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The sound of crunching gravel under the heavy tires of Tyler's hummer brought Monroe back from memory of how Reid's skin felt under her fingertips the night before. She closed her eyes tightly knowing that the time had come, and there was no way around it. Her knuckles dug into her eye sockets trying to kneed the future away while she listened to the sound of his heavy boots against the old wood floors of Caleb's house.

"Roe," Reid dropped down on the bed beside her knowing exactly how she was feeling. "We know what we have to do and we're going to get it done. It'll be fine." To Reid, maybe he was convincing Monroe of something, but she knew that it was more to make himself feel better.

"How are you?" She rolled onto her side propping herself up with her fist. Reid said nothing but instead traced her cheek with the back of his hand. It tickled her but the laugh that wanted to erupt from inside her wouldn't come out.

"I'm fine. Monroe, I'm scared as fuck. Caleb and Pogue have told me what it feels like to ascend and if I recall its supposed to feel like burning needles spearing your insides while your skin tugs and rips by an unknown force so excuse me if I'm not tickled pink." The hurt look radiating in her eyes burned into his soul. Reid groaned and tugged on his hair in frustration. "Roe look, I'm sorry. This shits just got me so, fuck, so annoyed. I'm fucking scared okay, and worst of all I don't know if I can keep you safe." He rolled on top of her supporting himself with his arms. "If anything happens to you Roe, God I don't know what I'd do to myself." Reid kissed her lips softly and then rolled away from her quickly. "I just don't know."

"Reid," He felt her fingers massage his neck. She probably figured it could release some of his tension but little did she know it was doing the exactly opposite. "We're a team remember." Right away Monroe knew that what he had told her was a once in a blue moon thing, he was again closed away.

Reid sat up cradling his head and practically growled, "Lets get this over with."

She didn't say a word as she followed him out of the guest bedroom and down the long winding stairs. She didn't look at Pogue as he gave her a curt nod, or Sarah who's eyes held a knowing look with a touch of sympathy. Monroe didn't catch any of their looks, rather trained her eyes to follow the intricate pattern of the paisley print rug. Reid slammed his door shut and revved the engine. Monroe shut her softly not really paying attention to anything, the sound of his door was vibrating throughout her brain.

"Can you stop that?" Reid's voice shook her from a lost land only she knew.

"Stop what?" Monroe was fidgeting, she knew it. She just wanted to lighten the mood.

"Roe, cut it out."

"Fine, fine. I'm nervous." She drummed her fingers one last time against the chilling windows. A thick fog was rolling in across the sandy beaches swallowing everything it touched. The sun was blocked completely as black clouds danced across the sky. Quite frankly, it was freaking Monroe out.

Sooner rather than later Reid was slowing the car to a abrupt stop. The seatbelt across Monroe's chest constricted as she flew against it. She whipped her head to the side sending a glare straight through Reid's head but it could not stay long when she saw just how scared he was. She placed his hand gently on to his giving it a reassuring squeeze. When Reid twisted his hand around and squeezed her hand back it was like the light feeling of their palms connecting blew all of the doubt and uneasy feelings away.

"We're a team."

"Oh man, I think I just threw up a little." Chase lounged against the truck laughing and without a second though sent a shockwave through door where Reid had just gotten out. Reid smirked sending his own ball of energy at Chase.

Chase made a clucking sound against the roof of his mouth. "Little brother, little brother, cant you do any better?" He pointed his palm toward Reid. The sound of bones colliding with trees rang out in the clearing. "Don't try to hero like our dear Caleb, it will only result in bad things and why would you want to spoil a pretty little thing like this?" From where he was laying Reid could see Chase grab Monroe's chin roughly and bruise her lips with his.

"Let me go!"Monroe spit in Chase's face with such venom he almost recoiled but caught himself.

"And what are you going to do Princess? Hmm?" Chase didn't catch the snaky smirk on her lips to soon for as soon as the words left his lips all of the surrounding sounds were in his mind beating at every corner. He whipped his arm out sounding her crashing against the hummer leaving a heavy dent. Chase listened to her moan in pain and laughed gleefully.

Chase walked through the mist the was steadily getting heavier, if that was at all possible, toward Reid who was breathing heavily against a tree stump clutching his bleeding wrist to his chest, little did Chase known it was only a plan.

With all the rage he could muster, Reid forced the emotions on Chase in many coils. The shocked look on his face spread through Reid but before he rejoice anymore the heavens above split like hands were pealing them apart and a shower of blue sparks rained down on his body sending white hot sparks throughout him. He cried out in agony for the pain was to much to keep within. His muscles convulsed and his body shook as if someone had a hold of all of his limbs and was tossing him like a common Raggedy Anne doll.

"Feel that brother? Imagine, just stick with me here, imagine waking up in the middle of the night feeling all of these horrible emotions coursing through your veins without a heads-up so to say. Doesn't it feel amazing, feels like someone is roasting you over a fire while chilling your bones to inhuman temperatures. Or does it feel like someone is skinning you alive, peeling your skin off strip by strip."

Beads of sweat slid down his face mixing finally at his lips where blood was dripping from his many attempted to stop his yelling.

