The Deadly Sin

By: Ashley's Fool

Summary: He watched her from afar, lust showing in his crystal blue eyes. She was exciting, enticing, and everything that he had ever wanted. She was his addiction, his guilty pleasure, his sin... too bad she was his daughter's best friend. TxS. AU.

Genre: Romance/Drama

Rating: T for language, violence and strong sexual content. Rating my change.

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Chapter 1: Headstrong

She felt the scorching, sticky, air press upon her face as she stood in a lonely corridor. She wore a simple white gown, with a sheer, translucent veil. An ornate gold necklace was placed on her silky, tan skin, the necklace providing some form of light to the very dark and foggy hallway. She could hear footsteps approaching her, a silhouette of a man appearing. She could not see any features from the man… except for his eyes. The figure had a set of piercing oceanic eyes, that could melt a person's soul. The striking crystal blue eyes, enticed her, sending her shivers down her body. The wall seemed to be closing in, making her feel claustrophobic. Her mind was soon clouded by anxiety, her breathing increasing with the second. Only one thing seemed to slightly calm her…the cerulean blue eyes. They seemed to be so hypnotic, she felt the urge to extend her arm. Just as the figure was about to grasp her…

"Sharpay! Sharpay! Get up!" she heard an annoying voice shout, as she felt someone nudge at her.

"Ryan, why must you wake me up in that annoying, pestering manner." Sharpay mumbled under her covers.

"Because that is the only way that I can wake you up." her brother replied.

"Ugh. One of the these days, I am going get you back." Sharpay retorted.

"Well until that day comes, get up and get ready for school." Ryan smirked as he snatched the covers from his exhausted sister.

"Ryan! I am going to kill you!" Sharpay shouted as she fully regained her senses and thoughts. Her brother merely laughed at his sister distraught state and scurried out the room, leaving her infuriated.

She turned the silver polished knob, releasing a waterfall of temperate, comforting water, trickling down her fragile, slender body. She loved the feeling of the warm droplets slithering down her body, giving her some sort of relief. She wondered why she had such a peculiar dream. She had never had such a bizarre dream before, and here one day, she had a very strange one, dreaming about someone that she did not even know. The man with the electric blue eyes seemed to have left a lasting impression on her. She wondered who that man was, but she knew he was out there, and she was going to find him. For Sharpay Evans was a headstrong (A/N: Sorry, had to use that word!) type of girl, knowing what she wanted and when… and she wanted to know if he existed at all, or was just a figment of her imagination.

Sharpay strolled to her room, wearing a pearl white silk robe, with white frilly slippers, the damp towel, wrapped around her hair. She made her way inside her walk-in closet, the closet any 17-year old would desire. She entered the large room, her feet grazing upon the terracotta tile. She was in the crucial process of deciding on what to wear for the day. To Sharpay, getting ready was not just another habitual action, but to her, it was an art form. Every single piece of clothing and every accessory should be chosen with delicacy and accuracy. For Sharpay Evans knew that the girls of East High were a bunch of snobby rich girls, out to eat any fresh meat alive; since Sharpay Evans was in fact the new girl of East High. She despised all those overly pompous girls of East High, for they reminded her of her old life. Well all of them except for one… Anne Bolton. The two have become very close the minute the two started a conversation. Anna was what Sharpay really needed… a friend.

Back in her old school, Sharpay was known as the "Ice Princess" just because she was an assertive person, not letting anyone take her for granted. It seemed like she wanted to be apart from the others, and now, it seemed that "Ice Princesses" existed almost in every corner of East High, and Sharpay was ready to take them on.

Sharpay strode downstairs, her perfectly manicured nails holding on to the Spanish style iron railing, as she headed towards the kitchen. She took a glance at the kitchen, seeing her brother sitting on one of the leather chairs, a piece of bacon dangling from his boyish face. Ryan wore a long-sleeved night sky blue colored shirt. Over it, he wore a short-sleeved olive green shirt with forest green letter, reading "I AM TO HOT FOR THIS SHIRT," deciding to go for the layered look. He went for some fitted denim jeans, and a pair of Converse. Sharpay merely rolled her eyes as she took a seat right next to him. Sharpay opted for a Giorgio Armani white halter neck sundress with self tie behind neck. To compliment her dress, she wore Jimmy Choo wooden hedges, and a 14K yellow gold Moon and Star pendant with a Golden South Sea pearl and 1 carat diamond with a 14K yellow gold chain.

