Beyond Death's Door

By: Sokai

Disclaimer: I, Sokai, do not claim ownership to the role-playing game, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth -- I leave that honor up to tri-Ace and Square Enix. However, I can and DO claim to own this story, its inspired ideas FROM said series, as well as my original character, Sitara Vandom.

Note: So . . . Since I'm now utterly obsessed with the kick arse and touching RPG, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (mainly because it incorps mythology which, those who know me well know I'm also obsessed with), I thought I'd give writing a crossover between it and my Requiem for a Dream W.I.T.C.H. story a shot.

"Important" things to note while reading this story:

1. This story is a spin-off of my "Requiem for a Dream" story, versus the sequel I'm already/currently writing for it, "Tears of Redemption" (that one is a continuation of what happened in the first story; this one is not)

2. This story takes place several hundred years after both the "B" and "A" ending events (so, in other words, the world has "advanced" to what it is today, etc) of the game (with Lenneth having defeated Surt as she had in the "B" ending version, but also defeated Loki as she did in the "A" ending. However, while Loki didn't kill Odin but did kill Lucian, Lenneth had never regained her memories of him. She also doesn't go into the "divine sleep" as she does at the end of the "B" ending, nor does she become Lord of Creation as she does at the end of the "A" ending. So therefore, she's simply continuing her duties as "Death Goddess"

Needless to say, this story might be a bit confusing to some of you who have never heard of nor played the game, but I promise it won't be after it gets going.

This story/prologue teaser was created/written in January 2007.

". . . Kill me . . ."

"What? No!"

"Will . . . You said that you wanted to 'save me . . . ' Killing me is the only way -- I realize that now . . ."

"No! I said that I would save you, as in help you!"

"If you kill me, you will help. This power within me is too great for me to handle or control for very long . . . It's too unstable; I might hurt someone else with it the next time I'd get upset . . . But if you kill me now, it will end . . . And you'll be safe . . . I'm dying anyway, sis . . . So with or without your 'help,' it'd still be too late for me . . . And I don't know you either, Will, but it's plain to see that you're my better half . . . And I am very honored to be your sister . . . Your twin sister . . ."

"Please . . . don't tell me to do this, Sitara . . ."

"I'm not telling you . . . I'm asking you. Please, Will . . ."

"H-hurry . . ."

"I . . . I . . ."

". . . Set me free . . ."

One of (as well as the greatest) of the three Goddesses of Fate (whose eternal role it is to decide one's fate after death), the beautiful as she was becalmed "Battle-Maiden," Lenneth Valkyrie's blue-silver eyebrows drew themselves down upon her creamy, flawless visage into an immense frown the longer she listened to the mortals of the new Midgard.

Through the use of her "Spiritual Connection," one of the many divine powers bestowed upon her as a goddess, Lenneth utilized said special ability periodically in order to continue her duty as Chooser of the Slain.

However, something is most . . . curious about this particular mortal who is fast approaching death, mused the immortal being as she remained steadily aloft within the night skies high above the world (as she did always, whenever searching for debased souls to purify, in addition to gloriously brave souls slain in battle to admit into the ethereal world of Valhalla -- that is home to Lenneth, as well as her All-Father and Lord, Odin).

I am sensing tremendous and unsettling vibrations from this one, as well as a great abundance of power . . .

"Regardless, she will be judged and receive said judgment at once, as it is my faithful honor and duty to my Lord," said Lenneth within her traditionally strong and slightly husky voice the moment she ceased her concentration within her Spiritual Connection.

Opening her pale, hollow and silvery-blue eyes, the Battle-Maiden resumed her effortless flight throughout the darkened skies towards the location of the dying individual in question: A cemetery by the name of Fadden Hills . . .

-- End of Prologue Teaser

(A.N. I know. Cheap. So? Bite me. LoL I didn't want to write more and then this story gets canned by the lot of you. If so, that's honestly okay, but since, like I said, I'm absolutely in love with Lenneth, I HAD to write a story for her for something. And since she also reminds me so much of Sitara, eerily, pairing them up was perfect to me. Anyway, again, if you're confused about this game and never played it, please go to my profile, where I've left several useful links that will let you see what Lenneth looks like, and information on the game, itself, etc. Since I'm kinda lazy here in this teaser and didn't super super explain stuff about Lenneth and wrote it like you've ALL played the game, I'm sorry. LoL Most of you know I don't normally do that in my stories, but this teaser gave me grief for some reason, so yeah. Stay tuned, I guess!)