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Just Drinks Chapter 9

"Thank you for upping my Morphine?" Wilson asked through the phone, "What were you thinking?" he asked.

House sighed heavily, "I have no idea." he said as he barried his head in shame. Hearing Wilson say his words back made him feel like an even bigger idiot.

"What are you going to do?" he asked.

House sighed seeing as that was all he knew how to do at the moment, "I don't know i'll..." House trailed off as he looked into the kitchen. "Gotta go soap's on" he said as he hung up the phone.

House spent the better part of the day trying to fix Cameron a nice dinner. He would have done it a lot quicker if his arm and his shoulder wasn't in a sling and cast. Cameron walked into the house to the smell of Lasanga and garlic bread. She sat her bag down on the couch and walked into the kitchen slowly, "What are you doing?" she asked with a confused look on her face.

"I'm making dinner." he said honestly, "What does it look like?" There he went again, he couldn't let one sentence out of his mouth without it sounding rude and sarcastic.

Cameron raised an eyebrow up at him, "I know that I mean...why?"

"Why not?" he countered with a shrug. House casted a glance over in her direction and noticed the small smile on her face as she took in the neatly set table. House noticed as she took in the single lit candle on the table. And for a second a smile even crossed his face. To see her happy was all he ever wanted for some time now. "My soap got boring." he said lightly.

Cameron nodded, "What's with the candle?" she asked.

House panicked he was trying so hard to impress her that he forgot about all the explaning he was going to have to do. "I cleaned the kitchen. To many fumes." he said like it was no big deal.

Cmaeron nodded and helped him take out the lasagna and garlic bread and then sat it down on the table. "It looks great." she said lightly as she sat down.

"It didn't take me that long." House admitted. Of course he was lying and he knew Cameron noticed his lie as soon as she raised her right eye brow at him, "Ok so it took me all day." he replied.

After dinner was over Cameron did the dishes and brought out two glasses of wine. She handed him his and then sat down next to him on the couch. "You never told me you were such a good cook."

"You never asked."

Cameron nodded gently. House let out a slow breath and let his hand lightly graze over hers. Sending instant shivers down both of their spines. Cameron turned to look at him and was suddenly met with his lips on hers.

Just Drinks CHapter 9

"So he made you dinner and then kissed you?" Foreman asked at work the next day.

Cameron sighed as she made herself some coffee, "And then he went to bed." she said simply.

"And you didn't follow him because?" he asked slowly.

Cameron rolled her eyes and sat down, "Because its complicated."

Foreman laughed lightly, "Cam, you went way past complicated a long time ago."

Just Drinks Chapter 9

"So let me get this straight." WIlson started in his usual Wilson tone. "You made her dinner, drank some wine, you kissed her and then you...went to bed alone ?" he asked.

"Yup." House said as he laid down on the couch.

"And you didn't take her with you because?" he asked slowly.

Just Drinks CHapter 9

"Maybe." Cameron started. "Maybe its better that we don't have a relationship." she admitted.

Foreman shook his head, "You are in way to deep to back out now." he said.

Cmaeron sighed and took a drink of her coffee, "I don't know what to do."

CHase got up and got himself some coffee as well, "Well like I said before. If you want, House you have to take him. Jump him."

Cameron gave him a look, "I am not jumping house." she said as she put quotes around the word jumping.

Just Drinks Chapter 9

"I love to feel them up first not talk to them for a few days and then call them back." House said sarcastically. "Because its complicated." he admitted.

WIlson shook his head, "Its not complicated. Its simple." he flailed. "Its really simple actually." House just sighed and turned up the t.v. "Why is it you'll let your guard down and then be an ass, let your guard down and then be and ass all over again and pretend like nothing happend?" he asked. "You make no sense to me."

House looked up at him, "That whole sentence made no sense." he retorted.

