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The Teen Titans were up in the most rustic region of Rocky Mountains there had been a reported sighting of Red X. None of them had a clue why Red X would be out in the Rocky Mountains in the middle of winter. Beast Boy had suggested that maybe Red X just wanted to do some serious snow boarding. Unfortunately Robin, being his way-too-serious self, banished the idea. Red X had to be up to something.

Robin dragged his team up the mountain for two hours straight before Beast Boy started complaining.

"Dude! We've been walking forever already! Can't we take a break?" Robin quickly turned around to face his green-skinned friend. He was about to tell him off about complaining when he saw that Starfire and Raven were sitting on a log massaging their sore ankles. Robin sighed, they had been walking a long time. He announced to everyone,

"All right team, we'll take a thirty minute break, but after that we have to keep moving." Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire nodded in agreement.

It was getting dark so Cyborg set up a heating lamp in the middle of their very temporary camp. He looked around at his friends. Beast Boy was trying to heat the tofu that he brought over the lamp. Only Beast Boy would bring tofu to the Rocky Mountains thought Cyborg. He turned his gaze over to Robin he was scouting the area for Red X and any other sign of danger. He took things way seriously and everyone knew it. Cyborg shook his head and looked the two girls. Starfire was keeping as close to the fire as possible and Raven was sitting a few feet away from the rest of the group. She was meditating like she always did. Cyborg smiled, his and Raven's relationship as friends had grown a lot since they spent time rebuilding the T-car. Since then he always thought of her as his little sister.

Suddenly he heard a noise. It came from behind them somewhere. Everyone seemed to notice. It was a soft rustling noise that ordinary human would be able to hear, but the last time any of them checked, none of they weren't ordinary humans.

Robin signaled to his team that he would see who or what was causing the noise. "Wait here guys, I'll check it out." Raven got out of her meditative pose and was ready to fight. Cyborg had his sonic blaster was set at a low setting. Starfire's eye's turned a green hue and Beat boy was ready with his shape shifting. After Robin entered the wood where they heard the noise it was only a few moments until they heard a yelp coming from his direction.

"Robin!" Sarfire cried out to her friend. She kicked off from the ground and started flying as fast as she could towards the direction the yelp came from. The others raced off after her.

They hadn't gone to far when Starfire stopped, she was on the verge of tears when she saw the sight of Robin lying face down in the mud. All of the titans rushed over to their leader.

"Are you okay, man?" Asked Cyborg to Robin with a worry in his expression and voice. Robin stirred. He lifted his head to meet Cyborg's face. "Yeah, I think so." Cyborg helped his leader on his feet.

"Friend Robin? What could have happened to make you fall face-first into the mud?" Robin's eyes widened and he was suddenly very alert.

"It was Red X! I saw him and he attacked me from behind." Just then there was that faint sound again. It was a little louder than the one before it, but it was still quiet. It grew louder….and louder…..and louder……until all was silent.

Raven was trying to find the thing that was making the noise but it was moving to fast, every time she was close to having a lock on it she would lose it finally she the location of the thing making noise. It was exactly five feet above them. Raven quickly looked up to see the one and only, Red X. If his mask wasn't covering his face there would've been a cocky smirk on his face. Raven could feel it. The mere sight of him infuriated her. Raven's hands started glowing a dangerous looking black and pulled a tree out of the ground to throw at him. Unfortunately, Red X jumped out of the way of the tree trunk and landed in front of the titans.

"Hey kids! Did you miss me?" Robin gritted his teeth. He hated the way X talked. Always so overly confident and cocky. Even a simple statement like that made his blood boil.

"What do you want X?" Red X leaned himself up against a tree. He rubbed his chin, pretending to think about Robin's question.

"I don't know, Chicken Wing, did you ever think I was just up here to check out the conditions for snowboarding?" Robin took out his bo out of this belt.

"I'm not kidding, X, tell me what you're doing here." Red X shook his head. The Boy Wonder was hopeless.