"Reid, I'm here. Breath, it'll be over soon."

Monroe's voice instantly soothed his soul as much as she could. He quit fighting it and let the magic run through him to the core of it all. Reid breathed deeply attempting to make the ending come sooner.

After what felt like years but was merely minutes the sky closed and the pain vanished leaving a train of shocks running through his veins. From where he was laying, Reid pummeled his fists into the ground knocking Chase onto his back.

"Ooh, someone's feeling rebellious. Did we not agree you would hand over your powers for your whores sister." Chase shot his arm out in the direction of Monroe dragging her against his body. "Maybe I should get some use out of her first though." He ground his hips against the swell of her bottom. Her eyes were pleading with Reid to help her. "What do you think about that whore? Hmm? You like that." Chase's hand came around and grabbed her breast roughly. She bit her tongue hard enough to draw blood.

Monroe turned her head as far as it could go to look at him. "Go to hell." She said spitting the blood leaking from her tongue at him. She grinned as he through her onto the ground laughing like a maniac face down in the dirt. Pulling a small tube from her jacket she quickly took a sip before he ripped her roughly around to him as he straddled her body and once against pressed his lips against hers. She was careful not to swallow and he probed her lips with his tongue and mashed his body against hers. She forced the liquid into his mouth.

Monroe opened her eyes and saw Reid standing over them with a look of such rage even she was afraid for a moment until she realized this was all planned. Reid grabbed the back of Chase's neck and tossed him to the ground with energy behind his hands. He crushed his boot onto his throat and watched as Chase realized the liquid had to flow down his throat. His breaths came in rasps as he slowly turned blue.

"Reid! Not yet!" Monroe grabbed his arm tearing his eye contact from the blue body but that was just enough distraction for Chase to grab Reid's leg and toss him like a clot of dirt.

"What's this, do we have a plan? How quant." Chase wrapped his hands around air and soon it was looking like a vortex of electricity. He rolled it at the pair knocking them apart. Reid fought back while Monroe silently crawled behind the trees to Chase's back. She was so close when she finally reached out and grabbed the back of his head diving into his brain and seeing an image of her sister sitting on top of very steep cliffs. That's all she needed to know. Chase growled and it reminded Monroe so much of a sound the devil would make. His steal toed boots make contact with her ribs and right away all the air was vacuumed out of her body and she felt herself flying. Only when her legs wrapped around the trunk of a tree did she stop and crumbled to the ground and remain still.

"One down, one to go." Chase's voice oozed wickedness. His hands waved as strings of power leaked from his fingers colliding with Reid's chest.

"Will me your powers brother, and this will all be over. I'll even kill your whore so you can be together in the afterlife if there is such a thing."

"Fuck off." Reid fought back with all the will he could muster.

"Say it!" He was getting closer and closer. "Its really simple. I. Will. You. My. Powers. End this for all of this. Look over there, she's weeping in pain, don't you want to end that? Be the hero Reid." Reid was very close to his last breaths. His vision was blurring and it felt like his head was going to explode. All of his brain cells were melting together from the lack of oxygen.

"Ruby!" Monroe's voice was cracking with pain. Ruby ran through the clearing, stopping in the middle to point her palms at Chase stopping time for his body.

"Quickly! Monroe quickly we have to say the spell! I can only hold this so long and I fear he's stronger than me by far." Both girls instantly started to chant in Latin a spell that no other would understand but had been specifically foreseen by their grandmother to send Chase to hell for all eternity. As the last word escaped their lips Chase broke free of Ruby's grasp and fell to the ground with such a murderous scream that it chilled them to the blackest part of their hearts.

Chase lay on the ground his skin bubbling from the fire that they could not see and the pain of all he killed. Soon nothing was left of him but ashes that were swept away by the warm breeze of the inlands.

"Its over." Monroe whispered. "He's gone." She rushed to Reid's awaiting arms as fast as her twisted leg could get her. "Rayne. She's on the cliffs! Come on!"

Like many other times Reid sped down the back roads of Ipswich but alas this time there was a mighty purpose.

Anguish rushed from Monroe's throat as she saw long dark brown hair whipping in the wind. Her body was a crumpled mess and there were many bruises and cuts on her face and presumably her body but the feeling that seeped through Monroe was astounding and it felt like everything was once again right in the world.


Monroe shut the door softly to another guest bedroom in the Danvers mansion and let out a heavy sigh that had been sitting on her heart.

"We make a great team." Reid wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her flush against his body. The fit together like puzzle pieces. She spun around and ran her hands up his chest over his shoulders and finally curled her fingers around the soft hair as the base of his head.

"Mmhmm."She mewed into his neck. Her breath tickled his neck and an image of feathers popped into his head.

He cupped her cheeks in his rough hands and brought her lips to meet his in the softest kiss Monroe had ever gotten. One lone tear traveled down her soft skin blending with their kiss as he rubbed soothing circles along her jaw. He didn't demand anything with his kiss, or take the left over rage out on her already assaulted lips. No it was beautiful, it was as if his kisses were whispering to her lips a sweet sweet melody that only they could understand.


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