Wilson sighed and sat down in one of Cameron's chairs, "Ok." he said simply. "Hold in all your sarcastic comments, hold in all of that psychoanyalstic...crap you put into your sarcastic comments and just tell me how you really feel about Cameron?" Wilson asked seriously.

House stared at Wilson for a few minutes before shiting his faze to the floor, "I don't know." he said in a low voice that was filled with nothing but doubt.

"House." Wilson said with a sigh.

House looked up at him and then down at the ground, "I love her." he said as he looked up at his friend.

Just Drinks Chapter 9

Another week had gone by and despite Houses' confession and his kiss with Cameron on the couch things hadn't gotten completley akward. Well at least for House. He found himself going out of his way to make sure she was happy. But for Cameron on the other hand she couldn't feel anymore akward. She still had that butterfly sick to your stomach feeling but that was nothing knew. So she found hersellf keeping there sentences short and only standing or sitting next to each other when they had no other option.

Wilson sighed a little as he saw Cameron dunking her tea bag into a cup absent mindedly, "Cameron." he said lightly. Snapiing her from her thoughts.

"Hey, Wilson." she said lightly.

"Hey." he replied quietly, regreatting making his presence known.

"Whats up?" she asked.

Wilson sighed heavily, "I want to talk to you about, House." he said as he looked up at her slowly.

Cameron sighed, "Not now ok." she said coldly.

Wilson closed his eyes and let out a breath, "He remembers, Cameron." he said making her turn around, "About what happend before the accident."

Cameron had no idea how to take Wilson's news at first. She was happy but angry at House at the same time. Why couldn't he just tell her? Why did he always have to hide things from her? The only thing she was running on now was pure disgust. How could he just lie to her about that? Did her feelings not mean anything to him? Cameron looked up from the couch as House walked back into her apartment. House could tell that she was angry with him. He just wasn't sure why. "I didn't expect you to be home so early." House said lightly.

Cameron raised an eyebrow at him, "I didn't expect you to leave." she replied.

House nodded and shifted his cane a little in his hands. He didn't need it but it was like a third leg he was used to it. "Fresh air." he lied.

Cameron looked at him for a minute and then let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding in since she came in, "I think its time you went back to your place." she said quickly. "I mean your arms almost healed completley and your blood pressure's back to normal."

House looked at her shocked and a little hurt. He didn't want to leave. "I'll leave first thing in the morning." he said.

Cameron nodded once and walked into her room where she stayed all night.

Just Drinks CHapter 9

"YOU TOLD HER!" House yelled at Wilson. He was back in his house now and Wilson didn't want to admit it but he was a little scared of his friends new found temper.

"I didn't have a choice, House." he said weakly.

House threw his cane against the wall causing the handle to break off. "You ruined everything!" he said angrily.

Wilson looked confused, "RUINED WHAT, HOUSE?" he asked angrily. "Living with her and not being able to let her know how you feel? Would you really be happy with only a good morning and falling asleep on the couch?" he asked. "What would have happened when you recovered? You couldn't stay there forever and you know it!"

House looked at Wilson as he talked. HIs temper sub sidiing with each word, "I would have told her." he said. "Adventually." he whispered.

Wilson sighed, "No you wouldn't have." he said with a sigh. Wilson couldn't help but feel like this would be the time in one of those one hours t.v drama's were the slow sad music would begin to play, "I can't always fix your life for you, House. Stacey hurt you now get over it..." he said as he walked to the door, "Move on." he said as a matter of factly before walking out the door.

House sighed heavily and glanced at the phone. He picked it up and then with only a seconds thought he threw that to the floor too.

Just Drinks Chapter 9

Cameron sighed as she curled up on the couch. She cuddled up with one of the pillow's he was using and took in his sent. It wasn't cologne it was just the smell of him and she found herself missing him already no matter how much she hated him right now. Cameron ran a hand over her face how did everything get so screwed up? She just wanted to turn back time and not show up for drinks. That way they would never have slept together. House would never gotten into the accident, he would never have kissed her and everything would be just the way it was before. No matter how lifeless it felt without those memories. A knock at the door snapped her from her thoughts, "Where's your cane?" she asked coldly. She didn't hear the usual wrap from it. If she had known she would never have answered the door.

