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Some time before Naruto and Lee confronted Kimimaro.

In Konoha, the girls were training each other in one of the many training grounds they had," Wind Style: Wind Scythe Jutsu," Temari called out as she sent a cutting airwave towards Hinata.

"Kaiten,"(Sound a whole lot better than 'Rotation' to me) Hinata called out as she spun and made a Chakra dome that protected her from the attack. As soon as she did, she ducked under a barrage of shuriken that were sent by Kanami.

When she landed and she almost didn't have time as she blocked a punch from Scheris," you don't have time to relax sister," the blue haired Alter User said as she jumped back and sent her own shuriken to her.

Kanami didn't reply as she dodged the projectiles sent at her. But the thing that she didn't catch was Scheris quickly getting under her guard and she sent an upward kick to her that sent her flying upward. She had enough time to look behind and saw her sister right behind her,' what?! But if she's behind me then that means…'

She didn't have enough time to think as Scheris caught her in a bear hug," sorry sis, but this is over," she said before they both turned upside down and started to spin in mid-air," PRIMARY LOTUS," she called out as a she started to think,' thanks for teaching me some of your moves Lee.'

When they hit the ground, Scheris jumped from the crater and went over to see if her sister was injured, but was surprised to see a training dummy in her place. Before she could think further, she felt the cold steel of a kunai on her throat," you shouldn't get distracted Scheris, it'll lead to your death," Temari said as she had that smirk on her face.

Scheris looked over her shoulder a bit and saw Kanami and Hinata going at it with each other. But she knew she couldn't get out of this situation and threw her hands up in defeat," I give, I know when I'm beaten."

"Good girl, a good ninja knows when to call it quits," the former sand kunoichi said as she returned her kunai back to her pouch," I'll take a bit of a rest myself," she said as she and Scheris went over to the side and watch Kanami go through some hand seals that some of Naruto's friends taught her.

"Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu," she called out as she sent a barrage of fireballs towards Hinata. Hinata, seeing this, quickly ducked under the barrage of fire and appeared in front of her.

"You're in range, Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four Palms," she said as Kanamie got hit her two times, then four times, then eight times, and then lastly, Sixteen times. Hinta quickly cut off her attack, seeing as how she wasn't trying to kill Kanami and close off all of her Chakra points. As Kanami dropped onto her knee in exhaustion, Hinata went over to her and offered her hand. Kanami smiled and nodded as she took her hand to help her up.

"You really have come far Hinata," Temari commented as she and Scheris went up to the two.

"I know, father has said as much and everything has been going well for me," Hinata replied as she remembered when she had returned, she had really put herself to work and even defeated her little sister, which got her praised by her father for once. Though he did put down his little sister Hanabi a bit and made her angry at Hinata for defeating her," I just wish everything went good, now my little sister hates me," she said as she dropped her head a bit.

"Not everything can go according to plan, I know that much," Scheris commented as she remembered she had a date with Lee, but that bastard, Sasuke, had to go and leave the village, making Lee leave on a mission with Naruto.

"Yeah, I wish Naruto was here now so we could go out on our date," Kanami said as she was starting to miss the former blond that reminded her so much of Kazuma, who of course, is sealed in the boy himself.

They were stopped from any sort further conversation as cat masked Anbu appeared in front of them in a puff of smoke," Lady Hokage wishes to see you Temari of the Sand," the female Anbu said as she went up to the former sand kunoichi.

"Can we come with, I want to know what's going on?" Kanami asked politely as she felt that this involved the bad feeling she got when Naruto left to retrieve Sasuke.

The Anbu nodded without a second thought," I understand, let's go," she said simply as the girls nodded and surrounded her. They all then were caught in a puff of smoke, when it cleared they were gone.

When they got their bearings again, they saw they were in the Hokage's office. There in the room, of course, was Tsunade seating in the Hokage's chair. But what shocked them a bit was the presence of Kankuro and Gaara, who seemed all set up for battle," what are you two doing here?" Temari asked as she raised a blonde eyebrow at them.

"The two of them are here, along with you, to back up the team that was sent to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha," Tsunade said as she leaned back in her chair a bit.

"Why, I thought everything was going good for them," Scheris commented as she thought they had enough members on their team to get the bastard back.

"Unfortunately, I have received reports from an injured team that the people who took Sasuke may very well be beyond the teams abilities, that is why I want to send them back-up, immediately," she answered as she looked at the worried looks on the girls faces.

"Can we come as well?" Hinata asked as she was now getting really worried about Naruto.

Tsunade started to think on this as she looked at Hinata and the two sisters,' the Hyuuga council would kill me if I sent their Heiress on such a dangerous mission. Not to mention that Naruto and Lee would kill me for sending those two girls, Kanami and Scheris,' she thought before smirking a bit,' but I do like to anger the council and I know those two brats will forgive me sometime later,' she then nodded at them and saw them get a bit relieved," all of you will prepare for this mission in thirty minutes before you head to the north gate, shortly after, I shall send a medical team to intercept you all if any of the team members that you back-up are injured," she said in a professional that fitted a Hokage," GO," she called out as they all teleported away to get their equipment.

As back-up was on the way, Lee was confronting the last of the Sound Five,' I have to defeat this man quickly, or might not be able to back up Naruto,' he thought as he eyed the pale man in front of him and then looked at his bone sword,' he must be able to use his bones as weapons, I have heard of a clan that can use their bones as weapons, but they were wiped out in a raid in Mist,' Lee then narrowed his eyes a bit,' must be a survivor, and if he's with Orochimaru, that must mean that he is the best of his clan…I'll have to be careful.'

"What are you waiting for boy?" Kimimaro asked in monotone voice as he kept his stoic posture on.

Lee scowled a bit, but kept himself from doing anything reckless. After a moment, passed, he charged in gave a straight that the sound nin blocked. Seeing that, he did a roundhouse kick that he blocked with the same arm. Seeing his head was open, Lee flipped and went for a downward kick, but Kimimaro jumped away before Lee hit the ground he was on. Kimimaro saw this as a chance to strike him from his position in the air, but Lee stopped that as he uppercut him in the jaw. The sound nin quickly recovered in the air and landed on the grass safely, as Lee quickly took his stance again and breathed in a bit.

