he know about romantics? He was just fooling himself and Amy. No, he couldn't let himself think like that anymore, he made a promise to change and that is what he intended to do. He was going to love whether he knew how or not.

"Amy?" he asked in a squeak. Realizing how small his voiced sounded he pretended to cough and clear his throat as she turned to look up at him. He took a deep breath and pulled his hand free from its cozy spot and stuck it out. In lack of anything else to say he added, "Would you like to hold hands?" Pleasantly surprised, Amy smiled and gladly obliged his extended hand with her own. Sonic was also pleased with the contact as he felt Amy lace her fingers between his. It fit and felt right. Both of them smiled while strolling through the park hand in hand, forgetting about how late it was getting or how cold it was outside. Caught up in the new feelings of warmth and closeness, they felt like the only ones in the park, enjoying one another's company and insights. They probably would have stayed in this state for hours more if it wasn't for the toll of bells in the distance. Each ring indicated one more hour and how long they had been out.

"Wow, its eleven already," Amy said almost in shock. They had been out on this date for at least four hours now, but to her it felt like they just started. She didn't really want it to end. However, a stifled yawn from her fellow traveler and her own aching feet told her that it was indeed coming to a close.

"Yeah, I guess so. Do you want me to run ya home?" he asked, coming to a stop with her and turning to face the young woman. Amy smiled and nodded, which in response, Sonic stooped down, arms out stretched and she allowed him to lift her up bridal style. As he took off towards her home, Amy pressed down against his chest and cherished the warmth and heart-beat of her hero. This was too amazing to her, almost surreal, as if at any moment someone was going to come by and wake her up from this superb dream. But she could feel the crisp wind in her face and the strong hold of Sonic's arms. This was real, this was real. Without realizing it she closed her eyes and began purring with delight letting out heartfelt sighs every once in a while.

Sonic's lips quirked up into a small smile, but the more he listened to her happiness the more he found his smile beaming into a huge grin. He shook his head in mock defeat for a moment. 'Amy Rose, what have you done to me?' he thought as he glanced down at her sweet face. It was almost more then he could take as his heart did somersaults and back flips within him. There was no denying it now, not that there was in the past either. He loved her; from since who knows to what he hoped would be the rest of his life. He had to say it.


She opened her eyes and looked up at him just as they reached the doors of her apartment complex. Sonic set her down never taking his eyes off her. Amy did the same in return, drinking in his emerald eyes and trying not to go weak in the knees.

"Yes Sonic," she replied. Sonic could feel his throat tighten and his palms sweat. He could feel his breathing become shallow and for a moment wondered what in the world was wrong with him. He was more afraid now than at any point in his life and he could not explain why. He was a fighter of justice, seen more awful things then anyone should have to see, gone against odds that were impossible, when the stakes would have cost him his life he didn't even blink let alone think twice about running in full speed. But now, putting his heart into the hands of a twenty-one year old woman whom he had known since they were kids, he was falling apart at the seams.

"Pull it together man," he whispered to himself closing his eyes, causing Amy to quirk an eyebrow.


"Oh sorry," he said opening his eyes to look at her again, "I . . . I love you, Amy." He finally said, nervously scratching his head quills as he watched her response. Without hesitation, she caught him in a hug, nearly catching him off balance.

"I love you too, Sonic."

She was so brave with her emotions and in a way this helped him to feel at ease with his own. He hugged her back. However, when they pulled away, he was unsure of what he was supposed to do next. He knew that Tails was probably wondering what had happened to him and that it was late, but how was he supposed to say good-bye to such an experience. Before it was a quick wave, a 'see ya later', and a dash down the street. Now, he wasn't all too sure if he wanted to leave her at all.

"It's like a dream that I don't want to end," Amy said with sadness and a bit of fear in her voice. She felt that if she let go, she might lose the reality of this experience, these last few days. Would everything go back to the way it was if she said good-bye and went inside her home? Would she wake up tomorrow and find out that nothing had happened at all?

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Sonic responded, with similar fears in mind. He had not expected this turn out when he accompanied her on this trip and now he certainly felt confused about where to head from here. He had always loved Amy; he had come to terms with that a year ago when he started to 'hang out' with her more. Even then he didn't call it dating, but now there was no refusing it; that was exactly what it was and now his mind was swimming with thoughts of everything Amy.

