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The very word was making her sick. A grappling nausea found its way into her throat but it did not come out yet through her mouth. The blindingly white walls of the medical ward in the Loonatics headquarters stung her eyes. Out of uniform, her pale hands clung to the bed sheets of the bed beneath her in a panic and she bit her lower lip in self-inflicting comfort.

'It's Duck's, isn't it?'

Tech was now the second person who knew about her relationship with the arrogant team member. When she fainted back at the hotel, she was immediately delivered back to the headquarters and examined by Tech in private. He didn't yet inform the others about her condition.

'I didn't need medical gadgets to figure that out, you know,' he continued patiently, 'It was quite obvious this morning the way he behaved around you when I was in the kitchen. He's quite possessive.'

Stupid Duck, she thought bitterly, why couldn't he keep that oversized bill shut?

She couldn't face Tech. The coyote genius stared at her intently with his olive green eyes, while she dropped hers to the floor in shame. The longer she stared at the white sheets, the more those little tadpole spots appeared before her eyes, just like every person sees when they watch a pale surface for some time.

Lexi couldn't believe that something like this could have happened. They were two different species…. He's a bird and she's a mammal…..but she didn't want to ask Tech this. He would most probably give her a long and complicated answer concerning genetics and anthromorphs' humanoid traits which she wouldn't even listen to.

'Who else knows?' asked the coarse voice of the coyote.

Lexi managed to look up at him and said, 'Zadavia.'

Tech raised his eyebrows in surprise, 'And she didn't object to that?' he inquired.

'She said that it was up to me to tell the others and that sooner of later I have to tell them,' said Lexi, her voice starting to quiver,' I thought that I could keep it a secret. You don't get it Tech - we bunnies don't think highly of ducks and ducks think that bunnies are all cheaters and hypocrites. I don't know why, but that's how it is. It's kind of a weird prejudice that our two species have.'

'I understand. It resembles the coyote and roadrunner issue,' said Tech, reminiscing the way Rev's parents treated him.

Lexi shook her head, 'You and Rev are friends, not lovers,' she continued, taking in a shaky breath, ' for us rabbits it is somehow….. humiliating to get physically involved with ducks. We view them as primitive - you saw the duck stereotypes back in those cartoons: uncultured, lazy and womanizing. Ducks are very patriarchal and they definitely do not like when their boys start loosing their heads for bunny girls. But Duck was adopted - he wasn't raised according to these so-called protocols…..' she breathed out in frustration, ' and that's why he won't be able to understand the seriousness of the situation.'

Tech looked at her in somewhat of a pity. 'You feel ashamed?' he asked gently.

Lexi paused. Then, as if realisation dawned upon her, she pressed her lips against each other, clenched her eyes shut to prevent tears from flowing and nodded.

One part of her wanted to make her fall of the bed and get on her knees and beg him to perform abortion - he could amputate the shame and throw it in a rubbish bin. The other part of her, the stronger part, was the cowardice for her to ask that favour.

'Do you want me to tell them?' asked Tech, already getting up.

His arm was suddenly gripped by her hand, her fingers digging into his flesh through his uniform. He winced, but didn't worry much because the bruises would heal anyway in a matter of seconds.

'I'll do it. Just please….. don't make tell them who the father is.'

'And wait until the last moment when a duckling is born?' asked Tech coldly, surprising her, 'You can't run away from the truth forever Lexi. This secret is drowning you. You either get rid of what you have now or keep it and tell them.'

Lexi dropped her head, and whispered, ' I think I'll keep it,' then she raised her head, 'but not tell them whose it is.'

Tech sighed sadly, and said, ' Now that is something that I'm sure you'll regret.'

Lexi got out of bed, and put on her bathrobe. She took her green ribbon that was lying on the bedside beside her and tied it securely around her ears. She took a deep breath, walked steadily to the door of the ward and opened it.

She was suddenly greeted by Rev who zoomed up to her, frantically saying ,' Lexi-are-you-ok-we-heard-about-what-happened-with-you-collapsing-we-were-so-worried-what-is-going-on-'

'Easy there Rev, let the goirl some air,' she heard Ace from behind.

Rev moved aside, and Lexi saw the rest of her fellow team members - Ace, Slam and Duck. Duck was stood a great distance from Lexi, as if he didn't dare to come close to her, especially with not the others present. He stared at her, his eyes longing for her.

'You gonna tell us what wrong, Lex?' asked Ace, luckily not noticing Duck's eyes giving him a fierce glance.