"I'll end this…with the next move," Lee announced as he stared down Kimimaro. Not a second later, he charged in and called out his move," LEAF HURRICANE," he then leapt forward and did a low spin kick with both his legs. The sound nin dodged this attack and jumped out of the way, but Lee followed him and tried to kick him in the air, but he dodged nonetheless. After they landed on the ground, Lee went in for air spin kick, but Kimimaro ducked in time for it to miss completely, but Lee readjusted himself and went in for an axe kick. But the sound nin jumped in time for the attack to hit the grassy ground.

Seeing this Lee, picked himself back up and analyzed what happened so far,' he's good at evading, I can hardly get in a hit with the level of skill I'm showing right now,' he thought as he knew he was holding back his own skill, just in case it was needed for later," I can see that you're surprisingly strong. Also, you move in a very unique way," he said, hoping for him to slip up and brag something he may find out about him.

"You're movements…are too direct," he commented as he thought it would insult him a bit, which must have as Lee charged in with his arm cocked back to punch him. He dodged it and went up behind him to cut him down with his bone sword," it's over," he said before he struck down with his sword. Lee smirked a bit before he disappeared and appeared a distance away from the sound nin, who slashed down on nothing but air.

'Hm?' he thought as he looked up and saw Lee some distance away from him. When he looked into his eyes, he saw the cold look in them as they shined a bit from the light. At that moment, he felt a bit of fear,' why? Just from the look in his eyes, I felt…power, great power,' he then looked closer at him,' what is it that changed him just now?'

As Lee leaned into charge, Kimimaro did the same and the two of them started to charge for each other. Just as they were good distance from each other, Lee jumped up and glowed in power as he landed, with the land disintegrating while throwing his hand out to his side in summoning. No sooner did that happen, Zetsuei appeared and wrapped one ribbon on Kimimaro's thrusted punch and the other ribbon hitting him in the gut, hard.

'He countered my attack so quickly and easily…how?' Kimimaro thought as he staggered back a bit as he was released from the ribbon. Though it looked like a ribbon, the force behind the strike broke through and shattered some of the bone armor behind his skin,' I must make sure to evade those strikes?' he thought as he wasn't going to be cut off guard again.

At that moment, Lee sent a mental command to his Alter to attack. The sound nin saw the attacks coming and started to dodge to various incoming attacks, but each strike was getting closer and closer to him, but while this happened, he was sending bone bullets at Lee. But the Alter always seemed to block the attacks just in time and went back to attacking. Just as a minute of striking, dodging, and shooting had been going on, a purple ribbon hit Kimimaro on the side of his cheek, hard. When that happened, a whole barrage of hits occurred. At the end of the combo, Zetsuei uppercut him in the jaw and sent him flying over the grass field.

'It's over,' Lee thought a bit coldly as he and Zetsuei turned to leave. Just as he was about to exit, he heard something shoot from somewhere. He turned just in time as Zetsuei protected him with it ribbons from bullets that were made out of bone. As the ribbon returned, he saw Kimimaro panting a bit with his Curse Seal going active on his body.

"Don't…underestimate…me," he said between his light pants as he felt his bone armor rapidly fixing itself under his skin. He then lifted his arm up a bit and sent his Chakra into his forearm's bones. When he did, four mid-length spikes grew from his forearm.

"I see, so you are of the Kaguya clan I had learned from my sensei," Lee said as he analyzed the bone that were coming out of his arms,' their bones are heard to be more harder than steel, depending on how much Chakra is infused in them. If so, if he is using that Curse Seal, then the bone must be tougher than your special type of steel,' with that thought, he stood beside his Alter,' I'll have to fight him along with Zetsuei.'

"I see you heard my clan, than you know of my bloodline limit," the sound nin replied as he jutted out bone spikes from his chest for example.

"Well, that just mean I'll have to cut those bones down," Lee said in a bit of cold voice as he held his hand a bit," ZETSUEI," he called out as he and his Alter dashed towards the sound nin. When they got in range, Lee went in for a straight jab with his hand straight, but Kimimaro simply parried the attack. The sound nin then dodged a straight strike from two ribbons. But those ribbons didn't stop as they immediately turned to Kimimaro, who still dodged them. He was caught off guard though as Lee got under his guard and kicked him upward into the sky. Right at that moment, Zetsuei appeared behind him and wrapped its ribbons around his body," ALTER LOTUS," Lee called out from his position as his Alter and Kimimaro started spinning downward towards the ground while releasing some Alter power on the way, making it look like a big silver bullet going down to the Earth.

"Dance of the Larch," Kimimaro calmly said as he released bone spikes all over his body. The Alter was then struck by all of these spikes and cracked the side of its mask as it let go before the two of them hit the ground and disengaged the new Jutsu. Lee felt the pain of the spikes and held his midsection for a bit," it useless now that I'm in this state, you should just accept your death now?" he said as he didn't sound like he was being smug, more like he was stating fact.

"Don't think you've just won, I have one more trick up my sleeve," Lee said as he narrowed his dark red eyes a bit at him," I'll show power," he then had Zetsuei step up in front of him. He then lifted his fist up to face and opened it as if he was going to chop someone as he darkened in color and glowed with power once again," Zetsuei," he said in a low, and almost dangerous tone.

As he said that, Zetsuei's body turned into a form of ice. It then grew a bit as the chest on it burst open to let two arms with its face fully shown, the ribbons even longer, two grey missile like appendages floating near the lower back, and the top of the body floating of the lower. The lower body was now that of a black and white tail that it stood on with purple spikes that looked like propellers, the top of it having two purple spikes that had crosses in them and a green orb in the middle. Lee had called upon Zetsuei's second form.

