Title: Stars Above

Authoress: SailorChibi

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: UsagixLogan, MinakoxKurt, MakotoxBobby, ReixPietro, ReixAlex, AmixGambit, RoguexGambit, SetsunaxMamoru

Summary: The only one with her memory, Usagi reunites with her 'mutant' senshi at the Xavier Institute. When a new threat appears, what will happen to the soldiers of both worlds?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, X-men Evolution or the X-Men movies.

Author's Note: If you feel this story is familiar to you, that's because it might be. This a re-post of a story that was up a few years ago. The original was sloppy, badly written and didn't the deserve the finish planned. This version is much better. If you did read this story a few years ago, I suggest you re-read all of it – I have changed a lot. Also, some of the characters are a mixture of Evolution and the movies, so draw on both while reading.


The city was lit up with multi-colored lights that accompanied the contant hum of action. On this dark night, the humans of the town continued on with their daily lives, heedless of the numerous times they had come close to destruction. The bustle and hustle slowed as the midnight hour approached, although the city didn't become mostly quiet until the early morning hours.

High above the town, a young woman watched the town below her in silence. The girl had hair the color of snow and a complexion to match. Long, dark eyelashes surrounded mysterious, silvery eyes that shone with tears. Her pale pink lips were set in a small frown. Upon her forehead, a miniature crescent moon mark glimmered with a faint light, accentuating the gown she wore.

"I feel we have no other option, Luna," the girl murmured. Her voice, as musical as a trickling stream, was soft with pain. "They have no need to recall the horrors we have faced. So long as I believe they are content to be normal, they shall remain so."

"But... Serenity..." A small cat, appearing black in color with a gold crescent mark on its forehead, protested weakly. The crimson eyes of the feline were mournful. "After all this, do you not think they deserve to know the truth?"

"Was it your plan that we would be restored to our former glory?" demanded the girl, spinning on her heel to stare at the cat in an accusing manner. "Before Alan and Ann appeared, was it? No, of course not. You wished for us to live in peace, as I wish for them at this time. They are happy, Luna. Happy. I fear they shall forget that emotion, as I have, if we awaken them. Chaos has gone and I will not have it!"

"We don't know if he will remain gone," a white cat with wise blue eyes and a similar gold crescent mark as the first reminded gently.

"As if this is supposed to change my decision," she voiced bitterly, turning back to face the town. "Luna, Artemis. My heart trembles with the force of my love for you. In the past, I have often wished that I could be free of the demands of a senshi. I realize that it can never be so, and yet my beloved friends may fulfill my wish. Please... I beg of you..."

The felines exchanged pained looks. The two had always had difficulty denying Serenity of things that she wanted, but in this case, both had serious doubts. They knew that the girl's decision would be regretted at some point in her life, but neither could find it in their hearts to refuse her.

"Very well, Serenity," Artemis whispered. "We will not awaken the senshi on their fourteenth birthdays as we had planned."

"However," broke in Luna, eyes glittering, "you must first promise that if the Chaos should return, or if another enemy should present herself or himself, you will allow us to awaken them."

The girl was silent for a moment, her hands pressed to the place on her skin where her heart beat. Then a sigh escaped her, and her shoulders slumped in an unladylike fashion. "Very well. I solemnly swear on my duty as a princess that I shall awake my soldiers should I have need of them. But I require vows from the two of you as well."

"We vow as guardians of the princess that we shall not awaken the soldiers unless need be," the cats receited in unison.

"Thank you," Princess Serenity breathed, her soul at rest. She spun in a graceful movement, light returning to her twinkling gaze. "My guardians, you have stood in for me as parents time and time again when the king and queen could not be present. I love you dearly, and pray that someday, we will dance in freedom once more."

Neither feline was given the chance to respond. The river of white light that had been slowly approaching them during their conversation rolled over them, embracing the three in a cold but comforting grip. As Serenity's features began to change, a smile graced her lips and she allowed herself hope for the future before her vision went dark.


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