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Kazuma the Shell Bullet was just recently coming from a battle he went into, which consisted a large assortment of troops from the mainland and afterwards, a real hard yearly brawl from Ryuho Master of Zetsuai (I hope I spelled that right) to determine who was strongest once again. You see they had come to an agreement to protect the lost grounds from the mainland and every year they would duke it out to see what their training had done for them and to see if one of them became any stronger, but their fights always ended in a stalemate with them knocked out on each other's backs at the same time.

"Dammit, I'm getting sick and tired of those damn mainlanders and always fighting that damn Ryuho, this shit is getting on my nerves," Kazuma yelling out his stress of his life.

He continued to complain about the way his life went and how his body was deteriorating at slow paste. He knew that Ryuho could take all those mainlanders all by himself if he had to and that his body seemingly started to heal from the power he gained from the 'other side', it just didn't just didn't seem fair to him and everyone he knew was dead, including Kanami. While his body is deteriorating at a very slow rate, and I do mean slow, the power he gained also gave him an extension on life. Right now he's about two hundred years old and he would have thought the mainland would have given up, but it seems the genes of greed in the younger generations seem to keep going.

With out even realizing it, he comes upon the site where he had first gained his second stage of his Alter. He took the time to think upon on all the times he had wanted this power to just defeat Ryuho, but then it escalated to so much more and a lot of losses that he didn't want at all.

"Heheheh, well I guess that what I get for being such in idiot at the time, but what could I have done then? Certainly not that much considering how smart I was back then," contrary to his old self, Kazuma has become wise and intelligent. (Come on he lives for that long and you don't think he become smart at all, how about we just go with it, k?)

'Do you wish you could start over in some way,' A voice rings out in his mind, startling him to what was going one he power up to his alter, where he has just his hand changed. (You know, at the end of the series, just like that)

"WHOSE THERE, SHOW YOURSELF," The powerful alter user yell out his command, just wanting to get this next fight over with so he can get back to his thought.

'Calm down kit, I'm just trying to ask if you want to start over in some way,' this voice sounded dark and sadistic which reminded Kazuma of Kyoji Mujo. The voice then continued,' if you want I can give you what you want kit, you only need to ask, hehehe."

Kazuma was really not liking this voice already and he knew that such gifts came with a great price," oh and why would some stupid ass voice want to give me, a complete stranger, such a gift? I know such deals don't come without price and I'm not as much as an idiot I was back then, so come out and show yourself you coward."

A few moment passed after he yelled at to the voice and nothing happened, not even a sound came from the alter forest that he was in and that really disturbed him now. Then out of nowhere a giant earthquake occurred in the area he was in, the trees fling about trying to keep hold on the earth they were on and the animal run from the source of the earthquake, which seem to conveniently be in the area Kazuma was in. The ground of the area started to crack under the force of the quake and from those crack came and eerie, but familiar light. It then hit him in the head of what that light was, it was the light that radiated from the portal from the 'other side' and then those cracks explode, kicking up dust from the ground. When he opened his eyes, he came upon something he didn't think he would ever see.

"Wh-what the hell?!" he said in a low voice at the creature that now stood before him. The very creature he was seeing was like some giant fox with nine tails swaying dangerously back and forth, creating great wind. His fur was a sort of dark orange with black streaks coming from his eyes and those very eyes were a cold, piercing red.


"Heh, don't flatter yourself fur-ball. You just kinda surprised me and I've dealt with more uglier and bigger things than you, so you might as well tell me who you are," The powerful alter said in a excited voice with a smirk on his face, just waiting to fight such an opponent. He could tell he was more powerful than any of the opponents he face before and he was definitely more powerful than Ryuho.


"Hmph, please what would you gain from helping me start over in life and why would you do such a thing?" he knew this fox was trying to trick him in to something, but he just couldn't figure out what.

"WELL TO ANSWER BOTH YOUR QUESTION, I AM DOING THIS SO THAT I CAN PASS ON IN LIFE, I TIRE OF SUCH HUMAN AND DEMON QUARRELS AND BY HELPING YOU, I CAN BE FREE FROM SUCH PETTY THINGS," Kyuubi looked straight into his light brown eyes and Kazuma saw he was being truthful about what he said.

"Well, what does this entail, I'm already done with this life so what are you going to give me?" he then dropped his stance, but still had his alter up just in case.

"HMPH, I WILL GIVE YOU MY POWER AND YOU WILL BE TRANSPORTED TO ANOTHER WORLD, THERE YOUR LIFE WILL START OVER AND YOU'LL HAVE A PURPOSE ONCE AGAIN, SO WHAT DO YOU SAY? YOU WANT TO TAKE THIS OR NOT, KAZUMA THE SHELL BULLET," this surprised Kazuma a bit because he never introduced himself to the giant fox. He was about to ask how he knew his name but was quickly cut off when the Kyuubi continued.

"OH, I HAVE BEEN WATCHING FOR SOMETIME NOW KIT AND I KNOW THAT YOU FEEL EMPTY WITH YOUR CURRENT LIFE, SO WILL YOU OR WILL YOU NOT TAKE THE OFFER?" Kazuma started to contemplate on what to do, should he take this fur-balls offer and risk what the giant fox has up his furry sleeve or should he just turn it down and go back to the life he knew would end his meaningless life that he created.

He then finally decide on what he wanted to do," I'll take your offer, there's nothing left for me here and I've lost everyone that I knew, so it's not like there will be anyone to miss me and Ryuho can definitely take care any of the mainland troops that come here. So give me your power and send me to this other world."

"HEHEH, GOOD CHOICE KIT AND NOW I SHALL MAKE YOU INTO THE NEW NINE TAILED FOX, YOU WILL NOW BE KNOWN AS KYUUBI, HAHAHAHA," before Kazuma got the drift of what he said it was already too late as the giant fox leaped forward towards him. The fox's body started to disintegrate into dust and that very dusted started to swirl around Kazuma and it started form a sort of cocoon, it then started to shrink into nothingness. All the while Kazuma felt all the power being added to his own (now that has to be real powerful right), it started to tear through his body and his body started to rip through his clothes, fur started to grow, his head started to elongate from his jaw while his ears started to move from the side of his head to the top of his head, and his whole body started to hunch over. Before he knew it, he was the spitting image of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Kyuubi. On the outside, the cocoon then disappeared out of existence, having Kazuma leave the world he knew behind.

