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Treading The Unknown

Chapter 5 – Unwanted Company


As the wet fish (thrown by a rather unwanted intruder) hit the side of Naruto's surprised face he realised there were some holes in his plan … definite holes.

Looks like Naruto's secret escape lacked … well … secrecy!

The rather annoyed blonde haired ninja turned and glared at an incredibly unimpressed looking Shikamaru.

"Jeez, you were trying to escape like that? Baka…" Shikamaru reprimanded with a yawn.

Naruto sputtered and flailed his arms in protest, trying in vain to find something to say. Shikamaru didn't really seem to care all that much (since when does he care about anything!) and he shuffled languidly over and sat down next to the still perplexed looking Naruto.

"What do you think you're doing? Do you even know where Sakura is or which way to go? You didn't really think this out did you." Shikamaru enquired.

"Of course I know what I'm doing! I'm going to save Sakura-chan! I'm going to be the next Hokage! What kind of a Hokage would I be if I couldn't save her? I'll rescue Sakura-chan and every thing will be fiiii-i-iiiiiiiiiiiiiine"


As Naruto had started to speak his last word he had enthusiastically stood up (perhaps a bit too enthusiastically) tripped on a nearby rock and fell backwards into the shallow river behind him.

Muttering an inevitable "Troublesome…" the genius ninja ambled over to the rivers edge.

"Like I said you have no idea what you are doing do you?"

"……. No not really" Naruto admitted in defeat as he picked himself up out of the water and back on to the grassy riverbank, a frown crossing his features, making his brow furrow and crinkle slightly in the strange way that it always did when the blonde was annoyed.

"You should go North-West" Shika said, glancing at Naruto before he sat himself down and stared at the clouds. 'Hmmm that one looks like a lemon' he thought to himself.

"North-West? Why that way?" Naruto replied with his eyebrow raised sceptically.

Shikamaru sighed and his face twisted into a look that screamed 'I can't be bothered' without him even having to speak. Not that he could tell Naruto the truth of the situation anyway. He was volatile as it was without letting him know that … Sasuke … was the prime suspect of all people.

Not to mention that Godaime would beat him to within an inch of his life if he let slip what was said in her office…

Flashback to earlier in the 5ths office

"Shikamaru do you understand the situation?" Tsunade barked.

"Hai Hokage-sama."

"Okay then; I have some more information for you, but understand that nobody, I repeat NOBODY else other than those already involved must know, especially NOT Naruto. Understood?"

"Hai Hokage-sama." Shika replied with a slight gulp, (He had a feeling this would be very troublesome)

"Alright, from our searches of Sakura's apartment we have determined that, from the evidence, our prime suspect is Uchiha Sasuke hi ..."

"What!? Uchiha Sasuke?" Shikamaru interrupted with surprise at hearing the name of the, then boy, he had tried to save those years ago.

Tsunade's brow twitched in annoyance at the unwanted interlude before continuing her speech.

"As I was saying, Uchiha Sasukes last known location was about 30 miles North-West. It is not known where exactly but there are few places he could be in the area so it shouldn't be difficult for you, Shikamaru, with your intelligence.

You are to find Naruto and either persuade him to come home or, failing that, accompany him in the right direction.
Naruto was last seen leaving the village in completely the wrong direction, South-West.
I expect you to leave as soon as possible, I'm counting on you Shikamaru"

"Of course Hokage-sama, I'll leave right away." With a bored smile and his customary slouchy walk Shikamaru ambled out of the room and closed the door.

As soon as the door clicked shut Tsunade sighed and leaned back into her chair.

"I need some sake …"

End of Flashback

Shikamaru tutted faintly in exasperation, he'd rather just watch clouds with Chouji and eat barbeque with Ino. It couldn't be helped though, it was a mission and it had to be done (even if it did involve the most hyperactive and strong willed ninja he knew).

It was then that he realised he hadn't answered Naruto's question yet, hastily thinking up an answer he forced himself to stand up again with much effort and a yawn.

"Because, Naruto, that's the direction Sakura is in. The sooner we go that way the sooner you get to save her."

Seeming satisfied with the (albeit avoiding the question) answer and his mood brightened by the thought of saving the pink haired girl he loved so much, Naruto jumped to his feet and thrust a fist in the air as he shouted as loud as he could.

"YOSH!!!! Let's go Shikamaru! It's time to save Sakura-chan-ttebayo!!!!!"


Sakura had finally given up clawing at the walls a while after her captor had revealed himself. Over the past couple of days she had had more than she could cope with, as if being kidnapped wasn't traumatic enough finding out that it was … him was the final straw.

She sat trembling and rocking herself backwards and forwards with her arms clasped around her knees in the corner of her cell, the dank, cold room enveloping her in her own misery.

She wanted to cry, to call out, but she just had no strength to go on anymore. The hours in that prison felt like months, each minute a searing agony she could hardly bear.

She felt her thoughts keep going back to one person, the only person that could save her now.



A very smug looking Uchiha sat in the plush room adjacent to Sakura's cell. The large room was lavishly decorated to Sasukes every whim, red silk draperies, sumptuous and beautiful tapestries and jewel encrusted mirrors. The most prominent feature of the room though was the huge pool of water in the centre. It was raised from the ground in an immense golden bowl which was supported by four intertwining silver dragons each with ruby eyes and talons. The basin was filled with the most beautiful shimmering water, so shiny it could have almost been pure liquid silver.

Sasuke gracefully got up from the huge (almost throne like) chair he was sitting in with a smirk and sidled over to the bowl. He made a few quick hand signs and peered into the bowl as an image started to appear in its iridescent waters.

The waters rippled as the fuzzy image slowly came into focus. Eventually the liquid settled and a clear image filled the basin. The reflection showed Sakura in her cell, muttering to her self and hugging her knees. The Uchiha smiled sadistically as he watched and spoke out loud to himself.

"Ah yes, the perfect bait indeed. He should be here soon … until then I can have a little fun with poor Sakura"

Cruel, vicious laughter pierced the air as Sasuke laughed at his own vindictive joke. The years of being with Orochimaru and eventually killing his brother had left him bitter, twisted and without a purpose. So the thing he turned back to was the only thing he knew, the only one who ever understood him, Naruto.

He couldn't go back to the village that was for sure, so he'd make Naruto come to him, even if he had to kill him too.

"I'll get you Naruto" Sasuke said with a snarl.

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