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—Breaking Free—



The immense hallways of East High looked cool, calm and quiet. So calm that one could hear the clock ticking its usual low ticks that cricket chirps can cover it. But then--


The ticking drowned into the wild excitement of the students, rushing and filling the halls. Most of them went straight into the gym: the cheerleaders, the school band, there were even students with painted faces and strange makeups who went to show their full support to the Wildcats. It was time for some serious smoke in the b-ball court.

Everyone was exited--well, not everyone.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy squeezed through the crowd, looking around frantically for Organization XIII, "Where are they?" Sora gritted impatiently.

"They'll be here, don't worry." Goofy said with an encouraging smile.

"How many times are you going to say that?" Donald reminded him, "And how do you manage to sleep at night and be all smiles when we're facing major problem here?"

Goofy shrugged, "I only dream of hamburgers, hyuck!"

While Sora, Donald, and Goofy were searching for Organization XIII, emotions escalated with the rest of the gang because of the whole--


--fiasco. Yet, they managed to show each other's full support and kept smiles on their faces, even Sharpay and Ryan (only because of their certainty of winning)

Troy and his teammates entered the gym finally and the crowd went wild.



Cheering and support from all forms--through screams, banners displays, and encouraging gestures--powered up the team, boosting their confidence up especially Troy's. After spending these last few days, isolating his singing desire from the school eventually exposing it in the long run, he never believed the result would turn positive.

Gabriella and her teammates were fully confident too. They stood behind their table full of experimental equipments, facing their opponents besides large black boards and a podium. There were quite a few seats and tables facing up front for the judges and spectators who were coming in. Each teams were getting read as they took out everything they needed for the decathlon that was to happen in any minute now.

The auditorium started to fill in too--but not of many students. They were to watch the callback audition. Sharpay and Ryan were backstage doing some last-minute acting prep exercises, breathing and strange vocal techniques.

Finally, it was time. The referee threw the ball in the air and the game began. The timer ticked and the decathlon started. Ms. Darbus called out the twins' names and the callback was on...but there was still no sign of Organization XIII's Demyx, Larxene, and Marluxia.

Sora began losing his breaths. He stopped and collapsed on his knees. Donald and Goofy literally crawled to him like they've been running the marathon in a continental desert with no oasis.

"Water..." Donald rasped, his hand desperately trying to reach a water fountain.

"We gotta find Organization XIII." Sora gasped.

"Here's a thought." Goofy lifted a finger, "How about we drop this? The game, the decathlon and the callback started like five minutes ago and we haven't gone up to…"

The halls' lights began to dim and glow, catching Goofy off guard. He looked up, so does Sora and Donald. Sora smiled, "They did it."

Donald was lost, "Who did what?"

"Troy and the gang." Sora said, "They figured out how to go to the callback without my help."

Donald and Goofy looked at Sora sternly. Sora cleared his throat, "…I mean our help."

"What are we waiting for?" Donald ran for the auditorium and Goofy and Sora followed. The anticipation didn't allow the trio to notice that Demyx, Larxene, and Marluxia were watching from behind them.



Marluxia turned around to watch Troy and Gabriella reuniting and running toward them with no hesitation. Marluxia smiled, "It's time."

He raised his hands in the air in praising manner. Troy and Gabriella passed through Marluxia like he was nothing but thin air and continued on.

"Their hearts." Marluxia's eyes looked possessed as he watched the teens scurrying away into the auditorium. "They're strong. They're pure. They're perfect."

"Is it too late to get out of the way?" Demyx seemed focused on something else.

"What?!" Marluxia turned around and—

"Watch out now!" Chad exclaimed as he and Taylor led a mad rush of students, trampling on the three Org members and following Troy and Gabriella into the auditorium like a pack of crazed fans chasing celebrities.

"They'll be here." Kelsi told an impatient Ms. Darbus. Sora, Donald, and Goofy joined in the negotiation.

"We saw them! They're on their way!" Sora begged.

"Yeah. They're just a little late is all."

Sora gasped. Donald gasped. Kelsi gasped. Even Ms. Darbus gasped at Goofy's negative remark. Goofy covered his mouth with his hands. Oops. Sharpay and Ryan looked even more overjoyed.

"A little late?" Ms. Darbus snapped.

"What's wrong with you?" Donald scowled Goofy.

Ms. Darbus furiously adjusted her glasses and began another one of her speeches, "The theater waits for no one. Rules are rules."

