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Case One: A white male...a VERY white male is suing a very PINK male for, supposedly, plagarizing his voice and his fighting style.

Plaintiff: Android 19.

Defendant: Majin Buu.

The bailiff, after adjusting his shitty-diaper filled pants, addressed the court which is comprised entirely of DBZ characters save for himself and a man in the corner recording everything on typewriter.

"All rise for the honorable Justin." the bailiff's piercing shriek echoed out.

Justin walked in the court, but no one rose for him, much to the chagrin of the bailiff.

"I said, ALL RISE FOR-"

The Bailiff's whiny voice was interrupted by a Ki blast in the face. The Bailiff fell down, smoldering and very dead.

"I hated that guy, anyway." Justin whispered to himself, stepping through the doorway of the barrier separating the judge and jury from the rest of the court. Judge Hazelton sat on his chair in front of the big podium thing, I don't know or care what it is.

"First order of business; I need a new bailiff." Justin announced the second he was seated. "Who volunteers?"

Silence filled the whole court. Finally, Cell raised his hand.

"Kick ass!" Justin shouted in triumph, pumping his fist in the air like a child that has just beaten up his sister and gotten away with it. "You're hired!"

Cell, feeling relieved that he now has the protection of the law stopping him from being incinerated by Gohan, Goku, or Vegeta, walked over to the left side of the Judge.

"Great." the judge smiled contentedly before screaming "Now will the Plaintiff and Defendant haul their fat asses in here? I haven't got until hell freezes over!"

Android 19 and Majin Buu waddled into the courtroom and sat down in their respective areas.

"Okay, now 19, what is this about?" Justin asked the plaintiff.

"Well, Your Honor, Buu has taken my voice, my body shape, most of my clothes, my ability to absorb, and butched them into immature, candy-stealing antics." 19 stated, arms crossed smugly across his bulging robotic man tits.

Justin had his head on the podium, laughing hard from his gut.

"What is so funny about my predicament?"

"It... It's not the story, dude... it's your voice, HA HA HA...!" Justin managed to get out between gales of laughter.

"Well, blame my idiot creator! I did not ask for this voice!"

"He he he he..." Justin quickly straightened himself out. "Bailiff Cell!"

"Yes, Your Honor?" Cell asked, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"I have a favor to ask of you. Let 19 and Buu whisper their arguments into your ear, or whatever the fuck that is, and then tell them to me, because your voice sounds cooler."

"Very well." Cell sighed, ignoring the silly compliment.

Cell stood in the center of the room, arms crossed. Majin Buu raised his hand and Cell walked over to him. Majin Buu said something into his ear.

"Majin Buu says, 'Technically, I was created before Android 19 by Bibidi. I became this way through absorbing the Kais. Since I had no knowledge of Android 19, I am not guilty of these accusations.'"

"Hey, wait a minute, that's way too smart to be coming from Fat Buu!" Justin commented, staring suspiciously at both Cell and Buu.

"Actually, he just said 'chocolate', but you have to admit, I am right."

"Yes, you are." the judge conceded. "However, this decision is up to the jury..."

His voice trailed off as he finally realized that the Jury box was empty. And smoking.

"Where the hell is our jury?"

"The bastards said something about my voice, so I annihilated them!" Vegeta shouted from the back of the courtroom.

Justin cartoonishly smacked his forehead while voicing his immense displeasure.

"Thanks a lot, dick head! How will we get a new jury?"

Cell spat out 12 Cell Juniors from his tail and they raced excitedly to the jury box.

"Awesome!" Justin clapped like an excited retard at the circus. "Has the jury made their decision?"

"We, the jury, find the defendant not guilty of plagiarism." The cell juniors said in unison.

The judge clapped his hands together, satisfied with the logically-grounded outcome of his first ever case.

"Excellent. Okay, then. Android 19, your fine is either 1,000,000 zenie or fighting Vegeta."

Vegeta stood up from his seat and cracked his gloved knuckles, an eager smirk painted fresh on his face as he stared down the annoying android from behind.

"But, I don't have any money!" 19 pouted.

"Okay, Vegeta!"

Vegeta flew up and re-used "Big Bang" on Android 19, destroying half the court in the process. Fortunately, everyone made it out since everyone in the court can fly, save for the few that were grabbed by the one who could fly and hauled from the explosion.

"Way to overdo it, Vegeta." the judge sneered, fazed only slightly by the destruction of his court. "Oh well... Cell, clean up this mess. Everyone else, take five."

"Augh..." Cell could already tell that he was in for one hell of a bad job as he started grabbing the charred planks scattered all around.

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