"Well, you never cease to amaze me," Kimimaro said as he felt this boy was an opponent he should at least honor," what is your name boy? I would be honored to know the man who fought so long against me."

"Rock Lee 'The Master of Zetsuei'," Lee announced as he now had hair was aqua green that spiked a bit forward, but was still down," it would only be fair you give yours as well."

"Kimimaro Kaguya of the Kaguya clan," the sound nin introduced as he bowed his head a bit in respect to a powerful warrior.

"At least now I know what name I should put down on your grave when I'm done with you," Lee said coldly as he thrusted his arm in command," ZETSUEI," he called out as his Alter disappeared so fast, it looked like it went in every direction.

Before he could react, Kimimaro was flung up from position as the tail of the Alter hit his body up into the sky. The Alter then followed him and hit him repeatedly in the air. As it finished, it tailed whipped him right back down the earth.

'The speed of the puppet has just increased exponentially,' Kimimaro thought as he quickly got out of the crater and dodged a tail whip that came his way.

"Why don't you come out…" Lee said calmly as he closed his eyes," Gaara of the Desert," he finished as a swirl of sand appeared beside him. He then opened his eyes to look at Gaara's calm exterior," good see you Gaara."

Gaara raised a non-existent eyebrow at him,' could this be that Lee guy,' he wondered before he mentally shrugging,' it's of no importance,' he thought," I'm here as back-up, but as I can see, it looks like you don't need it…for now," he said as he went over to the trees and waited by them for the fight to be over or if he ever needed to jump in.

Lee turned back to Kimimaro and threw out his hand," Zetsuei," he simply said as his Alter disappeared again in a burst of speed. This time, the sound nin was ready as dodged some of the fast attacks of the Alter. Once he was sure he got a lock on the Alter, the sound nin quickly took his bone sword and said," Dance of the Camellia," he called out as he sent a fast pace of thrust that became a blur at Zetsuei. The Alter though, simply dodged the stabs with ease and quickly got under his guard to tail whip him in the air.

'This guy has a puppet that's even greater than Kankuro's, even if it isn't you're regular one that usually has traps in them, this one definitely is an attack type,' Gaara thought as he watched Kimimaro being sent sailing into the air.

"Vigorous Left Fist Garyuu," Lee called out as the missile like appendage on the lower left of Zetsuei's back cocked in the direction Kimimaro was sailing in the air. The appendage then shot like it was shaped, a missile. As it blasted through the air, it started to spin rapidly towards its target.

The sound nin heard this and immediately sent some of his bone bullets toward the missile. But the bullets did nothing to stop the spinning missile as it hit him right in the stomach. The missile continued to spin as it went right through his stomach and returned back to Zetsuei, leaving Kimimaro falling down to the Earth with a whole in his stomach.

"Now, it's over," Lee said simply as he and Zetsuei turned to leave with Gaara to assist Naruto.

As Kimimaro started to fall, he started to think back on all of his life. The from being imprisoned by his own clan, to when his master, Orochimaru, saved him and took him in,' I'm still alive and I won't go down until my final…' he trailed off as his Curse Seal started to take over his whole body. When it finished, his whole body was brown with black marks going around his eyes, six large bone spikes on his back with three on each side, clawed hands and feet, and lastly…a long tail,' BREATH,' he yelled out in his head as he landed on the ground, with his stomach wound completely healed due to activating his Curse Seal level two.

"Huh?" Lee and Gaara then turn just in time as Kimimaro started to charge them," this guy doesn't know when to give up," Lee commented as he started walking towards the transformed sound nin," Zetsuei," he commanded as the Alter, once again, disappeared in a flash of speed.

As Zetsuei was about to hit him, he dodged at last possible moment, still running for Lee, as it seemed to be his only goal now. The Alter kept trying to hit him, but he just kept dodging. As he got close, Lee had his Alter tried to hit him one last time by getting in his way, but Kimimaro just quickly went around it and rammed Lee in the stomach. Not one to feel pain for long, Lee recovered in mid-air and landed on the grass with ease.

"What's the matter Lee? It seems you've changed tactics and let your puppet do all of you work," Kimimaro said as he stood up a bit, only to look like he was hunched," where is the boy who would fight me with all of his Taijutsu and try to kill me with his own hands…or is that you can't?"

Lee chuckled a bit at the assumption he couldn't move because of his Alter," trust me, I can move as much as I want. I just chose to let my Alter have his own fun," Lee said as he smiled a bit, but that little smile on his face then turned back into a cold one," but I think we should end this, don't you?"

His only answer was Kimimaro coughing up some blood," I don't have much time left, that's the only thing I have going for me now," he said as the held out his right hand forward," flower," he said simply as the bones on his right forearm started to grow out of his arm and started to form a large head of a spear," the bones in this are hardened to the max. It's the ultimate in attack power for me now."

"Well let's test which one of us has the best power in our attacks," Lee proposed as the sound nin nodded. Just as he said that, the right missile on the lower back of the Alter cocked in the sound nin's direction," Vigorous Right Fist Fukuryuu," he called out as the missile shot towards Kimimaro.

Kimimaro didn' reply as he thrusted his spear like bone towards the missile. As they hit, the two attacks struggled to see who had the better attack power. As it continued, both attacks seemed to be at a stalemate with the both of the attacks starting to crack at struggling for so long.

"Vigorous Left Fist Garyuu," Lee called out as the left missile shot out again towards Kimimaro.

'What's he thinking? All he's doing is replacing…' it then dawned Kimimaro that the attack he was struggling with now was just to weaken his spear's attack power. The missile then drilled right through the weakened missile and started to drill through Kimimaro's bone spear. As it slowly headed towards his head, he started to think back once again on his life with his master.

'Lord Orochimaru.'

With that final thought, the missile drilled through his head and left his body with nothing but stump in its place," NOW, its over," Gaara commented as he turned his head a bit to the direction of Konoha,' she's close,' he thought as he sensed a familiar Chakra signature getting close.

"You can come out now Scheris," Lee said as the blue haired girl landed besides Gaara.