It felt like ages to the new demon lord when it was only seconds, before he knew it he broke out of the cocoon in his new form, but with all that power rushing through him he started to go on a rampage in the surrounding area. Near by a scout from a certain hidden village saw the demon lord and sent a messenger bird to inform of the incoming attack from the demon lord. Days later, Kazuma was laying waste to the forest near that very village and slaughtering anyone who came his way and the destroying anything else; he then spotted a giant…toad?? It didn't matter to him in his fit of madness and what it was doing there. He then spotted a man on top of that very toad and a baby he was carrying in his arms, before he knew it a light struck out from the man and was being pulled into that very light. He then fell into a very blissful sleep with one thought on his mind,' what the hell just happened?'


A certain blonde twelve year old is being trained by one perverted sannin to get ready for the Chunnin exam final rounds and at last moments of this training, he's brought around Konoha to what the perverted sage would call 'his students last day of living' in a manner of speaking. The toad sage known as Jiraiya is trying to get his new student, Naruto, to access the limitless chakra supply the Kyuubi holds, but Naruto can't do it due to his size can't handle such power and the only way he has gotten to tap into such power was through danger and emotions, so the only way to for him to physically control such power he must go through very intense danger for him to do so. And so he knocks out the young boy and drags him off to the area he will get the boy to access the power and hopefully be able to gain some control.

The old man throws the boy on the floor when he gets to his destination, upon hitting the floor the blond boy starts to wake up from being knocked out. Once he gets his thoughts together he then asks the old man," huh? Hey, where are we? Well, perverted sage?"

"Stand up now," Jiraiya sounding serious for once, and that's starts to scare Naruto.

"Huh? Hey, what's going on here?" the boy says in a worried tone.

"Your training ends here and now," the old man still saying in a serious tone.

"Huh? BUT I HAVENT DONE ANYTHING YE…" but the boy voice was quickly cut off by the old man.

"NARUTO, starting now you must stare death in the face. To stave off the horror of death you must release an enormous amount of chakra, once you experience that you'll understand how to release the red chakra you talked about to me. If you don't wish to die do something about it…now," the sage then pokes his finger on the boy's forehead, but he infused the poke with a precise amount of chakra that it seemed like a push, but it pushed him so far he didn't know when he would stop. He then saw that he was way over deep cliff and that he was falling towards the bottom, which was too high even for him.

Quickly trying to think of something so that he won't become red paint on the ground he's falling to, Naruto tries to channel his chakra to his hands and feet to grab onto the cliff's sides, but the dull spiky rocks prove to be too wet for him to hold onto. Falling in further to the rocky ground the blond boy thinks,' if I keep on like this, I really am going to die…Die…DIE.'

In that moment he is brought to a sort of sewer system, dark and dreary halls with pipes dripping with water and flooding the very halls themselves," What the, where am I?"

At that moment Naruto thought he heard a low growl, but it felt like it was close to a yawn. Upon hearing that, Naruto sets out to see where the growling yawn came from. Getting closer and closer to his destination, the sound of snoring could be heard from the distance. When he came upon his destination, he see a giant cage with a single tag on it saying 'seal'," what is this? What the hell is going on?"

He then sees on the other side of the cage piercing red eyes and giant fangs. This make Naruto wonder just what the hell is in this very cage and what is going on.

But the very eyes looked droopy as if it just woke up and let a loud yawn, to which the young boy had to close his ears so he wouldn't go deaf from the booming yawn," huh? What you doing here kid? I thought you were supposed to be training with that idiotic old pervert sage," the mysterious creature said in tired tone.

"Huh? How would know that and just what…" it then hit him like a semi-truck running over a deer (okay maybe I'm laying it a bit too thick, but hey lets just go with it), this was what was sealed inside him," YOU'RE THE NINE TAILED FOX, KYUUBI."

"Hmm, oh yeah that's the name I've been going by for the last twelve years, but hey a names a name right," the fox said in a lazy tone.

"What's with that attitude of yours, because of you my life has been hell because of what you did and… wait a minute, what do you mean for twelve years? You're supposed to be like a thousands of years old," at first the boys voice was full of hate, but when he just caught onto what he said of how long he had the name of Kyuubi, it really confused the hell out the boy.

"Hmmm, well I mean exactly what I meant by it. You know what, I don't feel like explaining the whole thing so I'll just show you my memories so you'll understand kid," then from out of the cage, a swirl of chakra came, but instead of red it looked yellow, almost gold in color. When the strange chakra enveloped him, he was he with a bombardment of memories. The knowledge Alters, the portal to the 'other side', the battles of Kazuma the Shell Bullet went through with 'holy' and the mainland, his friends and who he had considered family, and finally the twisted deal of him and Kyuubi which to surge of power that made him mad with… well madness.

All of these memories made it feel like ages, but only a second went by and hell fell right on his butt being a bit dizzy from the bombardment of memories," ugh, what the hell? Can all of that be really true? Are you really that cool guy named Kazuma?" after seeing the battles he went through and what determination Kazuma had, he came to admire the accidental demon lord.

"Heh, yup that's me, Kazuma the Shell Bullet. Anyways kid, I can see that old idiot got you into a real bind, am I right?" Kazuma putting it into more of a statement than a question," well, there's only one thing we can do about this situation."

"Huh? And what would that be Kazuma?" the young boy wondered what he was talking about,' maybe he's talking about giving me some of his chakra for the summoning jutsu.'

"I mean that since we're both connected in some way because of this seal I'm going to give you my power, my 'Alter Power'," before the boy could process what he was talking about, he was immediately enveloped once again in that strange yellow chakra. That very chakra was cutting into his very core to which he only screamed out in pain of the process. During this very process, his right arm started to glow in the same color as the strange chakra.

"Oh, and when your done out there why don't you go get some clothes that don't sting anyone's eyes, plus you're a ninja so get dark clothes, sheesh," and with that last comment from the accidental demon lord, Naruto awoke in the real world still falling to the rocky floor.

