The Fox and the Rabbit


Errr…the quote is from "God Knows" by Aya Hirano featuring ENOZ. I will put the translation on the bottom of the page. X3


Watashi tsuiteiku yo

Donna tsurai sekai no yami no naka de sae

Kitto anata wa kagayaite

Koeru mirai no hate

Yowasa yue ni tamashii kowasarenu you ni

MY WAY kasanaru yo ima

Futari ni GOD BLESS…


She would follow him to the ends of the earth if he asked.

Hinata would follow this man's dream, his painted words like a masterpiece across his and her imagination, as they sat together underneath the shade of a large tree on his self-dubbed "lonely swing".

It was their meeting place of sorts, and she often followed him there. She was, after all, a follower to her superhero, and she loved him so much, she didn't care where they went, whether it was off of a cliff or just to the seat of a small swing.

Naruto slipped his hand into hers, the warmth spreading from her head to the tips of her toes, and she shyly squeezed back as he spun stories like yarn thread, to her willing ears.

God knows he loved to talk. But he also knows she loved to listen.


Short. D: Sorry about that, it's for 30kisses, so it's supposed to be. Also…I'm actually not religious…it just was the title of the song…

(which reminds me, I will probably be singing this in Otaku Idol, if I can get in. XD)

Err, anyway, here's the translation:

I will follow you

No matter how agonizing the world is,

You will shine even in its darkest corners.

My weakness will not shatter my spirit

My way is overlapping with yours

For the two of us, god bless…