A/N: This is just a pentadrabble (500 words) but it's exploring a concept that I'm going to get into in at least a couple of my other stories... provided I ever finish the longshots I'm currently working on, that is.

It is possible to recognize someone the first time you see them; I know this, irrevocably. It is why I am not angry at Kuwabara; I know he recognizes my sister.

If I could, I would spare her from that. Our mother's shame cannot be washed from me, but it was possible for Yukina to have some other life. Was.

For a Koorime, there is only one unique chi to which our hearts will respond, only one person that we can ever love. Most Koorime, shut away on their island, never meet this person. Some meet her amongst the other Koorime, and that is accepted. A rare few, like my mother and sister, meet him or her from outside and are thus shunned--even though they could not have altered it, even though they knew from the first heartbeat that this was their One.

Kuwabara, for all his flaws, is undeniably highly spiritually aware. He responds to this trait of Yukina's. When Kurama (who finds this whole affair amusing) described to me Kuwabara's falling in love with her video image and his claims to be able to make her hear his thoughts, I knew that Kuwabara's awareness had allowed him to instantly realize the nature of their bond. I knew he was her One. It does not please me, but I cannot change it. This I also know irrevocably.

I know because I've tried to change my own fate. I knew my beloved's face in the instant I first saw it; and though I've since done everything possible to deny it, the strength of that love only increases. I would rather die than bear such a shackle. But I have learned never to express such wishes too clearly, even to myself, for the opposite invariably happens.

So I am doomed to the unrelenting, unshakeable love of a Koorime; but because I am also a fire demon, my love is not patient like theirs. Yukina waits calmly for everything to work out, someday, and in the meantime has only sweet and chaste dreams of her beloved. It is not good that I envy her so deeply for this. My love is hot and raw, full of lustful dreams and obsessive thoughts, the desire to consume and the desire to possess both as strong and undeniable as the fact that he is my only One.

But I will never reach out to him. Even if he reached out to me, I would spurn him; because I knew from the first glance of his eyes that he deserved more than the love of a forbidden child.

Yet even knowing this I cannot leave.

Kurama thinks it's ironic how Yukina and Kuwabara continually run into each other, but I know it is no accident. He finds it amusing how Kuwabara claims to have known Yukina before they met, but I know it is true. Because the second I first saw Kurama, I knew all of this like it had already been, and always would be.