"Heh, thanks Kazuma. I think I'll use the power you just gave me to save my sorry hide," Naruto then began to concentrate on the task at hand, all the while the old hermit was watching his student fall to his doom. Hoping that he would find some way to tap into the Kyuubi's chakra. But what he saw was something else entirely, because he then saw the boy began to darken in color while radiating with a strange glow and then he saw his arm split into three parts. Then the cliff walls around the boy 'boomed' out of existence and a golden lace strapped the three segments back together, then three red spikes appeared onto his back. Then lastly a sort of strange gauntlet appeared on his arm starting all the way from the shoulder to the hand, which now had claws. He also saw that the boy's hair had changed from blond to a sort of crimson color and that his hair had spiked up even further.

The first transformation had hurt Naruto a lot, but he had to do it if he was going to survive this. He then turn his body up towards the sky looking straight at the old hermit," alright you perverted sage, your going to pay for doing this." He then cocked his new alter hand back.

'Hmm, what's the kid doing? I wonder if he's going to… WAIT A MINUTE HE'S AIMING THAT THING AT ME,' the old man was wondering what his student was doing, it then dawned on him at the build up of chakra he was infusing into the strange fist.

"HERE I GO, SHOCKING FIRST BULLET," the lower spike on his back then propelled him real quickly towards the old man. When he got right in the old pervert's face, he then threw the punch straight into the mans jaw, quickly knocking him out with swirly eyes visible on his face," That's what you get for pushing me off a cliff you damned old man."

He barely got two steps before he fainted from all the power he just used, then out from the state of being knocked out, the old pervert got up just as quickly and went over to the boy's body," Just what was that power? Was it the Kyuubi doing, or was it a Kekkei Genkai? Hmm, well I guess the only way for me to know is to wait for the boy to wake up."

He then picked up the boy's body and carried him off to his apartment so that he could get some comfortable rest and also so that he can quickly drop the off the brat to doing some 'research' for his next book. But after doing that he would need to tell the third Hokage about this new development with the boy.

During all of this Naruto returned to the dank sewer to where Kazuma was imprisoned. He then followed the same path he found the cage, he wanted to find out more about Kazuma and Alter Power. He may have gone through his memories, but that was not enough to find out about what Alter Users were and what power Alter Power held. Plus he wanted to find out more Kazuma himself.

"Hey Kazuma, I'm back," Naruto said with a cheery voice with that foxy grin he had.

"Hey kid, what's up? Why you back so soon?" the two hundred and twelve year old man asked in an equally cheery tone.

"Well seeing as how now that I have your power and how your living inside of me, I was thinking we could get to know each other more and I could find out more about Alters," the young boy said while sitting cross legged in front of the cage while scratching the back of his head.

"Hmm, I guess it's only natural for you to do so, seeing as how the memories I showed you were going through you so fast in your mind, it would leave you with questions, so alright. Well as you know I'm Kazuma the Shell Bullet…" and for the whole night until the next morning the two talked about themselves and among other things to each other.

During the conversation Naruto asked him if he could help him train in using his newly acquired Alter. Kazuma agreed seeing as how he didn't want the boy to go through the same deterioration as he did when he tried to get power too fast. He told the boy to get some weights for his hands, legs, and torso because in order for him to get the hang of his alter, he'll need to have some speed and power. Kazuma then remembered for the boy to handle such power; the boy will need a bigger body. Now after being trapped in the body of an energetic boy left him with time to come up with his own techniques.

"Naruto, there's one more thing. I might need to infuse more power into your body so that you can handle the outburst of power when you use my Alter," the new Kyuubi said in a worried tone which confused the boy, why would he sound worried about something that needed to be done, he was sure he could handle it.

"Why do you sound so worried Kazuma, I mean whatever needs to be done so that I can handle the Alter you gave me shouldn't be too bad right," when he looked into the worried look on his tenant's eyes, he himself started to get worried.

"The process will be painful seeing as how I'll need make your body grow due to the malnourishment you have on your body. And trust me, I don't think it's going to be a walk in the park," This made the boy cringe, but seeing as how he'll need to do this in order to control the awesome power he acquired from the new demon lord, he'll go through any adversity in to control it and use it's power in order to help him on his dream to become the greatest Hokage the world has seen.

"Hey, who do you think you're talking to Kazuma? I'm Naruto Uzumaki, the next and greatest Hokage that will ever live. I don't back down on anything and I give you my word that I can handle it because that's my nindo, my ninja way," the young blond said in a determined and loud voice.

"Hehehehe, hahaha, HAHAHAHA, oooh, Naruto, you are one of the few people that I like and that's saying a lot, alright we'll start right away, you ready?" the former alter user was ready to get things ready as soon as possible to which he only got a determined nod from the young boy. He then started the process of increasing the body size and muscles of the boy, while in the process the boy screams out in pain," Naruto this process will take most of the night and a little bit of upcoming morning, just so you know. So like bare with it okay?" he only got more screams as an answer.

In the Hokage tower, the third Hokage was just told of Naruto's newfound power from his old student Jiraiya and was wondering if the Kyuubi's seal was weakening. If that was the case, the council will not need a second thought before they order an execution for the young boy and that was the last thing Sarutobi wanted. Just then he heard scream coming from the direction of Naruto's apartment building. Upon hearing the screams, he then called in the Anbu to come with him and Jiraiya to see what was going on with Naruto himself.

When they got there, they mouth were wide open because right there on the bed of his apartment was Naruto glowing in a sort of yellow, golden chakra and seemed to be…growing?? This confused them a lot, but then the Anbu leader voiced his thoughts," lord Hokage, is the Kyuubi being set free from the boy? Should we kill him now that he's vulnerable?"

The Hokage gave the Anbu leader a death glare," no, we will not do such a thing yet? He may just be gaining control of the fox's power and it's probably affecting his body this way because of him gaining control," he then slowly went over to the boys and looked at the seal. Upon seeing it he let out a sigh of relief," the seal itself is still intact; we can relax. But I want you, Jiriaya, to watch over the boy for the night. If the Kyuubi is indeed breaking through the seal, then I want you to quickly do what you can to keep him sealed."

"Yes sensei, I shall do as you say," he then took a chair from the room and sat beside the bed of the boy, the rest of the Anbu left while leaving just Jiraiya, Sarutobi, and Naruto in the room.

"Please make sure the boy stays safe Jiraiya, I consider him a grandson just as much as my real one," the third only got a nod before he left. Jiraiya then turned his toward the young boy that was screaming out in pain and quickly did a sound proof jutsu on the room, so that the screams could not be heard all over Konoha.

