Battle m5.5

Baiken went on pursuing Rie down till the rural area.

"Matte! Baka!" Baiken yelled at her.

"Hah! Like I have to listen to ya!" Rie made a twist in the air as she leaped on, and shot another arrow towards her. Baiken dodged it, hit the side of a big lump of worn out wooden furniture. Baiken thought; gave a strong kick against the pile sending the furnitures flying towards Rie.

"Wah!" Rie had to land on the ground facing off the furnotures. "Ceh, cheap trick!" She gathered her powers into her bow, and it transformed out into a crescent-shaped bow with the blades at the ends. Among the furniture flying were a broken chair and some parts of a broken cabinet. Rie slashed through the cabinet door, rolled over and kicked away the chair to the side.

Baiken took the chance to rushed closer to her. Rie noticed her coming, but she couldn't avoid it. She had to smashed through the furnitures first.

"Hiiaaaahhhh!" Baiken drew out her sword and slashed down onto her. Rie blocked it above her with her bow. The two weapons screeched each other sending out sparks between them.

"Go on with your quest for the core and you'll just end up dead!"

"Yeah, right. You're the one who's gonna end up just like your other pals earlier." Rie sneered back. "You know what a half Gear can do and what a mere mortal can't, don't you? The difference is already that obvious! Even for just a half Gear like me, I really feel great having this power!" she pushed Baiken back. "All I need left is the Core, to perfect my powers. Then I can rebuild back Japan to its former glory!"

"Kisama…!" Baiken stood back not far from her. "If that's how you think, then you're really going to oblivion. Asking for so much, what more trying to revive Japan's glory, it's just like what happened to the previous Empire before it became Colony!" Baiken aimed her sword in front of her, diagonal to her eyes. "Only an aho would have such stupid ambitions. Omae wa onaji da!"

"Dakara nani?" Rie gave a sly smile. "If you're not happy with it, then you just have to vanish from this world. This world doesn't need you." she aimed her bow at her with arrows created from her powers again. "You and the rest are just a bother, thinking that your current ways will be able to wipe out the Gears just like that. Kantan ja nai, baka!" she released them at her.

"Hmmphh! I will not die until I get That Man with my own hand!" Baiken spun her sword around countering the magic arrows aside.

"Ceh!" Rie aimed more arrows at a time and shot them at her. Baiken held her sword back and stomped the ground that hard, flipping her tatami out of the ground, blocking all the arrows.

"If you can beat me, then I'll give up on it, but of course, that's impossible for the one-armed swordwoman here." she charged at her and tried to slashed her with her blade from both sides of her bow. Baiken was still gripping her sword, she blocked the attack. Rie slid down and tried to tackle her. Baiken leaped far behind, and hacked her shoulder with her sword. Rie narrowly blocked the attack with her bow, and rushed to the side. Baiken hustled around the other side, and shot out her claw and chain. Rie rolled over to the side. Baiken controlled her claw and directed it towards her. Rie had to keep on running around as the claw swung after her and hit all those rubbish along her path. Baiken tried to keep up with her as well, her chain was running short. She ran after her, until she lost control of her chain. She halted and pulled back her claw towards her. Rie leaped near another pile of scrap metal near her, as the sun was setting. Baiken retained her sword in her hand. Rie just smiled again.

"Look at ya. You can't even get me till now, it's gonna be night soon. You're wasting my damned time already. Akiramenai yo." she grabbed two arrows from her container and aimed at her again. "I'm tired of playing with ya. Once I get the Core, I cannot even guarantee you your corpse when you die, so might as well die now without anymore struggle."

"Hmmphh!" Baiken could only stare at her at the moment. As the sun set lower, it was getting darker as well. Rie gave another smile, as she pulled the arrows tighter.

And then she…


One gigantic shadowy claw struck through Rie's body. She oozed out blood from her mouth. Her bow and arrows fell off her hands. The gigantic claw lifted her body high up into the air. Rie was powerless to strike back. She was a half Gear, yet she was close to death at the very moment.

"Immp… impossible….:" she could only groaned. "Naze….. Watashi wa….?" she was losing her powers, and her life. Baiken was dumbstruck, but she remained at her spot. The shadowy figure behind the claw slowly surfaced above the ground and formed the body of a predator, slowly revealing its human form… Zato!

"Masaka….. Zato!" Baiken couldn't believe her eyes. Eddie looked at her, and then at his shadow next to him, still lifting Rie up there.

"Ha ha ha…. Ah haha hah!" Eddie covered his forehead. "Finally, a perfect body to be my new vessel." he grabbed hold of his own belt covering his eyes. "This girl's body….. Fused with the Gear power, will just justify me."

"Why….?" Rie could still speak out. "You're a Gear. Why….. Does it has to be me?" she was losing a lot of blood from her below her chest.

"Gears….. Humans….. Half Gears… all are nothing to me." he held up the black box containing the Accent Core with his other hand. "AS long as I get the core within, then nothing more matters. One I be one with her, I shall be able to open it and claim all its powers and be the unstoppable one."

"Kisama yaro!" Baiken aimed her sword at him. "I don't really care about you. But since you have the core instead, and you are killing my target there, zettai I won't let you go for that!"

"Oh? Interesting. What's an imperfect samurai wants to do to kill me? I shall not die. You shall!" he pointed at her, and the rest of his shadows started moving on the ground towards her trying to devour her. Baiken leaped onto the pile of scrap metal near her. She kicked some of it towards the shadows. Eddie dropped Rie onto the ground first and rushed towards Baiken.