"Ms. Darbus! Wait! We're ready!" The voice of Troy echoed through the gigantic room, "We're ready to sing!!!"

Ms. Darbus looked to see Troy and Gabriella dashing for the stage so fast they looked like they were about to fly.

"Ms. Darbus, please!" Gabriella sounded desperate.

Ms. Darbus shook her head, "I called your names twice. It's too late."

The moment she was about to leave, the auditorium started to fill up. Students and spectators, even teammates from both the championship and the decathlon were coming to watch what could be the start of something better—a basketball star and a math genius singing duets.

"We'll be happy to do our number again for our fellow student, Ms. Darbus." Sharpay watched the spectacle.

"I… don't know what's going on here." Ms. Darbus said with astonishment, "But it's far too late at any event, and we don't have a pianist."

"That's showbiz." Ryan grinned.

"We'll sing without a piano." Troy exclaimed.

"No, you won't." Kelsi said boldly, "Pianist here, Ms. Darbus."

"And while you're at it, add a sitarist too." The voice of Demyx echoed suddenly through the auditorium.

Everyone looked around, trying to locate the source, suddenly a strong wind picked up and petals started to rain and blow everywhere. The crowd screamed through the short show. Marluxia descended gracefully from above the auditorium as petals continued to dance around him, "Now that's what I call showbiz."

Sora, Donald, and Goofy stood up alerted. Sora summoned his Keyblade. Donald pulled out his staff and Goofy grabbed his shield.

"ORGANIZATION XIII!!!" They yelled in unison.

Demyx and Larxene appeared from opposite corners of the stage. Ms. Darbus looked even more confused and frustrated, "Okay, is this part of the whole negotiation too?"

Troy and Gabriella shook their heads earnestly and a little frightened.

"I thought I fired you." Sharpay glared at both Larxene and Demyx.

"Oh, you did." Demyx summoned his sitar.

"We work for Marluxia now." Larxene summoned her claws.

The crowd breathed uneasily. Marluxia snapped his fingers and the auditorium's ceiling slowly opened up in spiral transition, revealing a void of darkness. The students' faces—including Chad and Taylor's—turned blank. Their eyes stared as if possessed by the void. Now a sound of cry escaped their mouths this time. Their bodies started to fade from midair and to Sora and the gang's worst nightmares; they watch the students' hearts floating toward the void.

"Sora! What's going on?" Troy shouted through the eerie sound of void and the dark wind.

"AWAKEN!" Marluxia aimed his hand at Troy. Troy took a sharp breath. His eyes slowly closed and his body slowly dissolved, leaving out only his heart.

"Troy!" Gabriella yelled. She jumped to catch Troy's heart, only to follow the same fate. Sharpay and Ryan tried to run for safety but the moment they reached the corner leading to the backstage area, they faded as well.

"Hearts! Oh, precious, musical hearts!" Marluxia laughed, "I feel whimsical."

Sora, Donald, and Goofy watched in horror the hearts of all of East High students floating gradually into void. Marluxia broke into song:

We're soaring…we're flying

There's not a heart in heaven

That we can't reach.

With his Keyblade, Sora jumped on Marluxia and descended a downward slash across his chest, knocking his backward. Sora sang the next part.

If you're trying,

Then we'll break them free.

Marluxia's hands let go off the control of the hearts and the hearts quickly disappeared, only to be replaced by shimmering ball of lights—and Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Taylor and the twins returned to normal. Sora lifted up his Keyblade in the air and the key's tip glowed and shot streams of light, beaming into the six sleeping teens' chests.

"NO!!!" Marluxia screamed.

"Too late now!" Donald yelled, "Sora locked their hearts! Now they're safe!"

The gang all woke up.

"What…what happened?" Sharpay blinked a few times.

Taylor shrieked at the sight of the crowd's hearts still floating midair, "Why am I seeing hearts?"

"Seriously, what's happening here?" Chad sounded concerned.

Troy laid an accusing stare at Marluxia, Demyx, and Larxene; "They're trying to hurt us."

Goofy fretfully missed the message, "No, they aren't. I mean we are… I MEAN…"

"Go." Sora ordered, "Go take refuge! We'll take care of them!"

"But…" Gabriella sounded anxious.

"Just go! Come on, guys!" Donald quacked and the gang ran for the backstage area. Demyx tried to summon a heartless to block their path but Sora blocked his spell with his Keyblade Guard move. Demyx turned red. He broke into song as Marluxia and Larxene joined in to surround the trio.