When the sun rose, the process of growing the boy's body had come to a stop about an hour ago. When the sun's rays hit the young boy's face, his eyes started to flutter," uuhhh, did anyone get the name of that jutsu that hit me?" (Hey, at least it's a little close) he then looked over to the side of his bed and saw that the old pervert was in a chair beside his bed,' hmm, must've came during the process of my body changing. I guess he must have been worried, oh well, I gotta do my morning things.'

His morning things consisted of brushing his teeth, taking a shower and then putting on a little deodorant. (Not too much of course seeing as how he's a ninja) But when he was about to brush his teeth, he saw his image on the mirror. His face was now more defined and he hardly had the baby fat he had on his face, he was almost chiseled. He then turned to his full body mirror that hanged on the bathroom door and saw that he was definitely taller, where he was in the low four feets; he was now in the mid-high of fives. And that's not all; his muscles, although not completely ripped, was nicely built for a ninja. But then he quickly noticed his hair; it wasn't blond anymore but now a dark brown. His hair was still spiky and he still had his sky blue eyes AND birthmark whiskers, at least people would be able to tell he was still the same person if he had those. After that he went on about his morning things.

When he was done with being in the bathroom, he then saw that the old man wasn't in his seat. He started to look for him, but he then felt cold steel upon his neck and then heard the old man's voice, which was low and threatening," who are you and what are you doing in this apartment?"

This made the boy mad," what the hell you old pervert, why do have a kunai to my neck? It's me, Naruto, you know you can be such a stupid pervert sometimes."

This surprised the old sage, but he was still skeptical of the person in front of him," if your Naruto, then you can do the one jutsu that I like him to do for me," he knew that there was only one technique that the boy had that could stop any man dead in their tracks and knock out even the strongest of kages.

"Uuhh, alright your old perv," he then formed a single hand seal," TRANSFORM," what come out of the puff of smoke when he spoke those words was pure beauty to the old man. There standing in Naruto's place was a woman with a great body with the smoke covering her well endowed body parts while she had her long dark brown hair going down to the middle of her back, she then blew a kiss to him with a wink.

"Oooh, lord Jiraiya, don't you recognize me, 'sob' you gonna make me cry," the clouded babe said in a sad, but seductive voice.

During this time, the old pervert was at loss. He wanted to go hug the boy for being all right, but here was the boy in his sexy jutsu that he could hardly resist at all and want to take notes for his next book. He would never touch him seeing as how it's just a jutsu and if he did, that would make him just as bad as Orichimaru and that's the last thing he wants. So he settled with signaling him to put a stop to the jutsu seeing as how he now knew it was Naruto.

"Well then kid, I see that you definitely went through some changes. Now I would like to know just what happened when you got that weird arm at the cliff," that got him an angry scowl from the young boy which made him sweat a little, because contrary on how fast he recovered from the hit, that punch still really hurt.

He then remembered that it was because of him that he gained such a cool power," 'sigh' well I guess you know about Kyuubi, huh?" he got a nod from the old man," well during the fall…" he then told him all of what had happened and what was happening to his body after he got knocked out after using his new Alter.

The information the old man receive, even though a little unbelievable, had some credibility seeing as how nothing like the arm Naruto used on him was ever seen anywhere before and it would most likely be considered a Kekkei Genkai," hmm, Naruto if you use that arm in the Chunnin exams then you must say that it is part of your clans long lost bloodline limit, I will relay what you have just told me to the Hokage. Now that you have gained access to 'Kazuma's' chakra, then you should be alright now and seeing as how he gave you that power, I'd say you more than ready."

"Right, I just need to use the remaining time to gain a little more control over my new Alter Power," with that they both went their separated ways and Naruto did as much training as he could with the weights he bought that day. He was steadily mastering the style Kazuma was teaching him, but the former Alter user said he didn't name his style, so Naruto said that someday he would come up with a perfect name for this style. All of this training lasted to the point of where it was three days before the Chunnin finals.

Naruto thought for a moment and remembered Kazuma's words right before he got his Alter Power and how he said that a ninja should have dark clothes. Now he wasn't complaining about his orange attire, but he had to agree now that he was seeing it from someone else's point of view, plus the clothes he had now were to small for him so he needed some new clothes. So he went into a store, not needing to transform seeing as how he looks so different, and started picking out a few clothes with the money he had at the moment. He picked out a crimson long sleeve tight shirt, a gray jacket with gray cargo pants that had pockets for scrolls, and got black combat boots. The last thing he got was one black fingerless glove that could have been a copy of Kazuma glove because it had the same items on the parts where the fingers came out of. When he went to buy the items, the girl took one look at him and all of a sudden had hearts in her eyes which came to surprise from him because he saw the same kind of look when Sakura, Ino, or any other of the SFC (Sasuke Fan Club) saw Sasuke walking around, so he started looking left and right for the said avenger. But he couldn't find him, meaning the girl was going ga-ga over him, which once again surprised him.

"Umm, excuse sir, but, ummm, what is your n-name?" the cute counter girl asking the new brunette.

This kinda caught Naruto off guard," umm, you may remember my name, Its Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki."

Now this caught the girl off guard, how could such a tall and handsome man be the little brat that pranked too many times on the village? She took a good look at him and noted he had the spiky hair, sky blue eye, but the one thing she definitely caught were the birthmark whiskers on his face. All in all, these things made him more handsome and now she didn't even care," Oh, Naruto, ummm, I didn't recognize you. Well, umm, are you here to buy yourself some new clothes?"

"Yes I am, so how much will this all amount to?" he felt good that the girl didn't try to throw him out once she found who he was, so he dug around his pockets for his frog wallet. (Or gama-chan if you want to name the wallet)

"Oh, no, no, this will be on the house Naruto. Please, you don't have to pay for them," she wanted to quickly somehow get in his favors, so she can become the new hunky boy's girl.

"Huh? Oh, thanks, that means a lot to me. Well I gotta go, watch me in the finals," the new Alter user picked up his clothes and left, but before he could leave a camera that was place at the front door seems to have taken a picture.

When we look at the counter girl, we see she has pressed a button under the counter that trigger the camera to take pictures," ooohh, the girls of the SFC are not going to believe this. 'Sigh' mister and misses Uzumaki, I can just see it now," the girl said with a dreamy look on her face.

