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Milo Thatch waited nervously in the other room. He had been there for twelve long hours. Suddenly, he heard a sharp cry. He burst into the room and saw his beloved Kida covered in blood and holding a baby. He sighed with relief, knowing that the long ordeal was over. He walked over to Kida cautiously who was now wrapping the little thing up in linen. He put his hand on her shoulder and she looked up at him.

"Is it a boy or a?" he found himself unable to speak

"A girl?" finished Kida. "Yes, she is."

"May I?" he asked hesitantly holding his hands out for the girl.

"Of course." she laughed as he awkwardly tried to hold her. "Like this." she said putting his hand under her bottom and one on her back

"She's beautiful, Kida. What should we name her?"

"Kirasuma, after my grandmother." she said, touching her finger to the girl's small lip.

"I'll just botch it. Kira, to me." the girl stirred, as if she accepted the name. She then slept on, one of the few moments of peace her parents got in these first months.