They both stood there on the front porch of Myco's Apartment Complexes gazing into one another's eyes, searching for an answer to an elusive question. Then, as if an invisible force was pulling them closer together, their muzzles closer together, an image came to Sonic's mind. 'A kiss!' He nearly fell back in the snow as he pulled back, blushing fiercely and sputtering unintelligible words. Amy had a slight blush, not from embarrassment alone, but a little frustration as well. When was he going to . . .?

"I'm sorry Amy," he finally apologized with his eyes everywhere but on her. He couldn't help but think why he was acting so stupid. Couples kissed and hugged and said mushy stuff to each other all the time, what was his problem. He hung his head down and shuffled some of the snow back and forth with his feet. Amy sighed and chuckled to herself. Wouldn't be able to get that shyness out of him anytime soon, but for her, it was worth the wait. She reached out to take his left hand but stopped when she noticed for the first time something poking out of the corner of his glove.

"What's that?" she asked, pointing down at it. Sonic glanced up.


He looked down to what she was pointing out and would have gaped in horror if he wasn't so cool. "Oh, it's nothing," he said nonchalantly, pulling his hand up and out of sight.

"Oh come on Sonic, I'm not blind, is it a bracelet?"

"Maybe," he replied coolly, but Amy's curiosity was having none of that. She grabbed his hand with such speed that it even surprised him.

"Let me see."

Sonic mumbled something, but he didn't resist her any further. She pulled back the fabric to reveal something that made her heart skip a beat. It was a bracelet, yes, but not something from a store or even anything found on his many travels. It was one she made a long time ago, like eight years back. It was faded with time and looked like it had a few hasty repairs, as its strand had several different colors of tied string on it. With awe she turned to look back up at him. By this time Sonic was staring off into the street like something intriguing was happening out there.

"You kept this, for that long?"

He nodded still not looking directly at her.

"And you wear it," she breathed as she looked back down at it. Sonic could feel the over familiar heat entering his cheeks as his mind rushed over what she would think about it. What was the big deal? Yes he kept it, yes he cared for her back then, no, he hadn't the heart to throw it out, though it did break several times, and he rarely took it off. Heck, he sometimes felt naked if he didn't have it on. Then again, maybe it was a big deal. It made her so happy and in doing so he was also happy.

"Oh Sonic," she cooed as she hugged him. He smiled and moved to face her, hugging her back. Hugs he could do at least.

"You know, we may have to stop this or I might start to like it," he joked.

"Oh stop it," she laughed pulling back a bit. Still the jokester.

"Alright. It's too late anyway, I think I do like it," he winked. Then, just as the embrace parted, he thought of something. His gift for Amy. "Hey, can you wait right here a sec." Before she could answer, he had stepped back and taken off with a very loud burst of speed. She didn't even have enough time to recover from the first gust of wind when he came rushing back with a second whirlwind. She quickly grabbed onto the railing to steady herself. She glared at him a bit.

"Sorry Ames, but here," he said, opening his hand to show a simple bracelet and necklace set in the palm of his hand. Amy took it gently from him and looked over the gold strands and red gems that decorated it. With tears welling up in her eyes she graciously thanked him for the gift and gave him several kisses on the cheek. Then she had him help her put it on.

"How does it look?" she asked.

"Just don't ask if their real or not," he chuckled. She rolled her eyes and waited for a real answer. "They look great Amy."

She smiled, but then remembered his present, since it seemed they were doing the gift exchange thing now.

"Wait here real quick," she directed as she turned around and ran into the building. With a perplexed face, Sonic stood and tapped his foot as he waited. Within a few minutes she was back out with a red scarf. "Sorry I didn't wrap it. I made it."

"Thanks Amy," he said as he took the material from her and felt the wool stitching. He wrapped it around his neck and struck a pose. "How does it look?"

"Very snazzy," she laughed, but then she shivered a bit.

"It's getting late," he stated, shuffling a bit.

"Guess its time to go in," she replied sadly.

"Yeah. I'll um, see you later Ames," he said as he slowly made his way down the steps.

