Chapter Four: Sister of Spirit

Long ago, so long ago that I can only faintly remember that far off time, there were three golden goddesses that created Hyrule and my fellow brothers and sisters. Din, who created the very land that served as the foundation for everything more to come; Nayru, who created law, or what you mortals would know as scientific truths such as the law of Gravity; and Farore, who gave life to the barren earth so that something could uphold the laws of her sister.

I remember this faintly, for at the time I was only a fading star, same as my brothers and sisters, in the infinite chaos. I remember watching as those three beautiful beings descended from what appeared to be nowhere. It was as if the entire galaxy was suddenly lit up from its former pitch black state.

And then everything went white. When I awoke again, I was in a strange, tiny body that the golden ones called a "human." There were six others besides me as well. We all had white hair and grey eyes that resembled the color of the stars we once were, except for one girl who had golden hair and blue eyes. No one really knows much about her though.

And this is where my part of this story began…


You could say I resented the blonde girl. She wasn't like us, and I doubted that she had been a star like the rest of us. In fact, I had no idea what she must have been or where she must have come from before she was put on this earth in that form that wasn't even human. I mean, she didn't even have rounded ears like the rest of us. They were long and pointed. Who was she? I just can't remember.

But my sister, water, just couldn't stay away from her. Water wanted to be just like the girl with golden hair, although I couldn't even begin to imagine why. She was so introverted. She hardly ever spoke, and when she did, it was in strange sayings. She was always either sitting to herself while Water chattered away at her or somewhere we didn't know about apparently talking to the goddesses. What made her want to talk to the goddesses so much?

I guess you could say that I had mixed feelings towards her. I didn't all out dislike her, but I just couldn't bring myself to enjoy her company. We just didn't click.


One day I got bored of watching Water and the blonde girl, and I decided to wander off into the distance. I wandered so far that I could no longer see the trees of the forest that had sprouted up not too long ago, and I could only see the tip of the mountain that had appeared shortly after. Just as I was beginning to feel tired, a great light appeared before me, and there were the three golden goddesses in all of their glory.

"You may become the Sister of Spirit, a very important element that holds the wavering emotions of the heart in check. But if you do, you will never again see your home as you see it now. Are you still willing to oblige?"

Why not? I thought to myself. I had nothing to lose. Water was always busy hanging around Blondie, the twins Shadow and Light only played with each other, and Forest and Fire had disappeared a while back. I was, technically, alone.

I nodded my head and kneeled down to accept their blessing. In the blink of an eye, my body was engulfed by a peaceful orange light. All of my mixed feelings towards the blonde girl vanished into nowhere. My eyes became a golden color like that of the strange girl's hair and my skin darkened to a beautiful even tan. My hair became the red of blood, and it was very thick and shiny. I felt as if all weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and that gravity no longer had such a strong pull on my body. It felt amazing, like I could hear the very spirit of the world singing to me and telling me of things to come and the things it dreamed of. I had become the first Gerudo.

The light receded, and the golden ones broke the silence. "Now you are the Sister of Spirit, and the mother of the desert. You will also take on a second name, and that name shall be Nabooru. Every Gerudo child that bears your mark from this day forward will be named after who they will know to be the Goddess of Sand, you. Take this gem and take it north-west of here. Bury it in the ground, and sand will appear all around you. It will be here where your people will build a monument in your honor, for you have chosen the tragic path of a pseudo-goddess in exchange for your life of eternal bliss in order to change the cycle of the world. All of your people will pray to you, and through you, their prayers will come to us. We thank you, Nabooru."

That name sounded strange to my ears. But I was happy nonetheless.

"Now, we are sorry that we must do this to your future people, but it has been instructed to us by the goddess of time that there be a tribe in its entirety to be women of the desert. A male will be born to you but once every hundred years, and you shall make that man king. However, if that man is twisted with a black heart, you must overthrow him and put the most capable ruler in his place. If the sage of Spirit is around at that time, she will be next in line for the Gerudo throne. Now go, and do as you have been instructed." And then they disappeared.

Well, I did as I was told, and a buried the gem in the ground. I was amazed at what happened next. All around me, grains of yellowed particles sprang up from the ground like a rivulet. The sand stretched as far as the eye could see in all directions. But then, in the very spot that I stood, grass began to sprout beneath my feet and from the sand. And they were closely followed by a strange kind of tree that looked as though it had fingers stemming off from its trunk, and thus I called it a "Palm Tree." A large, clear spring bubbled up in the grassy area as well.


And so the years went by, and Gerudo like me appeared in the desert, though from where they came I do not know. They were all women, just as the goddesses had said. And in time we had built up a great fortress in the desert together, and that is what we called home. When all had gotten settled in, we built the great temple in the Desert Colossus. It was a grand, beautiful tower that was built in the form of a woman. I couldn't help but think that the woman it was supposed to resemble was me.

One day, something very unusual happened. A little dark-skinned, red-haired boy appeared. As I had been instructed by the goddesses, I put this boy in charge of my people. He turned out to be a strong and benevolent ruler. I was relieved that I was able to leave my people in such trustworthy hands. After all, even though I had grown no older than the day I became a Gerudo, I knew that my time in this form, in this place, was almost up.

Within a few years, the boy had grown to be an even better man. He fathered the rest of the race of the Gerudo, but it was a little strange to see that they were only female children. The goddesses weren't kidding when they said we would be an all female tribe. But one child was born who was even more beautiful than the rest. She was born with a small mark that looked like my symbol – like the crest of spirit.

"Nabooru," I called out, "will be this child's name. Though she can not rule this generation, for a King already sits in her place, if there ever comes a time when there is no king, or the king is not a noble heart, then the child who bears my crest will be appointed the throne. And that child shall always be named for me…Nabooru…"

As soon as I had conveyed my words to them, my body began to feel light. This was, however, an entirely different feeling from when I had transformed into a Gerudo. Before I knew it, my entire body and soul had been compressed into an unbreakable shining disk. I felt at ease, like I could finally have a rest after all of these years. I was pleased to have finally met my long-awaited fate. The fate of the Spirit Medallion.