Awakening: Chapter 5

Moonfrost lead her apprentice, Burrowpaw, out for border patrol along with Dustytail and Leaftail. They started on the border of StormClan and the fierce BoulderClan, who lived in the Stoneforest, where few plants grew. They went up to the field and then to where it bordered the mountains, where the maneless loins lived. They fallowed that border then went down through the forest along the DarkClan border. DarkClan were small, but cunning warriors. Moonfrost lead her patrol down to the Thunderpath, then to the narrow strip of land that bordered IceClan. The sun was sinking in the sky. It turned the clouds and sky blood red. Moonfrost shivered. Was this a sign about Bloodkit?

As the patrol headed home Moonfrost noticed that Leaftail and Dustytail were lagging behind, sharing some gossip.

"Hurry up, you guys, or we wont be back until midnight!"

Dustytail and Leaftail sped up and met up with Moonfrost and Burrowpaw. Curiosity tugged at Moonfrost. Well, she thought, I'll find out one way or another.


Brookpaw put her tail on Snowkit's shoulder and lead him to Larchwind's den. Larchwind unsheathed his claws and, with one claw, removed the poultice from Snowkits' ears. Brookpaw stood in front of Snowkit.

"Can you hear me, Snowkit?" She whispered.

Snowkit stared at her in wonder. "Yes", He said, "I can."

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