"Thanks for the lovely time," she replied, not wanting this to end.

"Anytime," he responded, pausing for a moment, debating on so many things. He looked back up at her and grinned. With a spin of his feet he was off into the Christmas Eve night as Amy waved after him. She watched until he disappeared into the horizon, then turned and went inside.

Sonic on the other hand was making his way to Tails' workshop and planning on going through with what he had come up with for Amy besides the jewelry. He had gotten the items on one of his treks around the globe and decided to save them as a Christmas present. Besides thinking about how happy she was to receive the gift, he thought on how she had missed her party and the single present under her tree. As he whipped through the teenage fox's door and spotted said teenager watching a late Christmas Special he spoke up.

"Tails! I need your help."

Christmas Day

Tap! Tap! Amy's eyes opened with dull enthusiasm as she woke up from a less then restful night. She glanced at her clock and noticed that it was ten o'clock already. She couldn't remember when she fell to sleep last night or anything for that matter. Then as sleep amnesia wore off and the memories of the evening before came flooding back, she sat up with more vigor and pep. She had gone on a date with Sonic last night and it went great. It was also Christmas Morning.

A smile brightened her sleepy features as she climbed out of bed into her slippers. She looked to her bed stand and spotted the jewelry he had given her laying there as she had taken them off before going to bed. It triggered more memories of her twirling around in front of her bedroom mirror and running around the house squealing in delight. She now remembered that she had spent at least an hour laying in bed just going through the date over and over again in her mind, giggling and sighing over her experiences.

Tap! Tap! A noise grabbed her attention. At first she couldn't place what it was, but then she recognized it. The door? Someone was knocking on her door. That must have been what woke her up to begin with. She got up completely and began rummaging in her closest for something to wear.

The knocking was growing in volume, as if the person on the other side was wondering whether or not the occupant was at home. Amy was a bit flustered. Most Christmas days she spent alone, being she had no family and she didn't want to intrude on others' time with their own loved ones. She had been over to Cream's house once, but it just felt awkward and she never really had someone come over Christmas day.

"Who would be here at Christmas?" she thought before shouting, "I'm coming!" She just grabbed a robe and proceeded to go to the front door. However, when she caught sight of herself in the hallway mirror, she gasped. Quills pointing in all directions, red eyes from lack of rest and well . . . she definitely looked like she just got up.

"I'll be there in a minute."

The knocking subsided. She quickly ducked into her bathroom and combed down her quills and washed her face before setting off once again to get the door. "Who is it?" Was her last question before she opened the door. What she saw she wouldn't forget anytime soon.

There in the apartment's hallway were all kinds of festive materials ranging from cookies and drinks to a stereo with Christmas music playing and presents wrapped in an assortment of colors. But what really caught her attention were those holding the items. Cream and her mother, Tails with a few of his friends, a few of her co-workers, Knuckles with the Chaotix team, and even people she didn't readily recognize. Even Rouge was there with a very reluctant Shadow in the back.

Too surprised for words, she brought her hand to her mouth as tears welled up in her eyes. 'This is . . . this can't be happening,' she kept repeating in her mind. In slight confusion, and major shock, she shut the door and took in a few deep breaths. Then she reopened the door to see all the same faces looking at her albeit bewilderingly.

"Merry Christmas Amy."

A familiar voice said from off to the side. But before she could look to see who it was, everyone became animated.

"Merry Christmas Amy!" they shouted as Vanilla explained that the whole party was set up in the downstairs lobby and that she should get dressed quickly. With that, the whole day was a whirlwind of fun for the pink hedgehog as she enjoyed the Christmas holiday with good friends, delicious food and more gifts then she could have imagined.

All this was done for her. The party, these people giving of their time; it was for her. She couldn't help but tear up. This was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her. They all had a great time as they danced and talked, opened gifts and ate, but no one soaked it in as much as Amy did. Even Shadow had gotten her a present, which was asking a lot, but for him and every one else there, this was a big thank you for everything Amy was to them. She was definitely grateful for it and most of all, she didn't have to be alone this Christmas.