"So where's mom and dad?" Sharpay asked, as the maid served her plate of breakfast with a strawberry milkshake.

"Vacationing in the Swiss Alps." Ryan answered, stabbing a piece of his sausage link.

"For how long?" Sharpay asked, as she took an appreciative sip of her milkshake.

"A month or two." Ryan responded. "They left a note on the counter." Ryan pointed his index finger to the kitchen island, indicating where the note was. Sharpay merely let out a sigh.

"So much for spending some quality family time." Sharpay huffed under her breath.

"Well on the bright side, we have the house all to ourselves." Ryan said, trying to alleviate his sister's disappointment. She merely nodded and continued to eat her breakfast, the two only sharing a few brief, uneventful conversations.

The drive to school seemed to go by much smoother. Ryan drove the latest model of the LF-A, the dream sports car, while Sharpay sat in the front, making herself comfortable in the plush leather seat. Ryan gazed at the clouds, stating, "Seems like it is going to rain today."

"Yeah, it does." Sharpay responded. Sharpay continued to stare out the window, contemplating on the dream she had experienced. Who was that man? Why was here there? Do I know him? How could I feel so much passion for a man that I have no idea who he is? All these questions with no answers raced and clouded Sharpay's mind

"Shar, are you okay?" Ryan asked in a concerned voice while furrowing his eyebrows.

"Yeah, of course I am." Sharpay answered. "Just feel a little light-headed." Sharpay closed her eyes, taking deep, subtle breaths, trying to clear her mind. It was a trick her mother had taught her to calm the nerves.

"Are you nervous that Zeke Baylor might actually ask you out?" Ryan asked, a sly smile forming from his lips. Sharpay turned her face to her brother, blushing a light shade of red.

"Don't play with my emotions." She spat out, glaring at her brother, her brother only giving her a smirk.

"Oh, you know he likes you… practically wants you." Ryan included in the conversation.

"You think? I mean, after all, I am the new girl." Sharpay added.

"So, he still wants you." Ryan reckoned.

"Just, shut up and drive." Sharpay commanded as she rolled her eyes, and fixated the mirror, and made sure her make-up was intact. The rest of the drive remained to be uneventful, with the occasional, "It looks like it is going to rain" small talk.

Ryan parked in the parking lot with accuracy as Sharpay fumbled through her purse, searching for her beloved Sidekick. Her eyes lightened up as she found her most prized possession. Ryan merely just gave her a smirk and remarked, "You know, you are a little to attached to that thing."

"Well, you are a little to attached to your ego, but you don't see me pointing that out." Sharpay retorted while texting away. Ryan pouted and shook his head.

"Well, sis, let's make are big entrance."

"Hold up, I am having a very important conversation with Anne." she stated.

"I don't see why you two are texting, if she is sprinting her way towards us." Ryan pointed out, as they saw a brunette-haired teen running towards them. The girl was around their age, short dark hair, delicate tanned skin. The girl was gorgeous, Ryan had to admit. If she was not his sister's best friend, he would be making all the moves on her. But Sharpay would have his head torn off before that would happen. He found his sister to be a bit sadistic to her twin brother, but did not say much about it.

"Hey guys." the dark-haired teen called out, a mere ten feet away from them. Sharpay immediately got out of the luxurious sports car, and made her way to her new best friend, as Ryan chuckled at the twosome. He could never get how the two could act like they had just seen each other for the first time.

"Ooo, I love your assemble!" Sharpay exclaimed, pointing to Anne's flower printed sundress, with matching designer shoes and handbag.

"Thanks, but I feel like such an idiot." Anne announced.

"And why is that?" Sharpay asked, clueless as to what her friend was talking about.

"I completely forgot my Gucci sunglasses." Anne stated,

"Aw, poor darling." Ryan stated in a sarcastic manner.

"Ryan, you may not find this a serious manner, but we girls do." Sharpay told her brother. She then turned her attention to her friend. "Don't worry Anne. I have a cute pair of Prada sunglasses in my locker. You can totally use them."