"Lee?" she questioned with a bit of worry as she didn't what the new to the look he had now meant.

"It's alright Scheris, I'm, uh, I'm fi…" he then fell unconscious on the floor, with his hair reverting back to it normal color and Zetsuei disintegrating into nothingness.

"LEE," she called out as she ran towards him. Once she got to him, she lifted up his head and put it on her lap. She then started to look over his injuries,' I don't have time for the medics to get here,' she thought as she put her hands on his chest," Eternal Devote," she said as her hands sinked into his chest with bright pink glow.

'What kind of powers do these people have?' Gaara thought, as he looked at Scheris, who was healing Lee and starting to sweat,' hn, no business of mine,' he thought as he looked in Naruto's direction,' I hope you're safe Naruto, for my sister's sake.'

Just as he thought that, Naruto himself landed on top of a statue head and saw Sasuke standing on top of another statue's head on the opposite side of a canyon that held a large waterfall between the two," SASUKE," he called out as tried to reach out to the boy with his voice echoing throughout the canyon. But it didn't seem Sasuke listened as he started to walk off," are you going to run from me?!" he asked as that made the avenger stop in tracks.

Sasuke turned slowly to the former blond and what Naruto saw shocked him. Even though everything else was the same, the left side of his face was covered by a black flame mark with his left eye being yellow and the white of his eye being black," what's up…moron?" he asked in an almost cold voice. They both stood there for a few seconds in silence before he spoke up again," This time it's you?"

'Me? What does he…' Naruto then remembered Sakura state before he left and how she wanted the avenger back, with all of her heart it seemed,' like I said Sakura, I'll make sure he comes back, even if I have to break every bone in his body.'

"I told Sakura this too…stop concerning yourself with me," Sasuke said which made Naruto scowl hard at him and made the avenger chuckle a bit at his look," what's with that look?" he asked as he continued to chuckle in a evil way with an sadistic smirk on his face.

Naruto, while looking at his sadistic face, couldn't help but remember all the times they had. The start of them being Team Seven, their mission to the Wave, and the time he went against Gaara and how he told him to protect Sakura," why?" he asked as he clenched his right hand a bit," Why man?!" he asked again as he scowl turned into a sad look that made Sasuke wonder why he had it," Why have you become like this?!"

A moment passed as Naruto's last word echoed out in the canyon," whatever has become of me, how does it have anything to do with you?" he asked coldly before he continued," I have my own path…no matter who it is, I'm not obligated to take orders from anyone," that made Naruto scowl at him with anger once again," let me make it clear to you…my childish games with you and Konoha are over…go home."

There was a moment that passed before Naruto spoke," Chouji…" he said as he remembered the fat boy covering their backs as they left him," Neji…" he then remembered the Hyuuga told them to go on ahead as he would take care of his opponent," Kiba, Akamaru…" he then remembered how they lost them both in an explosion, but he knew they were alright," Shikamaru…" he then remembered how the lazy Chunnin once again risked his neck for him and Lee, just to let them try and get Sasuke back," Lee…" he then remembered how Lee let him go as he distracted the last of the Sound Five," everyone risked their lives to catch up to you!"

"How nice of them," Sasuke said in a sarcastic tone as he shrugged off all he said before he turned to leave again. He was about to leave when he saw a shadow appear in front of him, he looked back and turned his head upward to see Naruto coming down on him.

"What do you think your comrades in Konoha are?!" Naruto asked in a pissed off tone as he tackled Sasuke and gave him a right hook to the face. Sasuke just turned his head back and spat the blood in his mouth on Naruto's face. Naruto then took him by the collar and got him up to eye level.

"Comrades?" Sasuke asked in a not so caring tone," have I become stronger while staying with those comrades?" he asked as if they was a simple answer to that question, meaning for him, no," I'm going to where Orochimaru is."

That shocked Naruto a bit as he never thought he would say those words," Orochimaru is the one who killed our Third Hokage and tried destroy Konoha! You really think he'll give you power for free?!" the former blond asked as thought his best friend turned crazy," he just wants your body as a container! You might never come back! You might die! There's no way I could just let you go to a place like that!"

Another silent moment passed before the young Uchiha spoke," I don't care about that," he said as those words made Naruto cringe a bit, he then saw Sasuke had a look of insanity on his face," if I can achieve my objective, then it's all fine…If you're going to get in my way, then I have no choice," Sasuke said as he pulled in Naruto's shirt to pull him in a bit.

"I'm not going to let you go, I'm going to take you back with me, by force if need be," Naruto said as he now knew he had to knock some sense back into his best friend. But this seemed to amuse Sasuke as he started to chuckle in that evil way a villain would," what are you laughing about?"

"I was thinking back to our fight, you and I were happy at that moment," he said as Naruto started to remember the fight they had on the rooftop. Even though he was serious about it, he remembered how good it felt to test his skill against Sasuke at that time," at that time, you wanted to fight me, right? You were excited, right?"

"At first, yes, but you weren't the same back then. That…that though, wasn't the kind of fight I wanted with you. Even now, I…" he trailed off before he was cut off by Sasuke.

"I don't care about your reasons," he said as he tightened the grip on Naruto.

'What the? How'd he get this strength?' he asked himself as he and Sasuke held each other by the throats of their collars. But what surprised him was when immediately let go and punched him in the gut. All the air in Naruto's body left as he was sent down into the river, before the waterfall. As he got back up, he shook his head a bit and wiped the blood that was coming out of his mouth,' remind me not to underestimate his strength again,' he thought to himself as he stood back up on the water. He looked up and saw the smug look on Sasuke's face, as if he was satisfied by the minor power up he got from Curse Seal," I'm going to open those damn eyes of yours, Sasuke," he said as he charged towards him.

Sasuke saw this and jumped down to where he knew Naruto was going to be. Naruto, at that moment, jumped on the hand seal that statue was making and jumped towards Sasuke, who was in mid-air. He tried to punch him, but Sasuke dodged and went in to kick him in the head, but Naruto saw this and caught the kick. As he held it, he kicked him hard in the face. But what he didn't notice is that Sasuke took his weapons pouch he had on the back of his pants. The kick Naruto gave Sasuke forced him back down to the river.

