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Lexi had always thought that love saw supposed to be a romance which brought a person to their highest level of awareness of their emotions. Love ennobles the living being, brings joy and happiness and everything is appears perfect.

She was either grievously mistaken or this love was an exceptional case.

Either way, this love felt wrong.

It was wrong that it wasn't Ace whose arms were around her, or the fact that it wasn't Ace's bed she was lying in under the covers. It was shameful that he wasn't of her species and that he pressed his forehead against her shoulder, his eyes blissfully closed. And it would be scandalous if anyone found out about this relationship.

Maybe she was overreacting. Heck, he is a team member. But over and over pounding in her head like a cursed mantra was the image of the others being repulsed when they discover her together with him.

She returned his embrace, more as a way of comforting herself against the thought. Her green eyes stared widely into the pitch blackness of the room, her breathing becoming heavier and laced with nervous intensity with each passing second.

If anyone suggested a couple of weeks ago that she would be sleeping with him she would have blasted that obnoxious person away. If someone would have hinted it now, she would droop her ears and stare at the floor below her.

How on earth did they end up together? She didn't really know. All of the past weeks were a blur of confusion that she had spent some time sorting them out.

They went on missions together. They were partners in some. Maybe it all started from that particular one….

She thought it was team work. She didn't think much of it. Probably neither did he, but his attention became more dragged to her.

The more missions passed by, the more he looked at her. It started from quick glances to gradually more longer stares. When she would look at him, he would quickly turn his head, perhaps giving a sarcastic comment about an issue that they would talk about at the moment.

Lexi tried to ignore it and concentrated on trying to confess to Ace on what was distracting her for a long time: her feelings for him. She was able to pull Ace aside and tell him her long crush that she had on him. Instead of him returning her feelings as would have usually happened in a happy ending romance novel, Ace gave as what seemed to be a pitiful smile, explaining that he was unable to respond back in the same way because he saw her as a team-mate and love was not in his priority list.

She was grateful that this rejection happened in private. If anyone could have seen her then she would look like an Icarus that was hurled down from the sky because she had gotten too close to the burning sun.

It is an interesting aspect in biological science that shocks (especially negative ones like this) affect the menstruation cycles of the female gender, turning this natural phenomenon into one of the worst curses mother nature bestowed upon the 'weaker' sex - painful periods.

Lexi had awoke one morning with powerful contraction pains in her lower abdomen, so intense that she had to take a painkiller and was unable to follow the team on a mission that day. She was excused without much inquiry from the team members and was assigned to a more lenient job of waiting for Zadavia's further instructions so she could inform the rest.

It would have been perfectly fine with her if only he hadn't offered to stay behind. Lexi was ready to refuse his offer, but at that moment she had stood up from her chair and winced in pain from the leftovers of the cycles' contractions. The rest of the members automatically accepted the offer and headed off to the mission, leaving the two behind.

Lexi felt relief when he didn't appear to pay much attention to her. As time went by, she was getting a cramp from sitting all the time and so stood up and walked a bit about the room. She rubbed the lower part of her back with her hands, knowing that the pain would numb away if that area of anatomy kept warm.

She then felt someone else's hands gently rubbing that area. His hands.

She flinched at the foreign touch, but he confidently pressed one of his hands on the small of her back so that she would calm down. He then proceeded to massage her shoulders.

Lexi had half a mind to use her brain blast or one of her acrobatic kicks to force him away from her, but since she did not feel much contempt for anyone since Ace rejected her feelings, she let him continue.

She could feel his breath on her neck. What he was applying to her was an effective warming massage, which made her wonder where he learned that from. It took her only a few moments for her to figure out that her probably learned it back in the time when he wanted to be a lifeguard. She knew that he had a book concerning first aid which every lifeguard was supposed to know how to apply the methods.

Her ears picked up the hissing sound of a holograph being formed, and she rapidly pulled herself away from him, but it was too late.

Zadavia was not amused.

'It's not exactly what you think….' Began Lexi weakly.

'On the contrary, I fear that this is exactly what I think,' said Zadavia coldly, ' I am disappointed in you Lexi Bunny.'

Zadavia turned her white eyes to him, adding, 'And I am also disappointed in you Danger Duck.'

Duck lowered his head sheepishly, accepting the sharp accusal.

'Your duty is to aid the team when the world is in peril and here I see you two behaving more that friendly towards each other,' continued Zadavia, ' I can understand Lexi staying behind because of her monthly troubles, but I did not expect you Duck to take advantage of her situation.'

'He wasn't doing any harm, ' defended Lexi, surprising everyone, including herself, 'I wasn't feeling well and he was trying to help me.'

'Let us hope this was all that he was trying,' replied Zadavia.

Zadavia continued speaking about information that Lexi and Duck were supposed to inform the rest of the team of. The two mutely accepted this news, unable to look up at her in the eyes.

When their boss finished, Lexi spoke up weakly,' You….aren't gonna tell this to the others?'

Zadavia raised an eyebrow, before answering, 'I shall leave that for you to decide when and how to tell them. Remember: secrets are a burden, and secret relationships are bound to fall apart. Zadavia out.' The hologram dissolved.

They didn't tell the others. As time went by, Lexi and Duck wouldn't dare look each other in eye when the members were around, but if they were paying close attention, they would have noticed that Lexi now sat closer to Duck and not next to Ace.

Lexi gained a habit of getting up early in the morning and it was usual to see her in the kitchen having already eaten her breakfast. It was also noticed that Duck had picked up that habit too, though the others didn't figure it out that the reason for this is for him to spend some more time with her in private.

It was as a result of such habits that Lexi found herself being kissed by him, demandingly and possessively, his warm beak pressed carefully against her lips. It was from this habit that led her to allow herself to be caressed by him, have her hair toyed by his fingers…..

One thing led to another - secret rendezvous in the mornings weren't enough anymore- and before she knew it she found herself sneaking in at night into his room in her pink pyjamas and crawling into the bed under the sheets. It couldn't be done in her room - her bed was a hammock.

At their first time, she surprised him by finding her next to him, but Duck quickly regained his composure with a slyfully boastful comment,' Can't get enough of me, eh?'. Lexi replied by kissing him and wrapping her arms around his waist. He was of slight build but quite athletic (which paid off being a devoted swimmer), and feathers had a very caressing feel to them. Since he is a waterfowl his plumage was of sharper texture than for any other bird's because they were waterproof. He was a show-off, yet he give her more attention than she expected from him.

Questions pounded in her head. Why was she doing this? What was the outcome of this? Lexi was feeling less and less like herself. She felt as if her toughness and confidence had evaporated, leaving an empty shell with only tumultuous emotions echoing inside her.

She probably didn't love Duck. But she realised that more time she spent with him, the less she thought about Ace and the more relaxed she felt.

Did Ace's refusal really strike her that much? She thought it was only a crush…..

All of those memories spiralled down to the current position she was in now, in bed with her unpredicted lover.

Duck snuggled closer to her. She smiled.

She had read somewhere a long time ago that ducks by nature are very family-oriented creatures, very tied to their mates. Lexi had at the time scoffed at the idea that the playboy-attitude Danger Duck can be paternal, but his behaviour and possessiveness of her made her think twice. Ever since they became 'close' not once had he mentioned Misty Breeze, nor had even bothered to bring his attention to another girl.

He gave her earplugs (which were quite effective) to block the noise in case he snored. Can it can be said that he was caring?

Whatever it was, she was too tired to think anymore right now. She closed her eyes, and gently drifted off to sleep.

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