No one told her who had put the party together or who had to practically beg some of them to come out and set up at five o'clock Christmas morning, but Amy knew who it was due to their absence. She smiled warmly as she thought of her sweetheart, but then why wasn't he here. This matter stayed at the back of her mind as she laughed along with her other friends in the joy of the moment.

Around four in the afternoon the party had winded down to just her and her closer friends, Cream and Celesta. When they offered to help clean up the mess, Myco, the owner of the apartment, refused saying that someone else was going to clean it up. This left Amy with saying good-bye to her last guests and heading back to her room tired, exhausted from all the excitement, but a good exhausted. She made her way to the bathroom and took a hot shower to calm her senses and ease tense muscles, but not without letting her mind wander to a certain blue hedgehog. Where was he? Why wasn't he at her Christmas party? Was he the one to set the whole thing up? If she had stayed in the lobby for just a few more minutes she would have gotten the answer to those questions.

Sonic could be found in the entrance hall of Myco's Apartments, cleaning up after a Christmas party he had thrown in honor of Amy Rose. He hummed a Christmas carol as he brushed up the fallen crumbs of cookies and leftovers of popped balloons. With his speed the job was done in quick time, leaving the place spotless. It probably looked better now than it did before the party. He wasn't alone however, as a two-tailed fox tied a knot in the last garbage bag and smiled.

"That was really nice what you did for her, Sonic."

The hedgehog shook his head and shrugged.

"Well, it's nothing really . . . you know, it's Christmas. What can I say?"

Tails smirked. He was older now and a whole lot wiser when it came to relationships or at least less naive about it then his role model anyway.

"Trying to be modest? That's a first. Better stop the presses," Tails quipped as he tossed the bag outside. Sonic smirked as well, but with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

"Yeah I guess you have me there. Honesty is the best policy, but correct me if I'm wrong, you were the last to toot your own horn in the news this week."

Tails rolled his eyes but blushed all the same. He had gotten an 'opportunity' to remark on some of his accomplishments, which took up the front page and news broadcasts for a while. "The life of Miles Prower, the motion picture," Sonic joked.

"Alright, alright. But seriously. Why didn't you go to the party? It was great," Tails asked, genuinely curious. Sonic just shrugged it off with a small grin and went back to straightening things up.

"You know how it is. This was a party for Amy, I didn't want to take away to much attention."

"What happened to modesty?" Tails half chuckled before moving in closer to his friend, "I know that she would have loved you to be there."

Sonic just continued to work as if he was not interested in the conversation. He and Tails had talked about this so many times in the past and he knew what was coming, but this time was different for him. Because he could no longer deny what the fox had to say this time.

"And Sonic, I know you love her . . . If it's me you're worried about, I think I can handle myself now."

Nevertheless, this surprised him as he looked back at the teenager.

"What do you mean Tails? I never said . . ."

"Well, once you said it was because she might get hurt, but we all know Amy can handle herself. Then it was the 'she could be used against me' thing for a while, but she still can be used against you. Sonic you've given every excuse in the book why you won't date Amy, but I know you love her. I'm just letting you know, that I am not one of those excuses either. I can take care of myself now, so you don't have to spend all your time with me, ya know. So either go out with Amy or tell her you aren't interested period, but you can't kinda date her," Tails stated quite pointedly. It appeared he wanted to speak his piece for sometime now and he had. What Sonic had no idea about was how many times the kid had practiced in front of the mirror with this one. What Tails was not prepared for was the response to this.

"I know Tails. I told Amy that I love her and we went on a date last night."

Tails' jaw dropped in shock as his eyes practically popped out of his head. In Sonic's haste to put together a celebration for Amy he had intentionally left out the part of where he had been and who he was with for the past two days. Sonic would have laughed at the young man's facial expression if he hadn't of been too embarrassed by the information he shared. Finally, Tails regained oxygen to his brain and began sputtering out all kinds of statements and questions.

"Really? You went on a date? What was it like? Did you kiss her? You at least hugged, right? Oh man Sonic, why didn't you tell me? Wait till Knuckles hears this," Tails began pacing around, glancing back at his companion's face to read responses.

"You better not tell that knucklehead or you'll regret it," Sonic frowned.

"Is this why you threw her a party?"

"See I've told you too much, just help me clean up, okay."