Naruto looked back up and saw that Sasuke had recovered and landed on the hand seal of the statue. He then saw he had a weapons punch that looked like his. Naruto then felt the back of his pants and cursed himself for being careless," My eyes have been open for a long time," Naruto then looked back to Sasuke as he started to talk," I've seen beyond my foolishness…beyond stupid thought of being with friends…and dreaming of a peaceful future with like-minded fools," that made Naruto scowl once again at Sasuke," that's why I left the village, that is why I sought power! My dreams are not of the future…they are of the past...only there."

'He must be talking about his brother,' Naruto thought as he looked at the scowl on Sasuke's face,' Orochimaru must be using that feeling to draw him in,' he thought as he took a shuriken out and charged in,' I won't let him take you man,' the then threw that shuriken, but Sasuke dodged it and sent one of Naruto's kunai back at him. Naruto dodged it and hid behind a rock," Shadow Clone Jutsu," he whispered as he made two clones. One stayed where he was and the other hid behind another rock, as he quickly made his way to the base of the statue where Sasuke was, by using the speed he had.

Just as he made his way to the statue, Sasuke easily dispensed the first clone he made by throwing two kunais, one at a time as he deflected the first one by using the second to hit the clone in the head. Sasuke then saw the second clone come out to 'surprise attack' him, but Sasuke smirked at as he sent a hail of shurikens with wires attached to them and tied it to the rock it hid behind. He then went through some hand seals and breathed in as he called out his Jutsu," Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu," he called out as flame dragon followed the wire and killed the clone in an inferno.

Sasuke thought he had actually killed Naruto, but that wasn't to be as the former blond appeared beside him and punched him hard in the stomach," Dragon's Fang Impact," Naruto whispered in his ear as he felt the shockwave occur in his stomach and sent him flying into one of spiked hairs of the statue. Naruto then picked up the weapons pouch that Sasuke dropped and put it back up on the back of his pants," do you see now…" Naruto started as he walked towards Sasuke, who was trying to get out of the crater he made in the statue hair spike," that your hatred, your desire for power, your revenge, it's all clouding your judgment and skill," Naruto was then in front of Sasuke and pulled him out of the crater and held him by the collar of his shirt," what you truly lack to have true power is…heart."

"Don't…give…me…that…BULL," Sasuke called out as he activated his Sharingan and kicked Naruto in the chest and sent him sailing off the statue's side. Sasuke followed and as he got to Naruto's falling body, he sent a barrage of kicks into his stomach. But just as he was about to send one final kick to make him crash into the ground below, Naruto quickly kicked him in the head and landed on the ground as he skidded around in circles while Sasuke landed while holding his face from the kick. Sasuke then shook his head and looked back at Naruto, who had his arms crossed, waiting for him to attack," its good that it's just us now, there won't be anyone to interfere with our fight, like last time…this time, I'll show you the true power of my Sharingan," he said as he eyes pulsed with Chakra.

"Well then," Naruto started as he uncrossed his arms and goaded for Sasuke to attack," come one, show me what you've got."

His answer was Sasuke going through his hand seals ending with the tiger seal. He then breathed in and called out his Jutsu," Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu," he called out as he sent a massive flaming ball towards Naruto.

Naruto just stood there as if the fireball was a speck in his eyes. As soon as it got closer, he powered his right arm with some Alter power, but making sure not to call upon his Alter at the same time. When it was about to hit him, he backhanded the fireball and sent it flying towards the head of the statue that was opposite of the statue behind him," is that all you got?" Naruto asked as Sasuke glared at him before charging at him.

Naruto dodged the fast strikes of punches before he got passed them to uppercut Sasuke. When he did, the Uchiha was sent up into the air with Naruto following him. Naruto did a hard, but quick spin kick that sent him flying down the waterfall. When he was about to hit the water, he recovered and was floating on the river's surface.

"Are we not comrades, friends even? Did everything we did as Team Seven mean nothing to you, huh?!" Naruto asked as wondered if he was getting through the avenger.

"No…" Sasuke answered as he panted a bit before he stood up and had his eyes closed," everything we did wasn't meaningless…to me, you have become my closest friend," he then opened his eyes once again as he seemed to have calmed himself.

'I became his friend?' Naruto thought as question confused him because of the situation, which made him scowl hard at Sasuke," Then why?!"

"That is why…that is why there is value for me in killing you," he said, as it was the most normal thing in the world to do to someone as such.

"I don't get what you're saying, but I see now your serious about fighting me…SASUKE," he called out as he charged down the side of the statue with Sasuke following his example by running up the statue to meet him midway. As they met, they tried to hook each other in the face, but they both caught each other's attack and stood at a stalemate. Sasuke, seeing this, quickly let go, but not before shooting his hand towards Naruto's weapons pouch and stole a kunai.

"I'll defeat you here, Naruto," he called out as he fell down from his position and threw the kunai, but Naruto quickly took out a shuriken and deflected it. Seeing Sasuke's position, Naruto leapt towards him and kicked towards the statue he had first landed, at the beginning of this fight. The avenger quickly recovered and landed on the side of the statue's hand seal,' damn him,' he thought as he quickly went through the hand seal for his only assassination Jutsu," CHIDORI," he called out as he held the lightning Jutsu in his hand.

After Naruto had kicked Sasuke, he had landed on the water and saw Sasuke charging up the 'Chidori'," let's see which is one better," he called out as he cocked his right hand back and focused his Chakra," RASENGAN," he yelled out as he held the blue sphere of power. At that moment, Sasuke dropped down and hit the water's surface, and then quickly ran towards him.

Naruto saw this and charged his Chakra to his feet. When he felt he had enough, he dashed in a blur that only Sasuke could follow. As they neared each other, the kunai that was deflected fell in between them and sinked into the river. As it did, they hit each other with their Jutsus, struggling to see who would come out on top.

