::You knew she would find out eventually.::

::I didn't know it would happen so soon….::

::You don't want her to leave, do you?::

Pause. ::No.::

::She doesn't have to.::

::You and I both know better than that.::

::I only know that you're denying what you truly feel.::


::You love her, don't you?::


::Like I said, this doesn't have to be the end.::

::She is not my daughter. I have no right to keep her here. Especially now that she has seen.::

::A memory is erased easily enough.::

::How long do you think it will take her to find out again? A month? A year?::

::Her mind is yet young. She does not understand.::

::But she will. She will grow up.::

::Yes, precisely. She will grow up to love our kind. We will have a strong ally.::

::No, she will hate us.::

::You think that because she is human she cannot live in harmony with us?::

::Now, maybe, while she is young. But she is still human. It is human nature to see us as inferior.::

::But you love her.::


::You are blinded by your own guilt.::

::It is wrong to hold her here, to keep her from a human family.::

::Her family is dead. She has accepted us as her family. She looks up to you. She adores you.::

::No, it's wrong. She will grow up to be a trainer, like her father. You see how she acts around them.::

::She loves them as well.::

::They look up to her. She is yet a child yet they obey her wishes. How long will it be until she abuses that trust?::

::It is meant to be that way.::

Anger. ::How so?::

::Human and pokemon are meant to bond together for the good of both parties. Willing or not they are all instinctually drawn to it.::

::I don't believe that. Human and pokemon are separate. They are not meant to be together.::

::And yet you feel drawn to protect her.::

::I must. It is my responsibility.::



::You can protect her better here than anywhere else on the earth. Let her walk among us as an equal. She is not doomed to the fate you have predicted for her. We can teach her. She can learn.::

Pause. ::……..very well. I will erase her memory.::