"Oh, Sharpay! You are the greatest!" Anne shouted, giving her friend a hug.

"I know!" Sharpay exclaimed, while Ryan merely rolled his eyes at the girly sight.

"Oh, Shar. Look who is coming to our way." Anne squealed. Sharpay cautiously turned her head to see who was approaching them. A tall, well-built chocolate-skinned teen walking towards them, having on a smile that could melt any girl's heart plastered on his chiseled. He was known as god's gift to East High, the one the only… Zeke Baylor.

"And how are you two smoking hotties doing?" Zeke greeted the two in a deep low voice that almost brought Sharpay to her knees. Luckily, she was able to keep her cool and composure.

"Hey Zeke." she said , trying to sound uninterested, her attempts unsuccessful.

"Hey, Anne. Can you accompany me to the library. I have to return an overdue library book." Ryan called out. "You know how Mrs. Howell is with overdue books."

"But Ryan, you never go to the lib…"

"Anne. Let's go." Ryan enunciated, using hand signals to try to signal to Anne that Sharpay needed some time alone with Zeke. After a few fruitless attempts, Anne managed to take the hint. Ryan wondered how such an intelligent young girl like Anne could be at times, clueless to these type of situations.

"Oh, right. You have that… book you need… to return. Bye Shar. Bye Zeke." She linked her hand to Ryan and the two disappeared inside the doors of East High, leaving the other two behind to socialize.

"So how are you liking East High?" Zeke asked, revealing a toothy grin.

"Well it's okay, nothing special." Sharpay replied, trying not to become so flustered from this hunky teen.

"I think I can make your stay here a little better." Zeke proposed.

"And how would you do that?"

"Let me take you out, this Saturday."

"Zeke Baylor. East High's god asking pretty new girl out. How cliché." Sharpay responded.

"Aren't you a little spitfire." Zeke stepped closer to her and whispered into her ear. "I like that in a girl." She could feel his warm breath press upon her ear, sending tingles throughout her body. Just then the bell rung, signaling 5 minutes until class began.

"I should get to class." Sharpay mumbled. She made her way to the doors of East High.

"So is that a yes?" Zeke called out. Before Sharpay enter the school, she turned to Zeke.

"Maybe." And with that she entered the school.

Sharpay sprinted through the hallways as she attempted to make it before the bell rung. Unfortunately, luck was not on her side. As she was a mere ten feet from her classroom, the bell rung. She still entered the class. A woman in her early 50's was waiting by the door, holding a pink slip by her desk.

"Ah! Miss Evans. I take it you know you are late." the teacher announced.

"Yes Ms. Darbus."

"And you know what that means, right."

"Yeah. A nice pink little detention slip to go with my cute outfit." Sharpay replied with a sarcastic tone.

"You know I admire how you make everything into a fashion statement." Ms. Darbus stated, while Sharpay made her way to her seat.

"What can I say? I love fashion."

"Nice to know." Ms. Darbus responded in a harsh manner. Ms. Darbus continued to recite a lecture on punctuation, boring Sharpay to tears. She knew that today was going to be another boring high school day. She could have been anymore wrong.

Sharpay drove her brother's sport scar, as rain was pouring hard on the glass pane. Ryan decided that Sharpay should take the car, while Anne could take him home. He refused to wait 2 hours until Sharpay was done with her detention. "Oh shit." Sharpay muttered, as the rain continued to pour. She decided to park the precious automobile in a somewhat quiet road, for she did not feel so safe driving in the heavy rain. She dialed her brother's cell phone.

"Hey Shar."

"Hey Ry."

"Are you on your way home already?"

"Yeah, but I stopped at a road. It's too crazy for me to drive in this weather."

"Well, who's fault was it to get a detention?"

"Ryan, you can be so cruel at times."

"I am your brother, it is my job."

"Well, you suck at it." Sharpay smirked. "Bye." Before her brother could make another comeback, she hung up the phone. She smiled in satisfactory, but her smile soon turned into horror as she saw flashing lights coming at her direction. Before she could take account on what was what was happening, she felt something smash in her vehicle, as she fainting, everything fading to black.

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