But it was clear as the Rasengan drilled right through the Chidori and sent Sasuke flying near the waterfall,' I see that he's actually serious about trying to kill me,' Naruto thought as he saw Sasuke rising up from the water and glare at him,' why man? Why?' he thought as he eyes started to sadden a bit, but still kept a glare of his own at the moment.

As they both glared at each other, Sasuke quickly activated his curse seal,' I will not lose to the this dead last shinobi, I am an Uchiha dammit,' he thought as the curse seal quickly covered his entire body, he then went through some hand seal for fire Jutsu," Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu," he called out as he sent a hail of fire balls towards Naruto.

Naruto saw this and quickly jumped out of the way, but then he saw Sasuke right beside him,' how…' his thoughts were cut off as Sasuke gave a hard hook to him and sent him flying towards the side of the canyon. Naruto quickly recovered in the air and saw Sasuke gunning for him when he landed on the water.

Sasuke quickly went in to punch him in the gut, but Naruto quickly took hold of the punch. He then quickly deflected another fast punch that was going for his face. Seeing an opening, he did a flip kick that hit the avenger in the jaw. That sent Sasuke sailing a bit of distance,' he certainly has gotten faster and stronger due to the seal, but…' he trailed off as he wanted to voice his thought now," If you think a little boost in power is going to stand up against me, you're wrong."

"Damn…you," he said as he gritted through his teeth in anger.

"I'll show you that having heart…" Naruto said as he extended his right hand out and clenched on finger at at time, first from the index finger, to the pinky, and ending with his thumb," WILL GIVE TRUE POWER," he called out as the water swirled around his arm and his right arm split into three segments. Three red spikes then appeared on his back with gold laces wrapping around the three split arm pieces and tied them together as gold, grey and orange armor materialized on his arm. Once it was complete, he clenched his hand and powered up his Alter power, faintly showing the form a Nine-Tailed Fox, Kyuubi, behind him.

'Wha-what it this?' Sasuke asked himself as a bead of sweat dripped off his chin. As this happened, the flame marks on his body returned to the Curse Seal.

"It's like I said earlier to Sakura…" Naruto started as he broke the avengers thought, with his brown hair shadowing his eye," I'll do everything I can to bring you back, even if have to break every bone in your body," he then lifted his head and showed them to be blood red eyes that had slits in them. As he felt the power rush through him, he released it and sent a shockwave towards Sasuke. He quickly cocked right arm back and the top red spike disentagrated," SHOCKING FIRST BULLET," he called out as he propelled himself towards the disoriented Sasuke and hit him right in the gut.

'So…much…power,' Sasuke thought as he felt a rib or two crack on the sudden attack. He stumbled back a bit as he clutched his gut. But he didn't have enough time for a break as Naruto quickly got under his guard and uppercut him in the chin with his Alter arm. Naruto, not being finished, jumped higher then him and flipped a bit as he heeled him in the shoulder, hard, and sent him crashing through the water. Sasuke looked from the water and gritted his teeth as he tried to dull his pain,' I'm not done yet,' he yelled out in his head as he shot out of the water.

The avenger quickly shot out of the water and skidded along its surface, but it wasn't long until he was punched right in the face and stumbled back a bit. He also had little time as a barrage of punches hit him fast punched. It all ended as he Naruto kicked him in the gut and sprang from it to the canyon wall, with Sasuke falling down on the water on his back.

Sasuke was really mad now as he went through another set of seals," Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu," he called out as sent another large fireball towards Naruto.

But Naruto knew he could get through the attack," ANNIHILATING SECOND BULLET," he called out as the second red spike disintegrated and spun him once before he shot towards the large fire ball.

Sasuke grinned deviously as he saw the Jutsu hit him, thinking that was now dead. But he lost that grin as he saw the former blond burst through the fireball and had that Alter arm gunning for him. He didn't have enough time to get out of the way as he was hit in the face and sent skidding along the water's surface, with the water trailing high along his path. He shakily got up and held his face. He then spat and saw blood, with some teeth among the blood. He grimaced, as he tasted his own blood in his mouth and fell down on one knee.

Naruto calmly walked over to Sasuke and picked him up by his collar," have you come to your senses yet?" Naruto asked as he held him up by his collar," you know what I'll do to you if you don't."

"Shut…up," he said weakly as he looked at Naruto with almost closed eyes," what do you know about me, with no siblings or parent?!" Sasuke eyes then opened wide with anger," you were alone from the start! What the hell do you know?!" he yelled out in his face," we suffer because of our bonds…you don't know how it feels to lose them!"

Naruto stared impassively at him before he let him go. Sasuke looked at him questionably as he started to walk away. He wondered if he was actually leaving. But that thought stopped as Naruto turned back to him and spoke," It's true that I don't know anything about parents or siblings, but…when I'm with Iruka-sensei, I wonder if this is what is like to have a dad. And then, there's you and me, always fighting, putting up with each other, and challenging each other's strengths to see who's better, hanging out with each even, I wonder if that is what it is like to have brother."

"Why Naruto, why would you go this far out for me?" Sasuke asked for once, as he looked a bit downcast from the confession.

"This is one of my first bonds I've ever had," he answered as he shocked Sasuke a bit and gave a warm look on his face," I consider you my brother, and that is why I'll stop you from doing this," he said with determination as he slid into his stance.

Sasuke actually looked a bit more depressed before he stood up and took his headband out of his pocket," it's too late for that Naruto, it's too late," he said as he tied his headband on his forehead," there's no going back for me," Sasuke said as he slid into his own stance. At that moment, Sasuke's Sharingan gained another tear drop tomoe mark," come Naruto, if that is the case, I'll break those bonds!"

"Break them, huh?" Naruto asked as he narrowed his eyes a bit at the headband," then why did you put your forehead protector on?"

