How to Save a Life
By: yume-chan29

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Step one you say we need to talk, He walks you say sit down it's just a talk
He smiles politely back at you, You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right, As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame, And you begin to wonder why you came


"And finally, graduating at the top of his class, this year's valedictorian at Yami Medical University, Shuuichi Minamino!"

A young man with unruly crimson tresses and bottle green eyes rose from his seat among (predominantly feminine) cheers and walked onstage to accept his certificate and shake hands with his superiors.

"In an amazing feat of hard work and unrelenting determination, Mr. Minamino has earned his masters in Cardiology in a record-breaking year and a half! Please, another round of applause!"

The shouts strengthened in fervor and merriment.

The speaker turned toward the graduate, "Now, Shuuichi-san, would you like to say a few words?"

The red head gave pause as if about to refute, but then he nodded.

"Fellow students," he spoke in a stoic voice, "There will be times…when the world will get you down, when people will prove to be evil and ugly, when, even after you give up your blood, your sweat, your tears to a cause, someone will die and you will be helpless and unable to do anything."

The audience looked confused a moment.

And his green eyes darkened a shade, "The only thing left is to harden yourselves. Harden yourselves to evil, to the deepness of emotion, and thrive."

He flashed a hollow smile. "Thank you."

The room was dead quiet as the young man walked off the stage and left the room.



"What are you going all dreamy-eyed for, newbie?" The senior nurse questioned the new East Hall receptionist. The young girl, Ms. Himitaro Hana, snapped up from her reverie with a reddening blush. She giggled and nodded her head in an indistinct direction.

Following her line of gaze, Senior Nurse Daiya smirked. "Ah… Dr. Minamino-san. The ladies' favorite."

Hana's eyes widened a fraction, "Dr.? He's a doctor? But he's so young!"

Daiya grinned, "I know, right? …Ah, if only I were 13 years younger!" She paused, "…And single." She added as an afterthought.

The secretary let out a tiny, schoolgirl squeal. "That's me! That's me! I'm sure if I turn up the charm, he'd ask me out in a second!"

The nurse looked skeptic, "Ah, sorry hun. The boy's meant for looking, not for trying. He's very devoted to his work and he doesn't often go out on dates…In fact, I don't think I've ever even seen him—"

"Nonsense!" Hana interrupted, "He shall be my new target! I've never dated a doctor before! Especially one so young and good-looking and sexy…"

"Sshh! He's coming this way!"

The red haired young man gave each woman a small smile, that didn't reach his eyes. "Good morning, ladies."

Hana suddenly forgot her plan, as she was awestruck by his beauty. "G-good morning—Dr. Minamino-san!"

He signed in, flashing another superficial smile at the girls. Before he could say his goodbyes, Hana suddenly blurted, "Ah! Dr. Minamino-san, my name is Himitaro Hana. I'm the new receptionist here at Meiou General!" She batted her eyelashes at him, thankful for remembering to apply mascara that morning.

"Oh." He said, "Welcome, Himitaro-san. I'm Shuuichi Minamino and I'm a cardiologist here at MG." The red-haired man grabbed the clipboard on the counter, "Now if I may…"

She giggled in what she hoped was a flirtatious tone, "Yes, I'm aware, Minamino-san! Anyway, I was just wondering…that maybe, if you meet up with me after your shift, I'd let you have the honor of taking me out to lunch."

Shuuichi's smile faltered, but only for a second. It returned, but his emerald eyes were a little duller than before. "I'm sorry. But I really don't know you that well and have many other priorities that need my immediate attention. My apologies."

With that he turned on his heel, muttered a polite goodbye, and promptly walked away.

The two women were left dumbfounded and more than a little bit cold.



Turning a corner, Shuuichi sighed heavily. He'd heard that.

Rude? Him?

He scoffed. He'd thought he was being overly polite. After all, he'd restrained himself from commenting on how unbelievably conceited she was.

Another soft exhale. Never mind. All in a day's work. Along with hours on end of mind-numbing research, dealing with hyperventilating patients, and the occasional open-heart surgery, he was no stranger to the admiring gazes and desirous blushes of the female population.

The key to concentration was disregarding such distractions. He had a job to do. The only females to ever fully retain his attentions were his patients.

Shaking his head, he looked over the day's schedule upon the clipboard in his hands.

After a quick stop at the hospital's café, he was to…1) Give preparatory briefing to heart transplant candidate.


"Morning Minamino-san." Muttered a black-haired individual that had appeared to his right.

Shuuichi turned and nodded his head in greeting, "Kaitou-san."

Kaitou was a fellow cardiologist at Meiou General Hospital, but Shuuichi had known him since High School. And the glasses-wearing man had always been on Shuuichi's tail. Kaitou had come in second in his class after Shuuichi back in their teen days. Again, he was salutatorian at Yami Medical. And now, Shuuichi believed, he felt he was "in the shadow" of his accomplishments and his discoveries.