When he got home, he put his new set of clothes on the bed and was about to put them on, but then quickly thought of something. Why not surprise everybody at the exams and show off his new look right then. With that he went off to his own training grounds to get back on having control over his new Alter. About in the end of training something strange happened.

" 'Pant', 'pant', 'pant', I can't beat Neji if I have this much power," he right arm then started to glow," I need more power, more, more, MORE," he then noticed the area once again disintegrated around him when he transforms his arm, his Alter arm was now starting to glowing again. A sharp pain started to go through him and started to hold his right arm out, when the pain was done and the light died down, he saw something that surprised him. His arm had gone to it's second stage of power, he had the propeller fin, the three spikes on his face, and his arm looked more powerful with that device in the middle of his fist. But just as quickly as he saw it, he fainted.

He soon found himself back in front of Kazuma's cage," huh? What the hell happened?"

"You released the next stage of my Alter kid, I really didn't expect that. You really have some talent their kid," Kazuma praising on the kids progress, seeing as how it took him just about a lifetime to gain that power.

"Hehehe, what do you expect? I'm going to be the next Hokage and something like this only comes naturally," the new brunette said in cocky voice.

"Naruto, let's get serious here. I want you to only use that stage if your life is truly in danger, or if your precious people are in danger," the new fox said behind his cage with an unusual serious tone.

"Huh? Why? I could beat Neji's ass real quick with this power," he really wondered why Kazuma would restrict him on using his new achievement.

"Because that stage of power can only safely go through you for about ten minutes, when the times up, your body will start to deteriorate like my last body did when I attained that power and I don't think you want to die in puff of dust just because you want to show off your new power," the former Alter user said in the same serious tone, but quickly went back to his usual manner," heh, don't worry kid, the first stage should definitely be enough for you to beat that pompous asshole you're going to fight in the first round. Just thinking about him makes me mad, the jerk reminds me of Ryuho before we teamed up against Kyoji Mujo and the asshole still acts like he's better than me. Ooohh, if I ever see him again, I'm gonna kick his ass right there."

At first Naruto was scared that he might go into the same state Kazuma was in when he obtained the second stage of power, but when he tried to cheer him up, it really took a load off him when he heard the first stage would be enough seeing as how he knew more about his Alter then Naruto does," heh, don't worry Kazuma. I'll only use first stage like you asked me to and only use the second stage only in desperate situations. Oh, and I'll also give Neji a punch for you, seeing as how he pissed you off too."

"Hehehe, thanks kid, well see ya later," Naruto then found himself back on the training ground and he saw that the sun was about to set for the night. So he dusted himself off and went on his way home.

When he awoke the next morning, he wondered what he could do for the day seeing as how he was giving himself a day off for all the training he was doing. He then thought of meeting with his friend, bushy brows Rock Lee, to see if he's doing fine from his injuries, from fighting against Gaara in the prelims of the exams. He knew that he heard that from his injuries from that fight that they said he would never be a shinobi ever again. He knew that Lee's dream was to be the best tai-jutus specialist, since he couldn't use nin-jutsu and gen-jutsu at all, but to never be able to attain you dream because of something you can hardly do anything about. Well he just couldn't imagine the pain of losing such a dream that was almost like his own. He then set out to go to the hospital to see how he was doing.

When he got the hospital, he asked the nurse in front desk for the room Lee was in. Now usually when he would ask this nurse himself, she would tell him to leave and never come back again and throw various at him to make him leave, but now was different. When she looked up to see him, she immediately blushed at the sight of him and stuttered as to what room he was in. He kindly thanked the young nurse and went off to see Lee, all the while the nurses that were in the main hall had hearts in their eyes at seeing such a hunky guy.

When he was on his way to see Lee, he noticed Shikamaru and Ino were coming out of a room, probably seeing how Chouji was doing after his fight with Dosu in the prelims," hey guys, what you up to?" the boy said in a cheery tone with the foxy grin on his face.

When they heard his face, they were about to say some choice words, one being lazy and the other being out of annoyance for the young boy, but when they saw who the voice belonged to they immediately stopped. Both of them wondered just who the hell this guy was and why he was being so familiar with them.

"Who are you? We don't know you?" But when he was about to answer he gave another foxy grin, which made Ino blush at the sight of it,' whoever this guy is, he sure as hell is just as hot as Sasuke.' The young blond girl thought in her mind.

"Ahh, you wound me Ino. I guess you wouldn't recognize me after my training, it's me guys, Naruto Uzumaki," the new brunette announced proudly," and if you not convince how about I do this, 'does a hand seal', TRANSFORM."

He did the sexy jutsu that they knew he was one of the only people that could do the jutsu, which made Shikamaru fall back with blood running down his nose and made Ino's face go beet red. When he released the jutsu they both got back to previous states and looked at the new look and height Naruto had.

"Man Naruto, what have you been eating? I sure would like it. Hmph, damn Naruto, so troublesome," Shikamaru asked in a lazy tone, but said the last sentence in a whispered voice.

"Wow Naruto, you look…uh, I mean you look…" see quickly turned her body away from him, trying to hide the blush from her face by holding her hand on her cheeks and lowering her head while shaking it slowly left and right,' oooh, man Naruto looks so hot now, but what about Sasuke. Why did he have to all of a sudden look so hot, man I'm really torn between from choosing on whom to go for? I mean Naruto looks so dashing with the he looks now, but Sasuke so dark and mysterious, but Naruto…'

The thoughts kept on running rampant in the girls mind, leaving the boys to lift eyebrows at the way she was acting. Naruto wanting to quickly get to Lee to see how he's doing looked towards Shikarmaru," uh right, anyways Shikamaru, how's Chouji?"

"Oh, he's doing okay. So what are you dong here, you here to visit Sasuke?" though he highly doubted it seeing as how the two acted with each other.

"Hell no, that ass wouldn't even care if I did something for him. No, I'm here to see how Lee is doing, Wanna come along man?" the new Alter user asked the lazy shinobi.

"Hmm, sure, let's get going. See ya Ino," the lazy boy waved off without looking back while walking with Naruto to Lee's room.

"Yea, see ya later Ino," the new brunette yelled out to the blonde. After a minute or two, the girl broke from her thoughts and saw she was all alone in the hall.

She hung her head low for not noticing that they had left her there, she had finally come to a decision to ask Naruto if he was doing anything that night, so they could get a bite to eat and maybe have little lip lock action with him afterwards when they were done.