House could still feel that she was mad at him and that only gave him more reason to leave. But he didn't, he had to fix things, "It broke." he said simply.

Cameron didn't say anything. She just crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the door frame.

House let out a sigh, "I take it Wilson told you.' he said.

Cameron gave him a look, "Yeah that you lied about not remembering you sept with me." she said coldly.

House heared someone close their mail box door behind him and looked over his shoulder. This is why he hated apartements everything was to close together. Cameron sighed heavily and let him in reluctantally.

Cameron closed the door and stood in the middle of the living room, leaving House by the door, "So talk if you want to talk."

House bit back a comment and cleared his throat, "I am sorry." he replied in a tone that wasn't common for him.

"You think saying you are sorry is going to make me feel better?" she asked, "Do you know how long I have been waiting for that night? Alochol or no alochol I was happy. Hearing you tell me that you loved me was...was all that I've wanted since the day I met you." she said honestly. House kept quite, letting her finish. "And then Foreman told me you were in a coma. I thought it was my fault. I blamed myself when you almost died. I prayed to god to let you be ok." Cameron felt tears come to her eyes and she tried her best to not let them show, "I don't even believe in god but if it meant that you would get better then I didn't care. I loved you." she whispered. "And you made me feel cheap. You casted me to the side like I didn't matter for years." her voice quivering with every word.

House watched her as she cried and he wanted nothing more then to wipe her tears away, "I am abrassive and rude." he started, mimmicking her words. "I'm sarcastic, stubborn, errogant and pessmistic. I get something good going in my life and like always I find a reaon to make it go wrong. To make it not fit." he said pausing only for a second to swallow the lump in his throat, "Before Stacey I had nobody. I didn't talk to my parents. Spent the holidays alone, i'm miserable so I feel the need to bring others down with me. Stacey left and again I had no one. That is what i'm used to. Its what I"m good at." he said sadly. "But...I-I wasn't expecting you."

Cameron took in a deep breath and let it out slowly her tears were mixing in with her mascara making her eyes burn, but she didn't care, "House." she siad weakly.

House shook his head, "let me finish." Cameron shifted a little and looked down at the gloor. "You came into your interview with your head held high. I saw your resume and I thought great another interview but as soon as I saw you I new you were the only girl for the team. Not just because your pretty but because you are smart. You go out of your way to please pelople you are overly friendly and...and no matter how hard I wanted to believe that we could work as more then collegues I knew we couldn't. We have nothing in common. I"d only bring you down with me." he said shamefully.

Cameron looked up at him in her usual Cameron deminor. Her anger slowly wearing off, "IN the first grade this girl Emma told me that my shoes were ugly. My grandma bought them for me and a week later my grandma died. The next day at school I punched her in the face.. In high school I made up a rumor that Emma still wet her bed." Cameron admitted. She noticed her confused look and sighed, "I'm not always so nice." she said taking a step forward. "I don't always care about pelple and when I am overly friendly most of the time its fake. Just to get people to like me" she said. "And when you are arrogant and rude and evern sarcastic I know you are doing it to help people. Granted sometimes you go over bored but even then you have a reason" she said walking up to him. "You are a great doctor, House. A great man . And I love you no matter how rude you are." she told him.

House looked down at her. He finally had the chance and wiped her tears away with his hands, "Sorry for lying to you."

Cameron sighed, "Sorry for not coming to see you sooner," she looked up into his eyes and found herself getting lost into the sea of blue. She had never seen such a deep yet bright blue before and she loved him for that. "I love you, House." she whispered slowly.

House looked into her eyes and smiled lightly, "I love you too" he smirked a little at how good that felt to say and the smile on her face made it even more worth it.