MY PROTEST:I THINK THAT LISTS SHOULD BE ALLOWED!!!!! THEY ARE SHORT, FUNNY THINGS THAT PEOPLE LOVE TO READ WHEN THEY WANT TO TAKE A BREAK FROM LONG STORIES. I allow and encourage ppl that agree with me to copy and paste this protest onto their profile and stories!

Mwah ha ha...time to tick off our firey friend...

25 Ways to Tick of Ace:

1.) Tell him tatoos are for gay you have a tattoo and he mentions it as a comeback,say gay is another word for happy and that he is 'gay'. (thanks to waver-chan for this one!)

2.) Switch his hat with Luffy's.

3.) Flush the toilet while he's in the shower.

4.) Put make-up over his freckles while he's sleeping.

5.) 'Accidently' push Luffy over board and after Zoro(or Sanji) rescue him, ask Ace why he didn't save his little brother.

6.) Pretend your a TV show host and start asking him lots of random questions.

7.) Include, "So exactly what kind of relationship do you and Captain Smoker have?"

8.) Ask him if he knows how to spell his name.

9.) Have him spell it.

10.) After he does, look at him funny and walk away laughing.

11.) Tell him that you think Luffy would kick his ass in a battle.

12.) Tell him you cant decide who is sexier, Zoro or Sanji.

13.) Ask why Luffy dosn't have freckles and he does.

14.) While your sitting in the crows nest, scream "ACE IS GAY!" really loud, and laugh when everyone looks at him funny at dinner.

15.) Step 1: Sneak up behind Ace, Step 2: tap him on shoulder, Step 3: Run away before he can turn around, Step 4: Repeat.

16.) Everytime he gets near you, scream, "Ace-cooties!!!" and run away.

17.) Ask how how old he is.

18.) Ask him if he's sure.

19.) Tell him you thought he was 30.

20.) Try to insult him with things that aren't insults. (Ex: "Your nose is pointy!")

21.) Aways remind him of the things he can't do. (Ex: swim)

22.) Inform him that he has no leg hair.

23.) Keep insisting that Luffy is going to be the pirate king and the Whitebeard never will be.

24.) Give him a list of old cowboy movies and ask him if he happened to be in any of them.

25.) Ask him if it's possible to have a ten pack.

Oh ya, he's ticked now. And i understand that Ace isnt the kind of person that gets ticked off easily, but these are just a few ways that you could if you wanted to. I wouldnt suggest it though, especially if you happen to be his enemy. lol. Review and tell me what you thought! Thx in advance!