"And I've been telling you sense the beginning, you liked her. No, love her," Tails said so matter of factually that Sonic had to chuckle.

"You're something else Tails, you know that?"

"Yeah well, so are you. So, why didn't you go then?"

Sonic glanced at him and allowed a yawn to escape.

"To be honest, I was too tired. Try setting up a party in seven hours with little sleep."

Tails nodded in agreement, seeing how that would be a little exhausting. Sonic countinued.

"Plus I want to do something later tonight."

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Nothing," Sonic answered, a little too quickly for his liking, but maybe Tails didn't notice. No such luck as the fox smiled slyly.

"Wouldn't happen to be something . . . I mean 'nothing' involving Amy would it?"

"You're pushing your luck man," Sonic warned.

"I'm just joking around with you. I'm not going to tell anyone if that is what you want Sonic, plus maybe I could help you out," he said sincerely.

"You don't quit do you," Sonic replied with a roll of his eyes. Tails smiled.

"I learned from the best."

This remark only served to get a face full of Christmas cake for the fox, all in good humor of course.

Christmas Night

Amy Rose looked out of her window and allowed a wide smile to take her features. She had just gotten the opportunity to rest from her adventures from what should have been just a few hours of shopping, but turned into something more. Her gaze slowly strayed down to her mug full of hot chocolate and she took a deep breath of the steam, warming up her being with a sip. As she sat on her couch, she drew the warm comforter snugly to her body with her left hand and noticed the reason she was especially joyful this year. The bracelet Sonic had given her was wrapped gracefully around her wrist. This caused her mind to wind back and reflect upon the events that took place only a few days ago leading to her happiness now.

But at this point in time someone was interested in doing something he had never done. There had always been flaws to his character and he suspected he would struggle with them for the rest of his life, but tonight he wanted to confront one of these flaws and put it to rest once and for all. His greatest fear and at the same time his oddest. For someone who constantly put his life on the line for others and relied on close friends to do the same it would appear that this fear of his didn't make any sense. But now he understood.

Sonic the hedgehog was running that Christmas night not to fight and run, as he had done so many times before, but to give in and fall. Not to be proud and strong, but humble and weak, honest and vulnerable. He didn't know what would happen, but he was determined to find out this time. What did it mean to love and be loved?

As snowflakes drifted down outside of Amy's apartment and snow flurries rushed up from Sonic's feet, the cold crystals mixed together in a wintry dance in the air. Amy heard the knock at her door in wonder and Sonic heard his heart pounding with anticipation. She set down her mug and brought the robe she had on tighter around her. As she took hold of the door knob, expectation took her heart. She knew who it was.

His heart was racing with anxiety over this choice, his mind consumed with a battle between the belief and the doubt of whether this was right, his soul was faint. But when the door opened and Amy beamed with enchantment at his coming, he knew. His heart melted into reassurance of his decision and his mind rested in the belief that his soul had finally found a mate. However, this did not change the fact that he still had no idea what he was doing.

"Sonic? What are you doing here?" Amy asked with a bemused smile. He nervously scratched behind his head not really sure how he was going to do what he was planning to do. Hollywood always made this look easy, but for him it wasn't. But he was Sonic the hedgehog, improvising was his style and this was worth pursuing.

"Well Amy, I was actually wondering if you'd like to take a walk with me, but seeing as you're ready for bed and all I guess it can wait . . ."

Without warning, Amy pulled him in through the door and practically threw him on the couch.

"I can get dressed in a sec. Just wait here, okay?" she stated as she took off for her bedroom. Sonic rolled his eyes. It wasn't like she was really giving him a choice.

"Okay," he chuckled. With a glance over at her Christmas tree, Sonic's grin widened. He could see the wrapping paper from the presets given to her that afternoon still poking out of the garbage bag next to it. That was better. His hand went up to the scarf she had made him as he thought about how attentive she was to others. He couldn't imagine life without her . . . he couldn't live life without her. This was it, wasn't it? Over the past few days, being trapped in an elevator of all things, showed him something he never saw before. Tails had stressed the point out in the lobby, after they had gotten the cake out of his fur. 'You spent two days with her trapped in an elevator and you still want to spend more time with her?' The answer was yes, he wanted to be here, with Amy.