You know the world can see us

In a way that's evil than who we are

Larxene joined in the song and took a stance with her blades.

That's because we're so evil

We make devils cry

Donald added

Then let us fight

Goofy joined

For hearts' sake

Sora ended

Eventually, you'll lose


Marluxia growled and cast its pedal dance attack as the instrumental version of Breaking Free played in the background. The pedals continuously stroke Sora to a pulp. Sora jumped in front and cast Reflect with his staff, stopping the pedal dance. Larxene jumped behind Donald and threw a crescent slash, but Donald dodged it and cast Thundaga. Marluxia and Demyx were hit but Larxene gained more power. Demyx summoned more of his note-shaped water forms and ordered them to jump at Sora. They did. Sora grabbed one of the notes, swung them around, and flung them to its group. Water exploded everywhere in the stage. Goofy twirled across the podium and took Demyx along the ride. Demyx got dizzy. Seizing the chance to finish him, Donald leapt in the air and cast his Fantasia move Comet; "Take that!" his staff floated and inflicted a series of fireworks, nailing Demyx and every one of his creatures. Demyx fell down, unable to fight.

Just as Donald landed on his feet, Larxene paralyzed him with her Thunder wave. She then pulled out her flying claws and flung it toward Donald. Goofy jumped in to the rescue, blocked Larxene's attack with his shield, and with the shield still in front of him, he dashed toward Larxene, knocking her to the ground.

Marluxia chucked his scythe at Sora. Sora swayed his Keyblade in an upward curve, boomeranging the scythe back at Marluxia. Marluxia dodged his scythe and grabbed it back right before landing. Sora landed on his feet too. Marluxia descended his scythe hard on the ground causing a tremor. Sora fell on his butt. Marluxia ran toward Sora and was right about to pin him with his weapon, when Donald jumped on him, wrapped his neck with his feet, and smacked him with his staff countless times. Marluxia ran around, trying to pull Donald off him. Sora quickly got up, drove the Keyblade tip on the ground and at the same time he slid across the stage, drawing around Marluxia and Donald a circle. Donald jumped off Marluxia. Goofy, with his shield, scooped Larxene and like a sack, he tossed her at the circle Sora drew with his Keyblade. Sora then slammed his Keyblade to the ground, and light shot out around the circle while causing a tremor.

Out of the blue, a geyser of water shot from the circle, liberating Marluxia and Larxene from their trap. The circle faded. Sora, Donald and Goofy looked around to see who did this. Marluxia and Larxene landed on their foot, unharmed.

A gush of water was heard from behind the trio. They turned around and they saw Demyx, riding waves of water geysers, aiming toward them. Just as they were about to dodge it was too late. The geysers swept them in the air toward the hovering Marluxia and Larxene. Larxene aimed her claws at Donald and Goofy and pinned them to one side of the stage. Marluxia delivered a scything blow at Sora, blowing him to the other side of the stage. Sora landed hard on the ground. Marluxia and Larxene however landed softly on the ground and approached the exhausted teen.

Just as Marluxia was about to finish Sora, a basketball bounced on his head. "OW!" Marluxia screamed. "Who did this?"

Larxene was first to see who threw the basketball as she turned around. The basketball bounced back to Chad. He wasn't alone. Taylor, Ryan, Sharpay, Gabriella, and Troy were with him.

"Yo, dudes in black." Chad provoked, "You need to get'cha head in the game."

"And we know of the perfect solution." Troy smiled.

"Ladies." Ryan signaled. Sharpay was first to step forward, then Taylor, then Gabriella. Sora, Donald, and Goofy watched as the six teens were standing up to the three organization members.

"What is this? Some kind of joke?" Marluxia guffawed, "You think you can beat us?"

"Hit it!" Sharpay stroke a pose and the instrumental part of the song Get'cha Head in the Game started playing in the auditorium. Basketballs descended on the members, pummeling them on their heads nonstop. As a basketball bounced toward one of the girls, she would pick it up and fling it back to the Organization. Sharpay, still angry at the betrayal she got from her ex-employees, picked up two of the basketballs and with all of her might, flung it on Larxene and Demyx. Taylor and Gabriella took care of Marluxia.

Troy, Chad, and Ryan ran up the stage to rescue Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

"Guys, I thought we agreed that…" Sora tried to speak, but Chad interrupted, "Remember when you told me to let Troy come out of his shell?"