"I'm not inclined to answer your question because unless I say that I'm doing something illegal, which I'm not, then you're not going to believe me." Robin had, had enough he took a breath so he could utter his favorite statement……

"Titans go!" More out of habit than motivation to actually defeat the criminal in front of them, the rest of the titans went booking towards the thief.

Starfire soared above Red X and shot her Star bolts at the criminal. X dodged them with ease, and threw an 'x' at her so that she was pinned to the tree. He gave a little wink at her then moved on.

Beast Boy had changed into one of his personal favorite animals, the giant green gorilla. He came up from behind Red X, thinking that he was being very stealthy, and tried hammering his green, giant fists into the thief. Red X quickly stepped out of the way and threw his personal favorite 'x' at Beast Boy. Beast Boy was then stuck in a puddle of red goo that had poured out of the 'x'.

"Dude! How many times am I going to fall for that one?" Red X looked at him and shook his head.

"At least a few more times, Grass Stain." Raven decided to move in next. She pulled branches off trees and used them as her weapons. She quickly realized that he dodged them without much force. Her hand-to-hand combat wasn't that good, but if she could possibly sneak up behind him and use the element of surprise she might have a chance. She evaporated into the ground using her magic.

Red X looked all around him. Dang, were did that Goth chick go? he thought to himself. X was officially creeped out. He didn't like sneak attacks if he was the one using them, then that was okay, but if it was some crazy chick with anger management issues then he didn't like, not at all.

A black pool of mystic energy circled the ground behind him. Raven erupted out it and started throwing every punch and kick she could muster. Red X was glad that she wasn't very in combat, at least now if she used her powers he would be ready. At least he hoped. Every Thursday there was a little get together all the local villains attended. He heard stories about the dark girl from Doctor Light. The last thing he wanted to do was make her ticked and use that creepy dark magic she had used that night on that pathetic excuse for a villain, Doctor Light.

Raven continued throwing punches at X, while he kept dodging. Robin decided to jump in and help Raven out. The picked up a rather large branch and threw it and Red X.

There are two unfortunate things in this situation. One is that Red X and Raven were fighting right besides the edge of a rather steep hill. The second one was that the log did hit Red X, but Red X was so shocked by the fact that a log was hurtling towards him, that he grabbed Raven's arm and dragged her with him. The log rolled down the hill in one fluid motion.

Robin's jaw dropped as he saw his friend disappear a log rolling full speed from the top of a two hundred foot hill with one of their worst enemies, Red X.

Raven tried to pull away from Red X. But as they picked up speed she found that she had her hands clasped tight around his shoulders and he was doing the same. They held on to each other for dear life as the log they were on slid fast down the steep hill.

After about what seemed like hours of falling they came to a graceful stop at the bottom. Raven took a couple of deep breaths to tried to regain her composure then realized that Red X had both his arms completely around her small frame tightly holding on to her she tried to pull away but he kept her there.

"Let go of me." Raven said this as calmly as she could. Red X looked at her with his skull mask. Raven knew that behind the mask he had a smug but questioning look.

"Why?" Raven couldn't believe his remark. What human in his right mind would ask such a stupid question.

"Oh I don't know, I might just feel a little uncomfortable about being at the bottom of an extremely steep hill in the embrace of a criminal." Red X shrugged at this very sarcastic remark.

"What's you point?" Raven shook her head and looked away from the masked villain and tried pulling away again. Red X chuckled in her attempts and let go.

"All right, doll face, have it your way." He stood up from the log and looked up at the sky. There were storm clouds. They were moving in fast. He turned back to face Raven who was also helping her self up. "Okay, we have two choices, we could one, stay here and freeze to death. Or two, go up a little ways to the cave I was staying in before I decided to give your team a run for they're money."

Raven was picking the snow out of her hair. What she really wanted to do was wait for Robin to come down and get her. She knew that if she tried flying in this weather she would get as far as a snow man on a one hundred degree black top. She sighed.

"I'm going to be stuck in a cave with you all night, aren't I?"

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