A Blood Tablet a Day Keeps the Bloodlust Away

By Helbaworshipper

Chapter 16: What remains.

Tell me, what is the definition of "strength"?

Does it mean to hurt yourself,

or perhaps to throw yourself away to protect someone who you should protect?

Humans keep walking onward,

just in order to keep on living.

They proceed, while still decoding an incomplete piece of data.

It looks like I've already walked out of the desert of my beginnings, alone.

I want to remain as myself till the day I turn to ash.

Where did I come from, long ago?

Where will I go, in the far future?

Being thrown around without knowing; time will come to an end before I realize it.

It looks like I've already walked out of the desert of my beginnings, alone.

I want to remain as myself till the day I turn to ash.

Hemisphere (Rahxephon)

"Zero-kun, you really should consider it. I'm sure it'll be easier than having to deal with it alone." Sitting across from Kaien Cross, was of course Zero Kiryuu. "I was hoping that you'd at least consider it."

"Even though there would be a lack of experienced guardians?" He let out with an annoyed tone. "Yori isn't that good, and others will probably just use the status to sneak in."

"I'm certain we can do something about that."

"Tch." He stood up, exiting the room.


A hand gently touched Yuki's head. Her body was exhausted, and she had collapsed almost right away after training. "It seems like things have changed from before." Kaname's voice spoke out loud. He looked at the ring on her finger, standing up after smoothing the covers. "Rest well, Yuki."


"What do I do now I wonder." Luvia spoke, closing her eyes with a sigh. "Business like usual I suppose."

"Or perhaps a chance to be a real mother?" A woman's voice came out, looking at her.

"Oh, Sumire-sama."

"I was wondering if had to come here to get the business finished. I'm amazed that you still gave Vord a ceremony. After all he did-" Her voice seemed to cut off while she looked at Luvia. Her body looked weaker than before, her skin pale.

"It is all for appearances I suppose. However, he is still my husband." She spoke, not seeming to mind what the other was seeing. "I did love him, even if he did not love me that way back."

"Still, you look worse."

"Only because I must train Yuki as well. I can handle that."


"Oh, Zero?" Yuki was sitting at dinner that night, seeing that he was sitting there. Not comfortably, but seeming to be glad to see her. "I didn't expect you to come."

"I invited him." Kaname was now entering the room, moving a chair back. "You're tired, you should sit."

"Oh, Kaname..." She sat down, letting him push the chair in with a grateful sigh. Kaname sat beside her, making it so she was sitting between himself and Zero. "What brings you here though, Zero?"

"The Chairman's suggestion, he's pushing more for me to go into the Night Class." The silver haired male sighed, keeping his arms crossed. "I think he's a bit crazy."

"I think it would be best for Yuki. Despite the fact you are not natural." Kaname spoke with his usual tone. This caused the other to tense up a little.

"I'll think about it."