This was the difficult part. Lexi's lips parted and the words 'I'm pregnant,' breezed through them.

The others stared in shock. Duck gripped the back of a nearby chair and leaned upon it as a form support to keep him up and not to faint. No one besides Lexi noticed this and she thanked her lucky stars that he didn't faint.

Ace was also in shock. He barely managed to croak out, 'What?'

'I'm pregnant.' Repeated Lexi, now more confident.

Duck slid weakly into his chair. The others didn't notice this again - they never even gave a thought about him.

'Sweet-meep-meep!' exclaimed Rev, 'How-did-this-happen? Who's-the-father?'

Ace stared at Lexi suspiciously. He stare was somehow….hostile, 'You were here most of the time. The father is one of us, isn't it?' he asked, with a hint of bitterness in his voice that Lexi was able to understand.

Tech entered the room from the ward. 'It is up to Lexi when of if she wants to tell who the father is,' he said.

Ace's eyes darted to him and narrowed. Lexi realised what Ace was thinking.

'It's not him!' cried out Lexi.

'Then who is it?' demanded Ace, his coldness becoming more and more evident, 'Is it Slam? Rev? Me?' he practically spat out the last one, 'Or maybe even Duck?'

Duck's fists clenched, he looked as if he was going to pounce on Ace at any moment.

'I've never seen you this way Ace….' said Lexi with a touch of hurt.

'Maybe it's because you seem to enjoy scoring with your team-mates while on duty!'

'Ace, calm down.' Intervened Tech.

Ace didn't know why he felt like this: the bitterness, a feel of betrayal and so many other emotions that he couldn't describe. He couldn't stop himself.

'And that kid you're havin'. Where is its dad to come and support it?' said Ace angrily, 'Some fine mess you got yourself into Lexi. Spread your legs for someone who wouldn't give a damn about you when he's needed.'

There was a shocked silence in the room. Lexi's tears finally appeared from this unfair accusal and slid down her cheeks. Ace immediately regretted what he said.

'You're despicable!' rang a voice throughout the room.

Everyone swivelled around to stare at Duck. He was out of his chair and he was furious.

'How dare you behave this way towards the mother of my kid!' he snarled, and marched straight up to their leader, not feeling any twinge of cowardice at this moment.

Ace's eyes widened in disbelief, 'Duck?'

'Damn right! And if you think that I'm gonna be quiet about this when he speaks trash about you then you're mistaken,' he added fiercely to Lexi.

'You were….with Duck….' Mumbled Ace, still not quite taking it in.

Lexi should have felt embarrassed when the others found out about Duck. But instead she felt relief and somehow grateful.

'Blaregh!' commented Slam.

'You-said-it-Slam!' said Rev, 'But-how-could-you-go-with-Duck? I-mean-he's-quite-arrogant-possessive-egoistical-not-to-mention-narcisstic….'

'Why?' asked Ace, his voice barely a whisper.

It was Lexi's turn to become cold. 'Why? Maybe it was all because you said that we were supposed to stay as team mates and that you weren't interested in love. Do you know how much that refusal hurt?' said Lexi, her bitterness returning, 'I was still in love with you, even when I went into the relationship with Duck. But the way you treated me now, I think any feelings for you have just evaporated.'

She strode towards Duck and placed her arm around his waist. She never felt so confident in her life. Adrenalin of victory pumped through her veins.

'The child is his. And I'm not getting rid of it.' She spoke, with firmness in her voice that was finite.

Taut tension was brought to its limits in this room. But instead of it bursting, Ace's next words relaxed it.

'Ok,' he said, a hint of defeat in his voice, 'it's yours - I can't say anything 'bout it. I'm sorry for being so hard on you Lex.'

She nodded, still keeping her head high. Ace, with his ears drooping slightly, turned away and left. The others soon followed suit, wordlessly. Tech gave Lexi a glance of admiration and then left also. In a matter of 5 minutes, she and Duck were the only ones in the room.

Duck turned towards her, his eyes having a strange glow in them, 'So you're keeping it?' he asked, suddenly finding himself breathless.

Lexi nodded.

'You're not going to give it away to an orphanage?' a hint of suspicion in his voice. It was no wonder - he himself had this unfortunate experience of growing up with no parents.

She shook her head.

'It's my kid?'

She looked down at him and smiled. Duck's beak broke into a similar smile, and he embraced her. It was not possessive, not forceful, but somehow….grateful?

Lexi hugged him back. If there was anything heavy on her shoulders it felt as if it was suddenly lifted, and sweet relief coursed through her body. The very sensation was overwhelming and the realisation of that hit her at that moment and she shook uncontrollably.