There was edge to his voice, but the red head could tell he was trying to conceal it, "What's on the schedule today, Minamino-san?"

Now, Minamino held no grudge. Only pity. Pity because the pathetic man was envious of an even more pathetic man.

"Same old." He answered briefly, before picking up his steaming cup of coffee and making an exit.

He didn't miss the slight glare Kaitou threw in his direction as he walked down the hall.


Damn it.

"Please, Kuwabara-san. Calm yourself." Shuuichi told the panicking girl as he placed a hand upon her shoulder to steady her.

"Calm myself? Calm myself!! I need a freakin' heart transplant! As in, my heart is going to be replaced with someone else's!!"

Dr. Minamino returned that with a deadpanned look. I think I know that.

"Damn it!" She took out a lighter and cigarette and began to smoke.

Shuuichi rolled his eyes. Figures.

"Well, if you're going to complain about needing a heart transplant, why continue the habit that caused the need?"

Shizuru looked so effectively tranquil that Shuuichi had to do a double take. "Well, you said calm down. And besides, its not as if smoking just one more will kill me on the spot."

"…Ok then." The red-haired young man alleged, "We'll set a date sometime in March?"

"Make it February." She mumbled grimly, taking another drag, "Let's get this over with as fast as we can."

Shuuichi nodded in agreement, "Fine. I'll call in tomorrow with details."

As the tall girl left, she looked back and flashed him a small, cheeky grin as if it'd just clicked in her head how attractive he was.


The day was proving to be just as mundane as yesterday.


He took a sip of his third cup of coffee, looked out onto the horizon, and decided that yes. This was unquestionably his favorite place in the whole hospital.

The placement of the building is what made such an area possible as it lay near the curve of a hill that overlooked a huge part of the city. To the very side of the building was a small patch of land, in which Shuuichi had grown an undersized but beautiful garden.

Here, Shuuichi was surrounded by nature (a place he felt most comfortable), and finally secluded from the world's noisiest authorities. It freed him from the responsibilities. The expectations. The people that were god damn suffocating him.

It was here that he found solace.

So at peace was the young doctor that his (usually attuned) senses hadn't picked up the rustling above. Or the quiet "Shoot!" of a feminine voice. Or the shirt that had been thrown down.

Until of course, it hit him. Or, rather, with a surprised little cry, fell on top of him.

"Oof!" The being that had solidly landed halfway on his chest and halfway in his lap groaned. As Shuuichi cautiously opened his eyes, the immediate first thought was that, 'Oh jeez. A flying blue creature has suddenly died and fallen upon me.'

But when said creature looked up, the groan was then accompanied by a face and was no longer a creature but a human. With peculiar blue hair and the brightest pair of candy eyes.

It obviously just registered in the girl's head that she could've potentially killed him, as she flew off of him, a deep red blush turning her face into a tomato and fervent apologies running off her mouth for 'accidentally falling on him.'

She was a patient he suddenly realized. She was still wearing the paper gown for a top.

"Oh my god, I can't believe I just…fell on you! I'm so sorry!" She mumbled sincerely, a request for forgiveness in her eyes. She suddenly turned her gaze, embarrassed. "Are…Are you hurt?"

Shuuichi shook his head, still a little dumbfounded. Why the hell would a patient jump out from a second story window? Surely, that wasn't enough distance to suicide…

And the girl fidgeting in front of him didn't look the type anyway, he confirmed as he gave her a quick once-over. She couldn't have been older than him because the innocence radiated off of her in waves. She was a far cry from the angsty teen of the day and if anything, she looked a little overly chipper and the slightest bit…jumpy…

As their gazes met, the girl turned sheepish, "Ah, well, at least I can safely say that that will never happen again. Ever."

She laughed a little at her own joke and the doctor somehow equated the sound with the tinkling of bells. She gazed from side to side as if scanning the area. "So, um…I'll just be on my way…"

And finally, it dawned, "You're escaping."

Shuuichi suddenly gave a little amused half smile like he hadn't for some time.

She stopped and even though he couldn't see her face, he knew her eyes were widening, "…You…won't tell a doctor or –worse- security that you've seen me, right?"

Shuuichi then answered succinctly, "I am a doctor."

"Shoot." She whispered, turning around slowly. "…Does this mean I've been found out?"

He opened his mouth to reply. "Wait!" She suddenly interrupted, putting up a hand and shaking her head of sky blue locks furiously, "Don't answer that!"

The blunette walked up to him, clasped her hands, and gave a deep bow, "Please! Please let me go! I just want out of the hospital for a couple of hours to drive around and stuff! I'll promise I'll be back really soon!"

Shuuichi's brows rose, finding her honesty the slightest bit…endearing.

"I-I'll do anything you ask me too! I'll owe you one! I'll—"

He put up a hand, pausing her words. His emerald eyes broke free of her carnation ones as they turned towards the ground. He suddenly sounded breathless.

"Take me with you."

She looked up in surprise.





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