"I'm ready!" Amy exclaimed, startling Sonic out of his thoughts. The pink hedgehog had decided to wear her baby blue sweater with a pair of darker blue jeans. The color was a nice compliment to her rosy demeanor and the gold, garnet jewelry she had on offset her green eyes perfectly. In other words it certainly grabbed the male hedgehog's attention. "Where are we walking?"

"Ah, that's a surprise," he said as he stood up to come beside her. She pouted a bit but then noticed he was wearing her scarf and smiled.

"You wore it. Dose it fit nice?"

He looked down at it.

"Amy, it's a scarf. Of course it fits." Amy frowned.

"I know that Sonic. I mean is it alright."

"I know, sorry. Yeah it's nice, especially in this weather."

Amy nodded in agreement as she thought to grab her own scarf from off the coat hook next to her door.

"So it's a surprise huh? It wouldn't be anything like what you did for me this afternoon would it?" she asked with a coy smile.

"How did you know it wasn't Cream or some other admirer of yours?" Sonic said mockingly.

"Well first off, you know you're the only one for me and you weren't at the party because you must have been tired setting it up. Plus the sticker on the cake box said in order of Sonic Hedgehog," she smirked.

"Do you know how many Sonic Hedgehogs are in this city? I heard it was a popular name in the 90's," he explained in mock seriousness.

"Now that was bad," she groaned as he shrugged, "Anyway, are we going or not?" Sonic nodded with a smile and before she could even blink he had run throughout the entire home shutting off lights and blowing out candles. As he returned to the door, he extended his hand out and presented a gentleman's bow.

"Ladies first," he directed politely, causing Amy to blush a little at his charm. She went out, Sonic following behind as he closed the door. Then a thought accrued to them.

"Let me get my keys, lock the door and then we can go," Amy stated as she stepped past him and reopened the door.

"Oh yeah, might be a good idea huh?" Sonic smiled sheepishly. After she returned with a key to lock the front door Amy did so and turned back to face her love.

"Okay," she said, assuring him that everything was in order now.

"Well, if you're ready, hop aboard it's a long trip," he grinned as he outstretched his arms.

"I was born ready," she proclaimed as she leaped up into his strong grip, "So go ahead and surprise me."

It didn't take long for Sonic to reach the destination, to Amy's disappointment. She loved being carried by him. Rocked by the rhythm of his running and enjoying the wind through her quills, but like most good things it came to an end as he set her down in front of what looked like a wooden shack. She brushed off some of the snowflakes on her sweater and glanced up at the strange building. In a way it was familiar, as if she had seen it before or seen something like it before. Then she noticed that she felt like she was off balance somehow, like she was uphill or something. It was pretty dark except for a few outside lights on the small building.

"Sonic where are we?" she questioned turning around only to find that Sonic was already at the corner of the building waving for her to follow. And now she could tell that they were indeed up a hill of some kind as the ground around her was sloping up.

"Come on Ames, over here," he said with enthusiasm. Amy sighed in confusion. Had she known that they were going to be going on a hike instead of a walk she would have worn a warmer jacket and thicker boots. But she was out here, and in spite of the cold she smiled and ran after him. As she heard her feet crunching through the snow, rounding the corner and heard Sonic's calls of encouragement to follow, she slowly realized why this building looked so familiar. They were uphill alright as she saw the peak of a mountain ahead of her with two rows of long poles going up the incline. The posts were lined with cables and pulleys at their tops and on those cables hung benches connected by a hook. It was a ski lift.

"Wha-?" she breathed as she picked up her pace to catch up with Sonic. He couldn't help but smile at the expression on her face when she reached him at the front of the platform. There was a seat with a bright red quilt thrown over it and two thermoses set down on either side with a jacket tucked under each. Not only that, but one side had a dozen roses resting on it with a small wrapped gift box tucked within them. If they weren't way up in the mountains Amy's scream of delight would have woken anyone up within a fifty mile radius. She tackled him sending them back into the snow.

"Geez. Amy, you could be a linebacker," Sonic wheezed as he caught his breath. He was just happy to see she liked it.

