Disclaimer: I don't own any rights, characters, or anything else for that matter pertaining to Digimon Digital Monsters

Disclaimer: I don't own any rights, characters, or anything else for that

matter pertaining to Digimon Digital Monsters. If there are any

discrepancies within this disclaimer changes will be made as they are

brought to my attention.

On a stormy day two children were standing right in the middle of an open and uncovered park getting soaked but

they didn't seem to care. They were a little preoccupied to worry about the rain that was pouring down on them. Let's

start explaining this whole story from where it began, about two weeks ago.

"Ah another unexciting day at Odaiba Middle School, boy I wish something would happen to liven up things

around here. Oh well another day in the life of T.K. Takaishi."

Later that day a girl thought to herself in her class, "Wow this couldn't get any more boring. Well one good thing

about this is that I get to look at T.K. all day since he sits right next to me. Boy I wish that Davis would stop hassling T.K.

long enough to give us some time alone. Oh well, a girl named Kari Kamiya isn't that lucky."

At the same time T.K. was thinking to himself, "I wonder what Kari is thinking. One day I'm going to get the

nerve to ask her out, but what if she doesn't like me. Man, I'm torturing myself with a dream that I can't possibly believe

could come true."

A week had gone by but neither Kari nor T.K. had been able to tell their feelings to each other. Another problem

was Davis, he had been more intent on going out with Kari than ever. He had become so determined that he actually

started doing the right things such as changing his attitude from rude and impulsive to semi-thoughtful (which was a big

change for him) just to be able to get Kari to like him.

It took three days but Davis thought he actually started to obtain the affection from Kari that he desired for so

long, and with that in his mind he asked Kari out for the 67,358,673,827th time. He did it with more conviction than ever

before and because of this change he actually got Kari to say yes, but were her motives out of love, pity, or something


To Be Continued… Will Kari actually have feelings of love towards Davis? Will T.K. or Kari be able to express their

feelings for each other? Will Davis actually win Kari's heart after so long? Who are the two children in the park being

poured on by the rain? Will this be a Takari or Daikari? The way this story turns out will be based on what reviews I get

or my opinion if the reviews are tied or just because. Please tell me what you think.