"There's no doubt about it, you're strong," Sasuke said as he cringed from the broken ribs and sore jaw," it's because you know the same pain of loneliness that I do and that pain makes people stronger. By breaking those bonds, I'll obtain greater strength and now we fight as equals," Sasuke then thumbed his headband with a bit of a smirk," but you won't be able to put a scratch on my forehead…that fact will not change," he said as he got some of his ego back.

"I see this is where the talk is done," Naruto then closed his eyes a bit before opening with determination shown in them," let's go."

"Come," Sasuke called out as Naruto only complied as he shot towards him. He quickly saw the attack and caught the left hook coming for him,' I see it,' he thought as he flipped Naruto over himself.

Naruto quickly sent a punch, but Sasuke deflected it, so he sent another, only for that one to be block. After that, he sent a straight kick for his stomach, but Sasuke caught it with both his hands and pulled him a bit before he backhanded him. Naruto shook his head a bit before he charged in with a punch, but Sasuke jumped away before he hit him and landed on the canyon wall, sticking onto it with his chakra. Naruto quickly followed him up the wall and tried to get him with a one-two combo and a follow up roundhouse kick, but he just dodged or blocked the hits. He jumped up a bit and sent a three hit combo kick towards him, but Sasuke blocked them before he kicked Naruto away.

Naruto quickly landed back on the wall before he went down to the water. He then looked up to Sasuke and analyzed what happened,' his movement are completely different from before…' he then looked at Sasuke's eye and noticed the change,' is it because how his Sharingan changed, it now looks the same as Kakashi-sensei's, which must mean he's reading my movement, but…' he then remembered what the weakness of the Sharingan had,' even if he can see me, his body can't react if he can't keep up, so I'll have to step up my speed and power,' he thought before he stood up (or sideways for all of us) and charged up both his Chakra and Alter power to his feet and arms. He then shot towards Sasuke in flash of speed.

'I can see his movement, if I can see them I know how to counter and beat him, so…' Sasuke was caught off guard as Naruto hit him in the gut,' how?' he thought weakly as he looked up in time to catch a punch, only to grimace behind the power of the punch as it almost broke his wrist. He then saw a faint gold and blue glow around him,' is he using some power to confuse to my Sharingan?' (As far as I know, that's the Sharingan's weakness, speed, and that it also reads the path of a person's Chakra to read those movements, but that doesn't include Alter power, so I think that would confuse his Sharingan a bit)

"Come on, you can do better than that," Naruto said as he held the punch in Sasuke's hand. Sasuke gritted his teeth as he sent a punch towards Naruto, who used his own punch to intercept it. It then quickly grew into an exchange of punches and kicks as they duked it out on the wall, with both of them reading each other movement and hitting each other with the same attack. Naruto quickly got behind Sasuke and was about to punch him, but Sasuke saw this and sent a kick to his stomach.

But to his surprise, it popped into a cloud of smoke,' a Shadow Clone?' he asked himself as his eyes went wide,' then where…' he was cut off as he felt something coming from his side.

"EXTERMINATING LAST BULLET," Naruto called out as he spun wildly before hitting Sasuke in the gut again and sent him sailing to the water. Naruto quickly jumped down to the water and waited for Sasuke to get up.

"That…is…IT!" Sasuke called out as the curse seal sprang to life once again and covered his body with black flame marks.

"If you can't see past those eyes still…" Naruto then thrusted his Alter arm up and charged up his Alter power and darkened in color while glowing with power," I'LL JUST HAVE TO USE ALL OF MY POWER MAKE YOU OPEN YOUR EYES," he called out as part of the canyon wall disintegrated with his whole Alter arm with it. It was then replaced with an orange gauntlet that had a device in the middle of his hand and red fingered claws and should with black mark, a gold propeller floating on the right backside of his shoulder, and three orange spikes near his right eye," SHELL BULLET," he called out its name as he held it up to his face.

Sasuke quickly started sending fireballs at him from different positions, but Naruto saw this and quickly flew past the fired shots. Having enough of dodging the small fireballs, he quickly charged in with his Alter arm cocked back. Sasuke saw this and went through some familiar seals," Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu," he called out as he sent a massive fireball towards Naruto. Naruto didn't care at the moment and blew right past the fireball.

The next then Sasuke knew was being held by the collar by Naruto and saw his Alter arm glow," SHELL BULLET BURST," Naruto called out as he aimed to punch the young Uchiha in the chest. But Sasuke threw up his right arm to guard himself, but in the process, the powered up punch broke his forearm, making Sasuke cry out in pain. As he still held onto him, he flew up and started to swing him around until he let go and sent him flying to the base of one of the statues.

Sasuke impacted the wall and cringed in pain for a bit. Not a second later, Naruto landed in front of him, still looking down at him with blood red eyes with slits in them. As Sasuke looked up at him, he chuckled a bit and started to stand up only to end up on all fours and cringed at his broken right forearm and ribs," I guess it can't be helped, geez…ever since I started to use this power, I've had no idea what would happen to me," he then slowly got up to his feet and hanged his head a bit," but there isn't a choice, is there, Naruto?" he asked as the Curse Seal activated again and completely darkened his whole body's and made his hair longer and turn grey," it's true that your special, but you know…" he started as he looked up and showed a black four point star in the middle of his face with the white of his eye turned black and the Sharingan's blood red color dulled, with some purple lips as well (gay if you ask me)," I'm more special than you," he finished as the Curse Seal level two was now active on his body.

"Special, if you think having a few broken ribs and broken forearm is special, I'll make you more special," Naruto said as he extended his Alter fist out and clenched before the device opened up and sucked in more material for it power up. He then brought up to his face as he slowly rose up from the ground," Shell Bullet Burst," he said again as he dashed towards Sasuke.

If one looked from a distance, you could a see cloud of dust appeared right when Naruto hit Sasuke and drag him toward the legs of the statue. When the dust cleared, it showed that Naruto hadn't hit him, but rather, a hand like wing. A wing, which twitched a bit and signaled Naruto to back off, but he didn't have time as it flung him towards the other statues legs.