"Oh Sonic, this is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me . . . oh Sonic, thank you, thank you," she rattled off with exuberance. She leapt up and practically heaved him up to his feet as well as she ran him over to the roses. "Look at them. There so nice," she cooed as she showed them to him as if he had never seen them before. He just smiled at her joy over the whole arrangement. It had taken a while to find those roses and even longer to convince 'someone' to come out Christmas day and operate the chairlift, but seeing her laugh and smile . . . it was well worth the effort.

"Sonic, it's hot chocolate and you got me another gift," she giggled as she took the thermos and gift box.

"Yes, but that's not all," he proclaimed as if he were a sales man, "You also win a trip to the top of this beautiful mountain with a scene only few have seen before. And if that wasn't enough you get to do this with one, Sonic the Hedgehog, and maestro if you please . . ." A romantic version of 'Let it Snow' began to play over the loud speakers of the ski lift as he smiled and winked at Amy. She smiled back as they sat together on the bench, putting the jackets on and snuggling down for the ride to the top as the music played.

Tails smiled as he watched the two from the warmth of the chairlift station. Knuckles, on the other hand, snorted as he looked at the two hedgehogs ascend the mountain. The fox rolled his eyes but decided to say something for the sake of humoring the echidna.

"What is it Knuckles," he stated as he turned to look at the guardian. The other just folded his arms.

"I should have said no, I have better things to do than this, that's all," he stated coldly.

"Well, you wanted bragging rights, so your gonna have to work for it," Tails shot back.

"Watch it Tails, before I turn you into a fur coat," he grunted, remembering full well that he had agreed to do this to get some fun teasing and bragging material on the hedgehog. He knew this day was coming, even though Sonic had adamantly fought him over it never being a possibility. Now he was not only going to be one of the first who would know about this, but he would also be the first to rub it in the blue hero's face.

"Yeah, well go check on the gears, okay?" Tails asked, trying to use his sweetest voice. It was Knuckles' turn to roll his eyes as he shuffled away to do as he was asked. Tails turned to look back out the window and watched as the couple made their way slowly to the top, where Sonic had instructed him to stop the lift. "Good luck Sonic."

Amy leaned into Sonic's shoulder, enjoying the scenery around her and wondering once again if she was dreaming. It was hard to believe that just three days ago, she was debating on whether to ask Sonic to come with her on a last minute shopping spree or not. Now, as she could feel the weight of his arm around her shoulders, Amy was so happy she did. The same blue hedgehog that she was doubting loved her or not had set up, by far, the single most romantic thing he had ever done period, let alone for her. He had gotten her flowers before and given her a quick kiss on the forehead and she cherished those acts of love, but this . . . this was above and beyond what she had even fantasized about. He went on a date with her, threw a party for her, and now this. She knew he was precious and, in her heart, she had always held out that he would show the love he had and now it was almost overwhelming.

"I can't believe . . . we're doing this," she said quietly as her eyes took in the freshly laid snow on the tops of trees and boulders. Sonic glanced down at her and smiled at the sparkle in her eyes. The emotion of care and devotion for her was so overpowering that he had to look away to keep his composure. In one sense he was so happy in this moment that he wondered why he had taken so long to do this, but another part of him was scared to death of what all this meant in the first place. Was he really in love or was he just being nice or something? Was he right for her anyway? He didn't want to hurt Amy. He knew that he was a traveler by nature. What if what he was doing was a mistake? This might be going to fast and maybe he should think about it some more. Why couldn't he be lighthearted about this matter, like everything else in his life? 'This is a bad time to be having second thoughts,' he imagined.

He closed his eyes for a moment and with that came the remembrance of why he was doing all this in the first place. He cared for her, a lot. Tails had told him that the reason he couldn't be at ease with any decision concerning Amy was that he really cared for her so much. 'You'll worry about the things that are really important to you,' he said. And it was true. As far as time went, Knuckles had basically told him he was past due. 'You either love her or not, but quit wasting both your times messing around.' Blunt as it was, it was true, now was the appropriate time if any. Amy was a strong person with a healthy outlook on life. That is one of the reasons he likes her. She could handle her own and actually liked traveling her self, so even if there was harm in the future ahead, she could do more than enough to get through it. Plus he would never intentionally hurt her, so that was not reason enough to call this off. That left him with his last doubt, was it love?

