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Disclaimer: I don't own any rights, characters, or anything

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It was a nice sunny day after returning from the Digital World in

Tamachi, Japan. One of the Digidestined was talking to his digimon partner

about some things on his mind. This Digidestined had a specific incident on

his mind though that he wasn't sure how to address it.

"What's the matter Ken? I know you have something on your mind

that your not telling me."

"Well... I've been thinking..."

"What Ken? You can tell me.?"

"Well Wormmon, it's that I never thought that anyone else had ever

been to the dark ocean besides me but now I know Kari has."

"So? I still don't understand why that's bothering you."

"It's bothering me because... well actually I'm not quite sure why it's

bothering me but for some reason it just sticks out in my mind as troubling."

"Well, why don't you talk to Kari if it's bothering you so much?"

"What if she doesn't want to talk about it?"

"Ken, is that what your really worried about or is there something else


"Actually... I think I have a crush on her. She's smart and we

obviously have some things in common not to mention beautiful."

Meanwhile, in Odaiba a girl was also talking to her digimon partner.

She had a few things on her mind as well. And just like Ken she had a

specific thing on her mind that she was a little apprehensive of talking about.

"Kari is there something on your mind? You look a little distracted."

"Gatomon, I can't hide anything from you can I?"

"Nope. Now what's bothering you?"

"Well... it's Ken."

"Ken? What about him?"

"It's the dark ocean. I'm still confused about why he was also brought

there as well as why we were the only two Digidestined brought against our

own will."

"Why don't you ask him? It'll probably make you feel better if you

talk about it with him."

"Maybe your right Gatomon."

The next day both Kari and Ken were both walking around the park in

Odaiba. Neither one of them had known that the other was going to be there,

but they ran into each other eventually. They both decided to talk about the

troubles on their minds and Ken finally got the nerve to ask Kari while they

were sitting together on a park bench.

"Hey Kari."

"Yes Ken."

"I've been meaning to ask you something about the dark ocean."

"What Ken?" Kari was very surprised that Ken wanted to talk about

the same thing.

"Well I just wanted to know why you were brought there."

"I think it's because I bottle things up inside and the beings at the dark

ocean decided to take advantage of my weakness and my strength from the

crest of light. Oh, Ken I wanted to ask you the same thing. Why were you

brought to the dark ocean?"

"I think it was because of the powers of darkness. I believe that the

dark ocean was their instrument to turn me evil and do their dirty work for

them. Then again it might have been an attempt to completely irradiate the

power of the crest of kindness."

For a few moments there was an awkward silence, but once again

broke it with the intention of making Kari feel less awkward than she had to.

"Hey Kari."

"Yes Ken?"

"I know this might be forward of me, but I was wondering if you'd

like to go on a date with me?"

"I'd like that."

Alright, it's not my best fic ever (by far). So sue me, I'm

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