Naruto shook his head a bit as he got up and looked with wide eyes as at the winged appendage. He then saw another quickly sprout from the other side of his shoulder and complete it as a pair of hand like wings, making him look like a demon himself. He slowly got up and was about to attack when he felt his right arm twitch in pain,' has the time limit on using this arm already been used up,' he wondered as he felt the twitch of pain hit him again.

"That power…" Naruto heard from Sasuke and looked up to see his smirking face," it seems using it comes at a price," Sasuke then closed his eyes until he looked up and opened them as if he was far off in thought," did you know…this place is called the Valley of the End. It's the perfect stage…right Naruto?" he asked as he looked at Naruto's glaring blood red eyes," yeah, you did say the time for talk is over…then let's end this battle now, Naruto," he then quickly went through the necessary seals for his last Jutsu, ignoring the pain the right forearm was giving him," Chidori," he announced as the usual blue lightning turned dark with the sounds of birds being warped.

Naruto cocked his pained Alter hand back and molded his chakra. When it was done, he held the Rasengan in his hand. When he saw it was done, he opened the device in the middle of if hand and sucked in the power. The Rasengan then turned slightly bigger and turned to a gold yellow color," Shell Bullet Rasengan," he announced as he held the glowing gold orb of power.

They both locked eyes as blood red eyes met dull red eyes. They then jumped towards each other, as time seemed to slow down as they approached each other with their strongest attacks; when they got close enough to each other, they thrusted their attacks to each other.

"SHELL BULLET RASENGEN/ CHIDORI," They both called out as the two attacks hit each and started to struggle for dominance. As they struggled, the power of the attack wrapped around them, creating a purple sphere of power; inside the sphere, Naruto let go most of the power of his modified Rasengan and pushed the blue sphere into Sasuke's midsection and made the Uchiha miss his attack completely. When that happened, the purple sphere increased in size quickly and turned black before going white in the middle, which quickly spread out from there and took over the color of the sphere completely and vanish, leaving Naruto standing over Sasuke's knocked out body. Sasuke had now reverted back to his original form with the Curse Seal gone.

Naruto was panting in and out from the power the two had used against each other, but still held his second form up. He was about to kneel down and pick Sasuke up, but then he heard a chuckle and saw a man he and Kazuma, who had been watching from his cage, would never see again," I see the Uchiha wasn't enough of challenge for you kid," the familiar silver haired man in a tux said.

"Kyoji Mujo," Naruto said under his breath before he exploded," HOW THE HELL ARE YOU ALIVE, YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO BE DEAD?!" he asked angrily as he knew his presence was a bad omen.

"Ah, don't be like that Kazuma, oh wait, your not him, you're the kid who has him sealed inside your body, I forgot," he said as he feigned ignorance," I just came by and wanted to leave you a bit of a present," he then threw a bag the thudded on the ground and opened to reveal two heads, the heads of…Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigake.

"What the…" Naruto said in shock, as he knew these were guys were tough and it seemed Mujo killed them.

"I got bored and took out the organization for you, it was too easy," Mujo said as he yawned a bit and held that cigarette holder in his mouth.

Naruto as was now pissed, not for killing Akatsuki, but thinking that he was just another speck in his eye and he was just standing there without at care in the world," I'm gonna KILL YOU," he called out as he flew towards him in a flash of speed.

Mujo smirked as he met him midway and held his hand and stopped the attack with some sort of shield," I see you still haven't acquired all of his power," he said as he shook his head in disappointment," that just won't do, maybe I should give you an incentive," he said as he flicked the smoker and hit Sasuke on the side of his neck, who was still unconscious on the ground.

"DAMN YOU TO HELL," Naruto called out in rage as he continued to push more power towards Mujo, ignoring Kazuma's warnings of what might happen if he used too much of that power.

"Heh, until then kid, I hope you gain more power so that you might satisfy my hunger," he said before he vanished out of sight and left Naruto floating in the air, looking left and right for him. He stopped his searching as he heard Sasuke groan a bit. Naruto quickly flew down to him and disengaged his Alter and went back to his original form.

"Sasuke?" Naruto quickly asked as he hoped the Uchiha was okay.

"Naruto? What's going on? What happe, ahh," Sasuke was cut off as he started to remember all that happened since the Curse Seal took him over," now I just feel like shit," he said as laid back down. He then gave Naruto a sad look," I'm sorry for all of this Naruto, I…"

"No, don't worry about it," Naruto said as he cut him off and gave a sincere smile," now let's get you home man," he said as Sasuke nodded with a smirk on his face.

After a while, they were walking through the forest with Sasuke being piggy backed along the way," hey, turn left at that next tree," Naruto shook his head a bit before he did so," man, this cart has a good horse, it listens to what you have to say, I'm almost don't want to get off," Sasuke said weakly.

"Ah shut up you bastard," Naruto snapped back in a joking manner as he continued to walk back to Konoha. He then felt a sudden weight on him," woah, Sasuke, come on, you're not light as feather here you know, hehehe," he joked as he continued to walk. He then saw Kakashi land in front of him," Kakashi-sensei," he said happily.

"Naruto, Sasuk…" he trailed as he saw the Uchiha's body and went to check him. He sighed and looked at Naruto sadly. He didn't say anything until he put a hand on Naruto's shoulder and puffed a way in a cloud a smoke with the two of them.

After sometime, they arrived at the gates of Konoha. Naruto saw Sakura running towards them and smiled," Naruto you brought him back, you…" she then saw the look in Sasuke's eyes and started to tear up.

"I see you're happy he's back," he then started to shake Sasuke to wake him up," hey, don't just sleep man, Sakura wants to say something to you," He got no answer as he continued to shake him," Sasuke, come on, wake up man," Sakura then started to cry out her eye openly, and Naruto was starting to get worried," Sasuke, Sasuke come on, get your ass up, Sasuke…." Seeing the only thing to do, he took a deep breath, knowing it would be futile to do so anyway," SAASSUUKEE."

Because he was dead.

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