He opened his eyes and rededicated his gaze to her. He remembered times when she was in danger. Yes, he was a hero and he would give his life for anyone that needed him, but when he thought of her in danger it sent chills up his spine. Could he live without her? That question settled the dilemma, yes he could move on, but Amy Rose was special to him and he would live and die to protect that. She glanced up at him and they both smiled as they reached the top. Then the chairlift stopped and Amy nearly freaked out.

"Why'd we stop? Are we stuck again!" she stressed, sitting up and frowning at Sonic who was only chuckling at this point. "What's so funny, Sonic, I don't want to do this again."

"Don't worry, look out there," Sonic directed as he pointed ahead. She turned to see a beautiful panorama of city streets and buildings lit up with street lamps and decorations, lightly covered in snow. The lights from the town reflected in her eyes as her mouth hung open in awe. She couldn't believe how pretty it was.

"Did you set this up like this?" she asked still looking down at the view.


They stayed like this for a moment until she finally turned to give him a hug.

"Sonic, this is the best Christmas I've ever had," she whispered.

"It's not over yet," he said as he held up the gift box she had yet to open. Amy took it, not knowing what to expect at this point. It would appear that the blue blur was full of surprises today. She made short work of the wrapping paper and bow in her excitement and then lifted the white cardboard lid off the small box. Inside was a note folded in half. Amy looked up at him puzzled, but he instructed her to take it out.

"Go ahead, read it out loud."

Amy opened the letter and found it to be in his handwriting. She began to read out loud.

"Amy, I remember when we first met on Little Planet to this moment we are sharing now and every step in between. You used to follow after me as my number one fan, then you began chasing me down as your self proclaimed boyfriend." She blushed a bit, remembering her antics back then, but looked up at him with a bit of a frown.

"Keep reading, it gets better," he said with a sweatdrop, he had written this a while ago and forgot that this was in there. It was amazing that something he wrote for her a year ago was being read.

"But soon you started to change and become who you are now, your sweet self. You have confidence in what you choose to do. Your heart is big enough to help in any situation yet strong enough to stand up for what you believe in and stand against what you don't. Amy, your love is real, patient and kind, it's precious to me." She looked up again to see that it was he who was blushing. Her smile deepened as tears were beginning to form in the corners of her eyes. This was precious to her.

" I only hope that you can see some changes in me, changes you have helped me with. I have done things with you that I have never done before and feel closer to you than anyone. I want to know more and do more. I want to be the man deserving of your love. So, now I am coming to you, asking if you will run beside me . . . Amy I humbly ask . . ."

"Will you marry me?" Sonic finished, with as much voice as he could muster through the nerves. Amy's tearful eyes raised from the paper to meet with a single white rose with something tucked gently in its petals. An engagement ring. At first she was speechless, only able to make small gasping noises in her shock. As the reality of what was happening finally began to take hold, she gazed into Sonic's nervous eyes with the biggest smile he had ever seen. He was also pretty sure that Amy had given the loudest response he ever heard, enough to wake up half the city.

"Sonic, yes, yes I will!" she shouted before squealing in delight at the ring, the rose, the view and him. Then she sprang forward and locked him in a hug. He took it with a feeling of joy and relief at her answer. He smiled too, enjoying the warmth of her embrace and the new feeling of adventure. This was a new beginning for them, a new life together.

Back in the ski lift station, Tails watched the romantic moment unfold with a grin. But then he heard a few mutters come from behind him as Knuckles came running back up quickly. Somehow, the fox knew this wasn't good news and now wished he had rethought sending the echidna down to check on the gears.

"What's wrong Knuckles?"

"I uh . . . well, let's just say that apple cider and mechanics don't mix quite right."

"Oh Knuckles," Tails whined as he turned to face the controls, pushing buttons and throwing levers. Nothing responded except for the loud speaker.

As Amy and Sonic pulled away from each other slightly, gazing into the other's eyes and slowly leaning their muzzles forward, the crackling of the intercom cut in.

"Um, Sonic, Amy. I'm sorry, but . . . I think you're stuck."


In Memory of Amy Davis