'Aaawww, man this really sucks, how could I have been so caught up in my thoughts to not know when they left and I was about to ask Naruto out. Oh well, mind as well go home,' she thought, then left to go home and go to sleep with dreams of a certain new brunette and her together.

Back with the two boys, they finally got to Lee's room and opened the door only to see something very wrong happening. There was Gaara, ready to use his sand to crush the remaining life the boy had. Shikamaru quickly used his 'Shadow Possession Jutsu' to stop him dead in his track. Naruto quickly went in and deliver a punch to the boy's face to stop him further.

"What the hell do you think your doing here pal?" the new brunette demanded from sand user on what he was doing exactly.

"Uuuh, dammit Naruto. When I use the 'Shadow Possession Jutsu', your hitting me too when I'm connected to him you idiot," the lazy boy said angrily towards Naruto,' man, that punch could have knocked my jaw clear off, I wonder if he was holding back.'

"Hehehehe, sorry about that man. It won't happen again," the hyperactive ninja said while scratching the back of his head. He then turned back to the crazed sand user," now, just what were you trying to do? Huh?"

The red head that stood in front of them just stood there in silence, without answering the question at all. After a few moments of silence, he finally spoke up," pure and simple…I was going to kill him."

Shikamaru found the act he was going through a little trouble, the crazed sand user doesn't seem to be in the slightest way fazed by his jutsu," you already beat him once in the competition. What's you problem, wasn't that enough for you? Do you have some personal vendetta against him or something?" he asked in an angry voice.

"I have nothing against him at all, it's really nothing that complicated. I simply just want to kill him, that's all," Gaara said in a soulless toned voice.

"JUST WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? YOU'RE OFF YOUR DAMN ROCKER, YOU ASSHOLE," Naruto screamed out at the insanity this guy had, why would he just kill him like it's as if a normal and enjoyful thing for him to do to pass off the time.

"Yea, you think were going to just stand by and just let you do whatever you want? You are just one sick psycho, you know that?" the lazy boy said in an angry tone, but all the while the sand user was giving Shikamaru the creeps and if he made any sort of move, he doesn't know if he could stop him at all.

"If you guys don't stay out of my way, then I'll have to kill you two as well," the sand user replied casually to them.

"Hehehe, oh really, well let's just see you try it," the new Alter user said wanting to already pummel this guy to the floor. If he thought he was the same weakling he was in the prelims, he had another thing coming.

"HEY, whoa, whoa, take it easy there Naruto," Shikamaru was wondering if he was nuts if thought he could take on such a dangerous enemy,' only best chance for us is to try and bluff our way out of this.'

"Yea, whatever, we both watched your last fight with Lee, we know your tough: But you now what? Me and Naruto here have a few tricks up our sleeves as well. We were holding ourselves back during the competition, there are things you haven't even seen us do yet," In way Shikamaru was telling the truth, a half truth you could say, seeing as how Naruto could most likely blow him away with his new Alter power," on top of that, it's two against one, so don't be a fool okay. Just take my advice and go, quietly."

But Gaara just stood there, not even fazed by the statements," I'll say it once more, if you get in my way…I'll kill you."

That really shot his plans to ground and was then thinking up an alternate plan to get out of this situation without anybody getting killed in the process. But once again, Naruto had to make it worse," heh, and like I said, let's see you try it pal."

"Back off will ya, we don't want to go there. This guy fights like he's mad, like he's a demon or something," Shikamaru trying to calm the new brunette down, not wanting the situation getting any worse.

"Heh, he can act like demon if he wants to, but you know what? I got the real thing inside of me," and he left it at that not wanting his friend to know about Kazuma and who he is now.

Gaara raised a non-existent eyebrow at the boy's statement, but just as quickly shrugged it off thinking he was making another bluff like his friend.

"You idiot, what's the point of getting him pissed off, huh?" the lazy boy was really not liking where the situation was going and was now hoping he come out of it one piece at least.

"Heh, it's like you said man, there are things that he hasn't seen yet that I can pull out of my sleeves, or should I say out of my right arm," the brunette said in a cocky voice.

'Huh? Is he serious? You got to be joking me, did he acquire some sort of technique that can get through that sand shield of his,' Shikamaru was really hoping that Naruto had some sort of trick to get them out of this situation.

Gaara wasn't really caring what the boy held and remember what he said about him having a demon," a demon, huh? My demon is as real as yours is. From my birth my upbringing is what most people would consider not a happy one. To ensure that I became the strongest of shinobi, my father had cast his nin-jutsu on me. Infusing my unborn self with the sand spirit and I destroyed the life of the woman who gave birth to me. I was born a monster," the sand user said in a soulless tone.

This shocked both the boys, but aside from Shikamaru, Naruto began to think how father could do such a thing to a child and was thinking that this must be the reason why he is the way his is today. The sand user then continued.

"It's name is Shukaku and it's the living incarnation of an old monk of the sand village that had been sealed up on a jar of tea," the sand user explained on what the sand spirit was.

Shikamaru trying to gain back his composure said," yea, some kind of demonic jutsu, but to use it on a baby before it's even born, man that's just creepy," saying to himself more than just saying it to Naruto.

'So he's got one inside of him too huh? Well this just made things interesting,' right after thinking that Naruto had a smirk creep up on his face.

Shikamaru the put his own sarcasm into the situation," gee, what a swell guy your pops was, he must have loved you a lot, huh?"

"You speak of love? Don't measure me by your standards. Love, family…the only emotional ties I have to my family are the ones I like to wrap around their necks, they are only ties of hate," this got a shocked look on the lazy boys face, but Naruto had a face of disgust and hatred, how could someone want to strangle their own family. Didn't they try to help him at all? But the red headed psycho continued," given life by the death of my mother, I was brought into being and nurtured as the salvation of the village. I was the Kazekage's child, my father taught me the inner most secrets of the shinobi. He pampered and protected me, and left me to myself. For a time I thought that was love…and that was when everything started."

This guys was really creeping out Shikamaru," what, when what started?"

"Well out with it man, I'm getting bored here," the lazy boy shot a glance back at the new Naruto and was wondering why he was trying to make the situation worse with his impatience.

That was when the red head start to look like a real psycho," in the six years since I became six years old, my father has tried to destroy me on more occasions then I can count," the sand user said in sort of crazed voice.