Sora shook his head, "I never told you that."

"Well, I'm saying it now."

Troy couldn't help but laugh at Chad's comment. Chad went on, "If Troy can sing and play basketball at the same time…"

"Then we can fight this Organization." Troy added.

"This may not be my forte, but hey, we're here to help." Ryan said.

"After all, we're all in this together, right?" Troy said.

Sora smiled and nodded, "Right."

"So, what are we waiting for?" Donald anxiously bounced up and down, "Let's kick some Organization XIII's butts!!!"

"Are you guys ready?" Taylor called the guys as the remaining basketballs rained down on the Organization. The guys rejoined the girls and six teens—plus Sora, Donald and Goofy—pulled up two large amplifiers, plugged three microphones, a sitar, a trumpet, a cymbal, a drum.

One strike of each instrument and the auditorium turned into an out of control rock-n-roll concert prior to the lead singer smashing his sitar. Sora, Donald, and Goofy screamed on the microphone. Demyx, Larxene, and Marluxia yowled in agony.

"My ears!!" Larxene shed a tear.

"How can we live like this?" Demyx cried at the top of his lungs.

"I'll get you for this, Sora!!!" Marluxia warned.

"WHAT?!" Sora yelled through the microphone.


"WHAAT?!" Sora yelled again.


The gang put down their sound and musical instruments. The organization members fell on their butts, beaten. Marluxia couldn't speak anymore. His throat was so scratched up; he could only whisper a wheeze. They all disappeared in smoke.

"I need to see an ear-nose-and-throat specialist…" Demyx whimpered.

The void in the auditorium closed up, turning back into a ceiling, and every student's hearts returned to their proper state. Everyone looked around and at each other, confused as to what recently happened; yet they couldn't help but break into tremendous cheers of joy. Organization XIII was defeated, and High School Musical was saved from darkness…

…but the celebration wasn't over.

"We still have to sing." Troy reminded Gabriella. Gabriella turned back into her shy self, "I don't know, Troy."

"What's wrong?" He asked sincerely.

"I can't sing in front of everyone." She confessed, "They're staring. What if I faint?"

Troy smiled, "It's okay, Gabriella. Don't be afraid. Remember the first time we sang? Like kindergarten."

She smiled back. Troy's smile would always make her comfortable.

And so, Kelsi played her song Breaking Free and Troy and Gabriella sang their hearts out. Every one in the auditorium danced to every tune of the song. The moment it was over, another loud cheer emerged from the crowd.


Another celebration occurred at the school's basketball gym. Trumpets, cymbals, drums, every sort of instruments played together in a harmonious, upbeat manner; and everyone—every single person in the school—that means students of different status quo, faculties, and even custodians, plus Sora, Donald, and Goofy gathered for one exciting dance number.

Come on now! Sora sang, everyone get together!

Let's get this party starteeed! Donald added.

"All right! Here we go!" Goofy exclaimed.

The entire gym:

We're all in this together,
Once we know
That we are
We're all stars
And we see that

We're all in this together
And it shows
When we stand
Hand in hand
Make our dreams come true

We're all in this together,
When we reach
We can fly
Know inside
We can make it

We're all in this together
Once we see
There's a chance
That we have
And we take it





Hours went by after the big finale. Sora, Donald, and Goofy lay on the ground, exhausted from all that adrenaline rush.

"I'll never…ever…going to dance…to any song I hear again…" Sora breathed.

Donald pointed his staff and a boom box appeared. He hit the Play button and turned up the volume:

We're all in this together,

Sora's legs shook uncontrollably, urging to dance. Sora faced Donald, "Donald, stop that, please!"

Donald turned up the volume, "WHAT?!"



"I SAID—" Sora jumped on his feet and went after Donald. Donald ran, quacking with laughter.

Goofy chuckled and shook his head, "Gwarsh. These two never get tired of going at each other's throat."

Jiminy Cricket popped from Goofy's hat. "You got that right." He then landed on his shoulder and started dancing to the music.

Jiminy Cricket's POV: While I get my groove thang on, I can conclude that Organization XIII were once again defeated. Y'know of this expression, when music hits you, you feel no pain? I could say that music inflicted them pain. What about music is the universal language of mankind? Well…that's one language Organization XIII would never understand, since they're inhuman. Ha! Ha! Get it! Inhum…(ahem)

To every High School Musical and Kingdom Hearts fans, thank you for reading :)