Me 2

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter

Summary: It's a rainy Saturday morning and the Marauders are bored, so James starts a little game.

Outside the Gryffindor common room a steady, soaking rain was falling and a cold wind howled. It was so cold and wet that not even James Potter was crazy enough to venture out on to the quidditch fields as he had been planning to this morning. Instead he and his friends were gathered on and around the big, red armchair beside the fire.

"What right does a Saturday morning have to be rainy?" demanded James, "Why couldn't it have waited until Monday, when we are stuck inside the castle all day anyway?" A glum silence followed. Finally Peter hesitantly suggested that they could do homework, the others stared disbelievingly at him, not bothering to answer. How could he even suggest that they do homework on a Saturday? First years never did homework on weekends, at least not cool first years like themselves.

Silence. Peter tried to look invisible. Remus sighed. Sirius groaned and James stared angrily at the rain drumming upon the window. Sirius groaned again, "I'm bored!"

"Me too," sighed Remus throwing a book, that had failed to interest him, to the floor.

James turned from the window, "Me t--," he began then he paused and grinned, "Me 3" he said. Peter's eyes lit up with interest, "Yeah, me 4."

"Well me 5," exclaimed Sirius not about to be left out of a game."

"Me 10!" Remus pronounced superciliously. The others stared at him. He'd skipped five numbers!

"Me 20!" piped Peter.

"Me 54!" cried James.

"Me 100!" said Sirius jumping challengingly from the arm of the chair.

"Me 1000!" challenged James back.

" Well, me 1,862,485,974!" Shouted Sirius pulling out the biggest number in his arsenal.

James was silent for a second, and Sirius grinned triumphantly, then, "Me forever!"

"Oh yeah? Well me forever and ever!"

"Well me forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and------"


Afterward: An hour later Lily Evans hit them both over the head with her potions book.