Mitzuki: Wow. Chapter 5. LAST CHAPTER!!

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Chapter 5

The room was a vision of white, but a feeling of death hung over it, fading the walls to a pale gray. A white bed was tucked in the corner, and a motionless figure lay upon it. Haruhi slowly walked over, and knelt beside the bed. Tubes dangled from the still form, an oxygen mask covered his face, and his left foot was in a cast.

Haruhi struggled to hold back tears as she reached out for his hand, drawing back uncertainly, afraid of hurting him. But the need for reassurance overcame hesitation just as her tears overcame her will not to cry.

Her sobs rang out in the secluded room, her heart calling out as she realized she loved this person, more than any other in the world. As much as the dense, obnoxious blond annoyed her, she knew deep inside he occupied a very special place in her heart. If only he would come back, if only he wouldn't leave…

Tamaki stirred from his sleep, as he felt his hand enclosed in something warm. His eyes opened slightly, and the unclear blur beside him sharpened to reveal the girl he loved dearly as she sobbed. His free hand reached out and, unsure if he was still dreaming, brushed a finger against her cheek. Her big brown eyes gazed at him in surprise, glinting with unshed tears. He sighed, and felt his eyelids start to drift closed again…

Haruhi smiled through her tears, and she leaned over and softly kissed his forehead. She stood up and squeezed his hand gently before laying it back down on the bed. She whispered in his ear, then, after wiping her tears away, she walked to the door and hesitantly stepped out. The door closed behind her, but the soft presence still lingered in the air.

And as Tamaki slept, he smiled.


Mizuki: well, that's the end! Thanks for reading!!-sorry bout the short chapter (looks sad)-

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