Now that shocked both of them equally, and Shikamaru voiced both their thought," you just finished saying that your father pampered and protected you, so which is it?"

"Those who get to be too strong are up to become feared by others. The jutsu that gave me birth had imbalanced something in my mind, even the fools in my village realized I had…emotional problems. My father, the Kazekage, created me as his ultimate weapon, but I eventually became a threat to the village I was meant to save. By the time I was six, I became a figure of terror to the villagers. To them, I was a relic of the past that they wish would just disappear, so you see that how you'd fail at the one purpose I was given life. What then was left for me in this existence, why go on living? For a long time I couldn't find an answer to that, but in order to live you need a purpose. To exist for no reason is the same as being dead." He said in his monotone voice.

"Just what the hell is this guy talking about?" Shikamaru was beyond confused and scared of this guy. Naruto however was beginning to see how similar he was to the guy.

"Then in time the answer came to me. To put it simply, my reason for living was in the killing of others. For years I lived in fear of those who were sent to murder me, but now I am at peace. I have killed many would be assassins and it was while doing it that the truth came to me. I live only for myself, I love only myself; as it was the death of my mother that gave me life, now it is the death of other that sustains me that almost makes me happy to be alive. And there's no end to it, as long as there is still people to kill in this great, wide, crowded world…I will never disappear," Shikamaru was then thinking how this guy was out of his own gourd.

'This guy, I really do pity him. He has had no one to comfort him and give him a good purpose, in so many ways we're alike, yet so different. Maybe if I beat him in the exams, I can try to reason with him, show him that there is more to life than just killing,' the new brunette thought to himself with a sad looking face. Just how could this have happened to someone who was like him, but had a family? Yet they seemed to have shunned him like the villagers did in his home of Konoha.

Then out of nowhere, breaking their train of thoughts, the sand that he controlled burst out from below his feet, getting ready to pounce on them and crush their bones to dust. The lazy boy was wondering just how the hell he was even doing that because the jutsu he has him trapped and it shouldn't even allow him to do anything. Naruto then got into the battle stance he was taught from Kazuma and was getting ready to call out his Alter.

"NARUTO…HUH?! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE," but it seemed as if the lazy boy was talking to a brick wall, cause it seemed the said boy was not listening and just standing there in his own battle stance," HEY, COME ON. AWW, MAN WHAT A DRAG."

"Now, let me feel alive," the sand user said in a crazed voice as the sand then launched forward to crush them. Right when it got close to them, Naruto was about to use the sand itself as material for his Alter, but then the door to the room slammed open.

"Alright, that's enough. Save it for tomorrow, that's when the competition begins. Your just wasting it today is that what you want," said the new occupant revealing it to be none other than Lee's sensei, Mito Gai. When he arrived, Gaara had stopped his attack when he saw the man, he started to clutch his head as if it were in pain and had a look of painful confusion on his face. While he was in this state, the sand that was within the room started to retract back into the gourd on his back and when it was finish, he once again had the calm, but deadly face back on.

The young sand user then start to walk out of the room still clutching his head as if he had a massive headache," all the same I will kill you, just you wait. I kill you all," and with that said, he left without another word.

"Well wasn't he just a bundles of fun, huh Shikamaru?" the new Alter user said to his lazy friend to which he got a very hard death glare from him. He then began to sweat under the glare. Oh, sure he could keep his cool from a trained killer, but he can't seem to keep his cool from his friends who give the very glare.

"JUST. WHAT. THE. HELL. WERE. YOU. THINKING," with each word he stomped towards the new brunette.

"Hehehe, well I, uh, thought I could take him on with the new, uh, techniques I now have," letting out a bit of a sigh, he gained most if his composure back," look man, don't worry. I know I can take him now with the training I've been doing so far," he said with his foxy grin.

The lazy ninja let out his own sigh, one that was of stress," I don't know Naruto, but don't ever do anything like that ever again when I'm around. Geez, so troublesome," he was now back to his old self.

"Well, now that we know Lee's safe. I'm going back home, see ya later Shikamaru. Later Gai-sensei, make sure Lee stays safe," the new brunette of the group then left, leaving the other two to just wave goodbye to him.

About halfway to his apartment, he then noticed the stadium, where he was going to fight for his title of Chunnin, where he was going to fight Neji. During this time he also noticed it was nighttime. He took a good long look at the stadium itself and started to think on how everyone going to be surprised by his changes.

"Tomorrow, huh? I can't wait, this whole thing is going to rock," Naruto said to himself with and excited voice with a happy grin on his face. He then proceeded back to his apartment to earn some needed rest for the coming conflicts tomorrow.

When the morning came, he proceeded to quickly do his morning things. When he was done he then put on his new clothes that he bought for the finals. When he looked in the mirror, he almost looked like the spitting image of Kazuma in his teen years. He then quickly ate some ramen for breakfast, just as quickly as he scarfed down his breakfast, he left to go to the stadium. When he looked at his watch while on the way, that he also bought with his new clothes, he saw that he definitely had some time before he got there and so he went over to the training grounds where team 7 passed for their gennin exams. When he got there, he noticed that someone else was there as well, but when the person came in to view he knew who it was right away. But he had to be sure and called out to the person.

"Hm? Hinata?" the girl known as the shy Hinata Hyuuga fled right behind a wooden pillar, trying to not show the blush that was on her cheeks, but then she saw who it was and she got a confused look on her face.

"Heh, I guess you don't recognize me. It's me, Naruto," she then got a doubtful look on her face," 'sigh' just look real close at me. Notice any key details about me," see then started to examine him from the wooden pillar and got her blush back, embarrassed the she didn't recognize her crush.

"Oh, Naruto, it is you," she now saw how he looked now and seeing him looking so handsome was getting to her, she thought she was going to faint," oh, umm, what are, uh, doing here N-Naruto?"

"Heh, well I thought I would just check this place out one more time before the finals. You could say, that I wanted some comfort from these grounds, like a sort of bidding myself good luck because in these training grounds was where I became a gennin," the young boy in front of her said with a genuinely happy tone.

"Oh, I-I see," the shy girl said behind the wooden pillar.

"Hey Hinata, Neji is your cousin, right?" to which he got a slow nod from her," So is he really strong?" he said in a serious tone, what he then got from her was a look that confirmed his question which he then got a real big smiled on his face," Great, I can't wait to beat his pompous ass to the ground."