"If you really think I steal your target, then be my target too. Both of you shall join each other in the nether realm too. I shall feast on you too." he turned to shadow into a gigantic chain saw and slammed past the pile. Baiken jumped into the air, quickly kept her sword and aimed all her Qi into her palm and aimed down at him.


Baiken slammed her palm against him. He blocked with his arms. Baiken landed on the ground and quickly stomped the ground, hitting up the tatami again. Eddie flinched behind, but himself up almost immediately with his remaining shadows. He hesitated, since he was still carrying the box with his other hand. Baiken noticed it, and thus tried to make him dropped it. She kicked another pile of metal pieces towards him. Eddie unleashed all of his shadows into tentacles, as they crushed through the metal pieces. His right hand controlled them, his left hand still grabbing onto the box.


Baiken was above him. Eddie was surprised, but he quickly made a barrier above him with his remaining shadows. Baiken slammed her palm hard onto it, causing an electrode impact between them.

"In futile method." he thought. But he was wrong. There was space below him, near his abdomen area. Baiken turned her body, quickly drew back out her sword and slashed his chest side. Eddie lifted his leg trying to counter her. She quickly leaped below him.

"It's a trap!" Eddie noticed it too late. Baiken shot her claw out towards his arm. Eddie dodged it directly, but it still managed to pierced through his left arm. There was some blood spill from it, as he had to drop the black box from his grasp.

"No!" Eddie exclaimed. The box dropped near another pile of rubbish and below it till it hit the ground. "Curse you!" he turned to her. She was ready to attack him again.

"You'll pay for it!" he withdrew all his shadow behind him, and they rose higher than him.

"Hah! Bring it on!" Baiken jeered at him, she held her sword in front of her.

"Say your prayers!" Eddie exclaimed. The shadowy tentacles were dangling high up ready to strike over her.

"Chance!" A.B.A. appeared from behind the pile of rubbish all of a sudden, dragging her big key along with her. She had been hiding there for quite some time observing their fights. And that's where she noticed the box had fell near her. She sneaked out and grabbed it, and went back to her hiding spot. "Bingo!" she thought, joyfully like an elementary school kid, then slowly sneaking away from the area with her key. The two of them yet to notice her presence there.

It took quite some time, Eddie still hadn't attacked Baiken, and she was still waiting for his attack. She was getting worn out, in fact she was losing more of her powers compared to him. Finally Eddie realized the box was missing from his view. He searched frantically with this eyes from behind the blindfold.

"It's…. it's gone!" he yelled without even thinking. Baiken noticed it either. She smiled.

"Ara, so it's gone, eh? There is a spy somehow hiding around here. Well, beats me it would be better for that person to have it rather than you."

"Curse you!" he glared at her again. "I'll kill you now!" he unleashed all of the shadowy tentacles towards her. They rushed towards her at high speed. Baiken kicked up her tatami to blocked them. They managed to break through it.

"Yaro!" Baiken leaped back and tried to block the incoming tentacles with her sword. Some of it still managed to get past her and hit her body.

"Arrgghhh!" Baiken yelled in pain. They hit past her like whips and she was slammed far behind, till she hit a mountain of soil and crash landed on the ground face down. There were bruises all over her. Her sword landed struck onto the ground.

"Ceh! Pathetic fool." Eddie spat on the ground. He scanned the area around him. No luck. A.B.A., or rather the mysterious spy had long left the area with the Accent Core. "Damn it! Whoever it is, I'll get it back." he stood there for some trying to figure out what to do next.

"Am I forgetting something?" he moved his head up and down in deep thought. The sun had set, only a matter of time before the moon aroused in the sky.

"Ceh, curses. I better get my perfect body first." he left Baiken still sprawling at the other end. Walking back to Rie's body. Her body was still warm. Eddie's shadowy tentacles rose out again, wrapped through her body, lifted it and towards his own body. His own shadowy figure was devouring it slowly, trying to fused hers with his.

"Now I shall have more eternity here." he observed his own new body, enhanced with the power and mass of Rie within him. He looked at his own hand….

"Huh?" His hand was kinda between melting and not. So was his other body parts.

"Ceh. Not yet complete the process." he thought. The fusion was still incomplete. Eddie's body was still unstable as it was still absorbing Rie's body inside him. "I don't have much time. I must get the core back. With this body, it shouldn't be a problem…!"

A sword pierced through his chest all of a sudden. It was so sudden Eddie couldn't even think about it. The sword went through him and landed on the ground in front of him. Blood sprawled out of his body, including some blood oozing out of his mouth. Eddie touched his own chest, noticed the blood on his hands, and then.


Another attack! A claw pierced through his chest as well, attached to a chain. Eddie turned back, saw Baiken was standing again. That claw was from her. She managed to get up again and attacked him while he was still so engrossed in the fusion process.

"Why….. You….!" Eddie held his hand up. "I… should've kill you….. For good…"

"Hah! Kisama… don't under….estimate me….." Baiken was using her last remaining energy to attack him. She forcefully pulled out her claw from his chest, pulling him closer to her. Eddie's face had a expression of shock and horror, though you couldn't how his eyes might had looked. He stumbled onto the ground, motionless. He was not dead, though, just that he had lost plenty of energy as well during the fusion, but her would be needing a very long time to recover, plus the wounds he had just received from Baiken.

"That…should hold you on…. For a while…." Baiken herself slumped onto the ground and passed out. There were some blood stain on her armless sleeve. Was it blood leaking out of her own wounds? Anyway Baiken was unable to fight on. The fight could be considered a double K.O.

Baiken's sword remained struck onto the ground near Eddie. Eddie's body was still visible there, without the shadows, even as the moon began to appear in the sky.