A Blood Tablet a Day Keeps the Bloodlust Away

By Helbaworshipper

Chapter 1: Blood in a Vial

It had been a normal day, Yuki Cross had thought. A typical day...

"Zero!" The violet irises were revealed, her prefect partner waking up. "Thanks to you we have supplementary classes again." She was standing already, grasping her books under one arm.

"It's not like you haven't done the same thing." He retorted with an annoyed expression. "You should be sleeping or at least be in the sun more. You look pale." Yuki blinked before looking at her desk.

"Pale? I look just fine Zero."

"That's what you think. You're starting to look like me." He walked past her, his hands in his pockets while his books were in place under his arm.


It was in the wee hours of the morning when patrol had ended as usual. Yuki had gotten in the shower first, letting Zero wait impatiently while she finished. With a feeling of victory of having her sort of revenge, she sat in her shared room with Yori. Her hands smoothed the covers over her, starting to let her mind fade into the idea of slumber.

"My precious Yuki, come to me." Her eyes opened, unsure she had heard anything. She started to close her eyes again. "Come to me...my precious Yuki." The voice had more power now, her body beginning to sit up. She tried to lay back but the voice didn't stop. "We must see each other now." Her body began moving on its own, looking towards the window. The curtains were pushed aside without any difficulty. A woman stood outside of the window, her body covered in a green dress with a slight sparkle from it. The moon seemed to cover her figure in a complete spot light.

'It's a vampire... That's the only thing that could be out there. Why... why is it targeting me with this power? Is it trying to turn me? I wish... I wish this power wasn't pushing on me...' Yuki's arms shook, trying to regain control so she could close the curtains.

"It would seem the door is so far away. The window will need to be opened for you to see me." Yuki's arms moved towards the window lock, opening it and allowing the window to swing open. The outside air felt chilly and bit at her bare skin. "Do not make me wait long, my precious Yuki." Her hands grasped the window ledge lightly. The bare feet felt the surface of the cill as she jumped down with the help of a nearby tree branch. It had almost snapped underneath her weight, but she pushed herself to move off before it had. She could feel grass for only a moment.

'I can't do anything to stop it! Why is this happening to me? Am I dreaming?' Her body continued moving forward, the woman clearer. Her eyes were a blood red, reminding her of Kaname. Her dress was embroidered in silver thread. Her face looked exactly like every other night class student. When she got close enough, the woman held her close.

"Yuki..." There was a sorrow within it. "Yuki, it's good to see you are well..." The voice was still powerful, but it wasn't in her head this time. It was this woman's voice that held her there. "It's time to start what was not done years ago." One arm moved, an object coming out of a hidden pocket. It looked like a vial with a red liquid in it.

'It's...It's blood! She's going to turn me!' She felt powerless, but found that the woman did not bother to bite her, or even approach her in that way. In fact, the vial opening was coming towards her mouth! 'I won't drink it!' Her mind panicked, but she was unable to get out of the power holding her. She barely noticed that the vial was at her mouth, which was no obediently open to receive the content. The liquid travelled down her throat, making her start to feel drowsy. "Why..." She muttered as the vial lifted.

"It is what you are, my precious Yuki." She spoke with a gentle voice, the power fading away. She walked back, tripping until she fell into someone's arms. She looked up to see...