This caught the girl off by surprise, by the start of his questions, it seemed like he was going to get depressed about not being able to beat her cousin, but then she saw how cheerful he looked when she confirmed his answers. She then got a warm smile on her face and said a few words with out stuttering," I know you can beat him Naruto. You know, I remember the time you cheered for me in the prelims and though it may seem to most people that I haven't change since that time, I know that I have. And it was thanks to you Naruto, the way you cheered for and tried to give me the confidence to keep on fighting helped me to change a little and all of this is thanks to you Naruto."

This time it caught the boy off guard, but quickly got a smile on his face, now even more happy than he was before knowing that he at least helped one of his friends," glad I could help you in some way Hinata, well I'm off, don't want to be late for the competition now do I? Oh, and don't forget to watch me fight your cousin."

He only took a few steps and then stopped, without looking back to her and spoke," Hey Hinata? You know I always thought you were…"

'What, WHAT?" the little question was ringing in the girls mind over and over, just waiting for him to finish description of her.

"Gloomy, timid, always terrified, and basically completely weird," he deadpanned his description and she hung her head low at such a description. But he then continued," but I've now notice that you're none of the things above."

She than got her head right back up and looked at him, he then turned his body towards her with a warm smile on his face," I now know that kind, brave, and really beautiful," this new description made her really blush," don't ever think you anything else and just so you know…you're one of the people that I cherish most," at this statement she froze and he went off to the finals.

When he got to the entrance of the stadium, he notice he was right on time for his match and so he thought of a way for him get in a good entrance," hehehe, here we go," he then powered up his Alter.

In the stadium, everyone was ready for the first round of the competitions, but the only one on the stadium floor was one Neji Hyuuga, who had a big smirk on his face. He was thinking that the loser wasn't going to show up because he was too much of a coward to go up against him and he was afraid to go against his fate.

The new proctor, Genma, was getting ready to call the match already," by not showing up for the round on time, the winner is…" but he was quickly cut off by someone yelling out in the air.

"WAIT," out of nowhere a figure lands in front of the two people, kicking up dust to cover the identity of the mysterious figure," Naruto Uzumaki has arrived and is ready to kick some ass."

The wind blew to show the figure to be someone else entirely, except to those who know of his change," uhh, excuse me but you are not Naruto, would you please get off the stadium grounds and get back up in the stadium seats," Genma said in a bored tone.

"Sorry, but I'm not moving an inch and if you need confirmation on who I am, then just talk to the old man, or should I say the Hokage," Genma was getting ready to take this stranger himself back to the stadium when the ninja that was standing by the Hokage's side appeared to his side and whispered in his ear. He got a shocked look on his face, but simply nodded.

"Sorry kid, I didn't know you changed your look. Well, let's get this match started, fighters to the center of the floor now," the proctor announced his voice out loud. When the audience heard he was going to continue, the people in the stadium were confused, could this new comer really be the little blond brat that played his pranks all the time. When everyone got a good look at him they noticed the key details that would signify that if it was him. They looked his eyes, hairstyle, and his birthmark whiskers.

When everyone saw this, they all got shocked. The male part of the crowd was wondering how the short kid got to be so much bigger and taller and what he had eaten to get to that stated, but the female part (including the SFC) of the crowd had hearts in their eyes, excluding Sakura, Tenten, and Temari. The three said girls had one thought on their minds,' what the hell?! How did he get to look like THAT?'

Back on the stadium floor, Genma wanted to explain of few things before things really got heated up," Now Naruto since you were little late, I'll quickly go over what I went through for the others. The terrain may be different, but the same rules are still the same as before, that is that there are no rules. The match continues until on candidate acknowledges defeat, or dies. That being said, if I determine that a match is over I can step in and stop it at any time, and no fuss kid. Understood," to which the proctor only got a nod from the new Naruto.

Up in the stands, Kiba and Hinata finally made it to the stadium," hey Hinata, over here, these seats should do nice for us. I bet this match will be a good one," he then saw a mysterious guy in front of Neji," huh? Who the hell is that? Why is he facing off against Neji? I thought Naruto was going to fight him."

"That is Naruto, Kiba. I don't know what happened to him, but it's definitely Naruto," the shy girl said to the dog boy, which confused the hell out of the boy. He then started to really concentrate to look at the stranger and also tried to smell his scent.

When he notice the key things about him that would make Naruto and his scent, which was a little off for some reason, he was shocked to see (and smell) that it was the blond short idiot that beat him in the prelims. But he wasn't short or blond anymore, but now had brown dark hair and was definitely taller than he was before.

"What the hell, this can't be real. That guy there is Naruto?" to which he only got a nod from his female teammate," whoa, I have got to know what he does to get to look like THAT," which he got a nod from all the guys that heard him.

Back on the stadium, the match was about to start and the cocky Hyuuga said," you look like you got something to say? So hurry up and come out with it," he said in a superior like voice, not the least bit fazed by his new look. He was thinking that no matter how a person changed his outward appearance, it still doesn't change your destiny. (Man, he was such an ass in the start, huh guyz?)

The new brunette only threw out his right hand forward, at first spreaded but then clenched into a fist by going one finger at a time (you know, like how Kazuma does before he clenches his fist) and says in an angered, but cold voice with determination in his eyes," only what I told you the last time. That I vow to win this match and to say a little extra, to kick your ass all over this stadium."

Naruto then saw that he activated his bloodline limit that was only belonged to his and Hinata's clan, the Byakugan, and it seemed he was studying him with those freaky eyes," hmhmhm, this is so much better for me. I just can't wait for the look of despair on your face, when you learn that your foolish vow is impossible to keep," he said in his 'oh so mighty' voice.

"Yea, yea, we gonna get started or are going keep on debating?" the former blond said in an equally cocky voice," let's get down to business, so show me what you got you pompous ass."

They both then slid into their own battle stance, Neji in his 'gentle fist' style and Naruto in the style that Kazuma taught him. Seeing as how the two competitors were ready to got, Genma started to announce.

"Alright, now let the first match of the Chunnin finals..." the proctor paused and people were waiting for him to announce the start of the match. The little second seemed like minutes and the minutes seem like hours, and slowly, the proctor opened his mouth," BEGIN."

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