'You don't know how difficult this was for me,' she whispered, clutching tight onto him, 'if you were raised by ducks you'd understand this situation more.'

'And what is there to understand?' asked Duck.

'Face it. Our two species are not the type that go hand-in-hand,' she said, still not letting go of him, 'you did not grow up with these ideas. It's so much more of a- a pressure on my conscience than for you. I mean, when was there ever a duck and rabbit couple, huh?'

'I can think of one,' she heard him say solemnly.

She drew back at looked straight at him in the face, 'What?'

He was serious, so unlike himself. He took her hand, and pulled her with him as he went straight to his room.

Arriving into his bedroom that she knew so well, he let her stand there next to his bed, while he rummaged for something in his drawers of his bed stand. What he retreated from the depths of them was a small red booklet, quite plain and nothing quite flashy as Duck's style. He handed it over to her.

As Lexi opened it and flipped through the pages, she heard Duck say in the background, 'When my parents died, I placed in the orphanage with very few things of my own and this book. When I was kid I didn't know what it was about but it was later on that I realised that this could've been some kind of a family heirloom. When I was fifteen I bothered to read it and I found that this was a diary by none other than….'

'Daffy Duck!' Lexi finished him off, her voice laced with awe,' Do you realise how old this is? Your family must've passed it on for more than 700 years!' she ran her fingers through a random page, 'And the state it is in is fantastic'!

'Yeah well, I don't think we really read it that much,' said Duck sheepishly, 'I just wanted you to see some few pages here….' He took the diary from her, and flipped through it, 'There it is.'

He handed the artefact back to her and she read it. Her mouth opened slightly in surprise as she scanned the page. He turned to another page and blinked in disbelief.

Duck smirked and asked leisurely, 'Surprised? I know I was when I first read it.'

'He was almost married to Bugs Bunny's cousin?' she asked in wonder, 'Honey Bunny?'

'Distant cousin. Remember, she had to play Bugs' wife in a few cartoons.' Corrected Duck, 'But yeah, he and Honey were quite close with each other. However, the WB studios were pretty much against it - thought that it would give them a bad image. It either dumping her or being kicked out of a career that most of our kind would kill for back then.'

Honey Bunny……Lexi then remembered a vague image of a pretty brunette grey bunny with large dark eyes and long lashes. She was an old-fashioned kind of beauty, but still a beauty.

'But Daffy Duck always looked so spiteful when it came to bunnies,' said Lexi, not taking her eyes off from the shred of evidence in front of her, 'maybe it was because he was actually involved with one.'

This must be the source! Thought Lexi, her heart racing, this must be of the reasons why Ducks disapprove of rabbits and why rabbits constantly remind their children that ducks are womanizers. To stop them from coming into a situation that Daffy and Honey faced back then!

Maybe she was overemphasising it. After all, Bugs usually made Daffy look like a fool in their skits and that was another reason why there was such a rivalry between the two species. But maybe this relationship was also an influence that finally ripped any possible romantic alliance between them apart.

She looked up at Duck and grinned. It was a silly, childish, looney grin and it felt good. She dropped the diary onto the bed, practically jumped into Duck's arms and kissed him with such zest that even took him back.

For once, Lexi didn't think of Ace as she kissed Duck, and she had no heavy feeling in her chest. In fact, she felt as light as a feather, just like one of the thousands on her darling's body.

When she broke the kiss, she said, 'I thought that you were going to be uneasy with me being pregnant. You know, because you're so macho and stuff.'

Duck shrugged and said in an easygoing manner, 'Eh, I think I can handle raising one child that's part-duck and part-bunny, I think.'

Lexi giggled and hinted ,'What makes you think that it's going to be one? I'm a bunny after all.'

Duck stared at her in something of a horror, 'Eh-heh,' he laughed nervously, 'Lex, you didn't tell me anything about having more than one.'

'What's wrong with having one boy duckling and one girl bunny?'

'There'll be two?'

'I didn't say two. Primitive rabbits usually have twelve, but with our kind it drops down to about three or four.'

'Three or four?!' Duck's voice was now in a panic.

Lexi put her hands on her hips in annoyance, 'Yes Duck, we tend to have multiple births you know.'

'I forgot that you're a mammal.'

'What's that supposed to mean?'

'You'll be going through that painful messy stuff and I don't want to see you suffer.'

'That's very kind and thoughtful of you,' she said gently.

Duck looked around and then added, 'You could've used a contraceptive, you know.'



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