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Treading The Unknown

Chapter 1

It was late evening, the sun had set and left only darkness and the twinkling light of the stars, and Sakura was sitting on the sofa in her home, moonlight mingling with the soft glow of her living room, intent emerald eyes looking down on a medical ninjutsu book, soft fuchsia hair that went down to her shoulders, she had defiantly matured in the years since Sasuke left (in mind as well as appearance), yes, Sakura Haruno had indeed become a woman.

She sighed and twiddled a strand of her pink hair, wishing she had something better to do. Her house was unnervingly silent, though anyone else would have found it tranquil, Sakura was used to Naruto's hyperactive and incredibly loud antics all day and almost felt strange without it.

Sakura was too lost in her own thoughts and so absorbed in the silence, that when the phone rang she almost jumped out of her seat.

Calming herself, she walked over to the phone and answered it in her accustomed manner, wondering who would be calling at this time in the evening.

"Konnichiwa, Sakura here"

"Sakura, it's Kakashi, something has happened to Naruto"

At first Sakura was just surprised to hear Kakashi's voice on the other line but then his second statement clicked in her mind.

"…something has happened to Naruto"

"WHAT? Is he alright? Were is he now? ...Kakashi?"

"No Sakura…He's not alright. He is in Konoha hospital. I know you've grown closer to him since Sasuke left and I thought you might want to know"

Sakura stared straight ahead, her jade eyes glazing over, trying to sort out the thoughts in her mind. She even forgot Kakashi was still on the phone.


Her sensei's voice jogged her from her thoughts, and Sakura uttered a hasty reply

"..Thank you Kakashi-sensei, goodbye"

Sakura practically slammed the phone down, hurriedly pulled on her ninja sandals and ran out of the door as fast as she could, not even pausing to close or lock the door.

Why am I reacting this way? It's only Naruto…He probably got into a little scuffle…I mean… it's him!

Sakura desperately tried to convince herself nothing was wrong, but subconsciously she knew she was hurrying because something severe had happened.

At Konoha Hospital

Sakura slowly pushed open the door to Naruto's room, the air thick with apprehension, and timidly stepped toward his bed. She took one look at Naruto and her face turned as pale as a sheet. The whole world seemed to stop, as if time itself had frozen. He looked so…horrific. Was this really Naruto? Glistening tears cascaded from her emerald eyes, crashing to the ground in a never ending stream. Sakura collapsed to her knees and held her face in her hands as she whispered

"Oh Naruto"

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