The Medallion Legend

Only one may touch us and bring us all together

Only one may find us and use us for the better

Our holders hold great power though they must pray far apart

For their power is not balanced and they are not pure of heart

But the one boy who may hold the six great treasures at his chest

He has the greatest courage one could possibly possess

But others will have courage, too, though none that could surpass

So these rules, though they may seem strange, only he could pass

The first great power, the power of Light

Would be bestowed along with might

The second force, life of the Forest

Would be where he will rise and rest

The third force, passion that burns in Fire

Could overcome any false desire

The fourth force, ripples of the Water

His wishful bride to be: the royal Zora daughter

The fifth force, deceptive evil of Shadow

His heart would be torn to fight demons hollow

The sixth force, the burning strong Spirit

Will be so strong within his grip

The six of us our might combined

Will have that Ganondorf confined

The courage of the calm Farore

The wisdom of the wise Nayru

The power of the prideful Din

Blessed him with greatness from within

Their mark of golden triangles three

Upon the hand of the Hylian among the Kokiri

And so our legend echoes true

The boy, in time, his powers grew

He found the sacred temples six

Elements that were never to mix

Blended to make the most beautiful gleam

We six powers were more than we seemed