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A/N: This occurs in the 3 year time gap after Freeza is killed, and before the androids come. Hope you enjoy!

Prologue: Oh $#!+ this isn't an Elevator?

It was such a wonderful late afternoon/early evening! Goku just knew that this was soon going to be the ending to yet another perfect day. There were no threats to the Earth at the moment (other than the androids that were said to be coming in 3 years time to have fun obliterating the human race and all of existence.) Life seemed pristine, life seemed great... nothing could go wrong!

Goku opened up the door to his quaint little house in the mountains on the boondocks of West City. The second he stepped foot in the small house, he whiffed up the scent of ChiChi's home cooking. He strode into the kitchen cheerily, and reached his hand into a one of the pans to sneakily snatch a tasty morsel, only succeeding in having his hand swatted away with a spatula in the act.

"Come on Chi, just a little bit?" Goku pleaded with his infamous Son Goku puppy dog eyes (well, at least with ChiChi, they have yet to save the Earth).

"No Goku, you know full well it isn't dinner yet! You'll just have to wait patiently," reprimanded ChiChi, setting the utensil down, and crossing her arms.

"But ChiChi, I'm starving!" whined Goku childishly.

"No is no, Goku," replied a somewhat agitated ChiChi, returning to her cooking.

Goku put on a fake sulky face, and sat down at the kitchen table. "I'm not kidding, ChiChi. I really am starving!" he continued relentlessly.

"Goku, don't you realize that the more you bug me, the longer it takes for me to make the food?" questioned ChiChi, glancing at him for a moment.

"No-" answered Goku honestly, still bearing a pout.

ChiChi rolled her eyes, and resumed cooking. "You know, Goku, Bulma stopped by earlier," she mentioned, trying to change the subject, and distract Goku, like one would distract a 3 year old.

"Really?" asked Goku.

"Yeah, she was a little bit disappointed that you weren't here. She told me that you should visit her more often," replied ChiChi

"Oh," said Goku, staring at the food, while a massive drool puddle formed beneath his mouth.

ChiChi thought for a moment. 'Maybe I can get him out of my hair until dinner is ready,' she thought slyly. "Goku, I have an idea. Why don't you go pay Bulma a visit. I'm sure she'd be glad to see you!"

Goku shook his had, breaking his trance on the food. "Ok, ChiChi, I'll do just that!" he chirped, getting up out of his seat, and heading toward the door. "I'll be home before dinnertime!" he shouted, as he left.

He was just about to jump into the air, and take flight, when a thought suddenly crossed his mind. 'Why don't I just use instant transmission. That would go a lot quicker!' thought Goku. He hit his forehead in realization, and instantly transported inside of Capsule Corp.

The building itself was big, and Goku didn't exactly remember his way around it completely. Well, okay, in all honesty, he was utterly dumbstruck on where he was. A smart person would merely sense for Bulma's ki, and transport directly to her, but Goku never was the sharpest tool in the shed.

'I know! I'll just walk around until I find her. She's bound to be in here somewhere!' he thought, giving himself an imaginary pat on the back for a plan he thought of as ingenious.

Goku went up a few flights of stairs, searching for Bulma on each and every floor, but so far, he had no luck. Unknown to him, less than 15 minutes into the search, he had already begun to start walking in circles. He had been walking along the same corridor for about 20 minutes now.

Finally, he ended up taking a different turn that lead him to a long staircase leading earthward. He walked down it, and ended up finding himself in a lab of some sort. He walked around it, taking unnecessary glances into the many graduated cylinders, and test tubes.

"No Bulma in here either-" he commented to himself with a frown.

Goku sighed deeply in frustration. He was finally beginning to lose all hope of ever finding her in the gigantic maze of a building that was Capsule Corp. 'Sure wish there were one of those "you are here, blah blah blah is there," signs in here,' thought Goku.

Moments later, his eyes then rested upon what he thought was just an ordinary elevator. "Phew," he sighed in relief, "At least I don't have to get lost on all of those staircases again," he muttered, pushing the only button on the outside of it, which as he thought, opened the door.

He walked inside, and looked at the buttons on the control panel to the right of the double-doors. As the doors shut, he began to read them. There was a screen slightly above the keypad, and it lit up.

"Hello there, passenger. Thank you for traveling with Capsule Corporattion model E8371R2. What year would you like to visit?" queried a mechanical female computer voice.

"Year?" questioned Goku aloud, looking for the woman who had spoken to him.

Goku scratched the back of his head in confusion, realizing that he was alone. 'Hmm... What floor should I go to?' he thought, ignoring the computer's question. 'I can't choose... I know! I won't look when I dial it in.' Goku shut his eyes, lifted up his arm, and typed in a few numbers while thinking to himself, 'Goku, you are such a genius!'

When the computer repeated the numbers he typed in; it followed by questioning, "And what coordinates would you like?"

"Huh...? The thing must be broken!" exclaimed Goku aloud in frustration.

He then pounded his right fist on the number keys a few times, while demanding, "Work, would ya'?"

The computer then repeated the next set of numbers he had literally punched in. It then stated, "Year and coordinates locked, please stand still while the process of transporting your molecules to said place and time is made. Process will start in 5... 4..."

"Huh... This isn't an elevator... is it?" questioned Goku aloud to no-one in particular, making a loud gulping sound afterwards. "Uh-oh, ChiChi's gonna kill me!"

"3... 2... 1..." finished the computer. "The process will now begin."