A/N: Okay the mystery anime is Haunted Junction... the reason why it's a mystery in the summery is because it's a very obscure anime... it's out of print but my boyfriend who found a used a copy of the box set just got me into it... somehow this popped into my mind (my twisted, twisted mind... sorry I've meaning to write this) plus this is my first fanfic with Franky (who has become one of my boyfriend's favorite characters). Haunted Junction is about a haunted high school but that's all I'm getting into... (I'll explain more later)... oh yes I will bring in dead characters later on... also there will be mentions of other anime, shows and movies.

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Haunted Sunny

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Oh My God! The Ship's Haunted

The Thousand Sunny, the Ship of one of the most fearsome pirate crews, the Straw Hats, it carries on the Sprit of the Merry Go… or Going Merry… whatever the ship's name was… the first ship of the Straw Hats… The ship was barely a week old when some things best described as "crazy messed up shit". It all began one day when Sanji went to use the bathroom…

"Come out already!" yelled Zoro banging on the door.

"No!" came Sanji's voice on the other side of the door.

"Come on… I have to go badly!" yelled Zoro with his leg twitching slightly.

"No!" came Sanji's voice.

"I know your shaking hands with Mr. Johnson..." glowed Zoro.

"No I'm not!" came Sanji's voice.

If Zoro just had to go Number 1 then there would be no problem, he'd just pee over the side of the ship now matter how much Nami would yell at him… but he to go both Number 1 and Number 2… that's when he finally gave in and did something he wanted to do… he used his two swords (still needed to find someone to repair his third) to break down the door… sure Franky would yell at him but he had to go badly... what he found would shock and anger him… mostly anger him.

"Who is she?" he asked.

Sanji was sitting on the toilet while a young red haired girl clung around him… not only that but she was wearing a sailor fuku but some of the front of the shirt was missing and her ribbon hid her breasts…

"Oh I'm sorry… I'll come back Sanji-Kun!" said the girl.

She suddenly disappeared… Sanji looked sad…

"That girl…" said Zoro surprised that she just vanished.

"Oh Miss Hanako…" cried Sanji, "It's your fault she's gone!"

"That girl just vanished!" yelled Zoro, "And I don't know what just happened but get out we'll fight later!"

Zoro went into the bathroom and kicked out Sanji.

"By the way… tell Franky to fix the door..." said Zoro.

Sanji turned around angrily and out of disgust as Zoro needed to use the toilet…

A disappearing girl was the least of their worries... Luffy was trying to figure out how to break into the new fridge… when he saw a mirror floating beside him. He looked at the mirror and a little girl appeared on the surface.

"Hi?" said Luffy.

"Hello…" said little girl coming out the mirror a little.

Now a normal prison would have been freaked out…

"What are you doing here little girl?" asked Luffy.

But Luffy wasn't a normal person.

"I don't know…" said the little girl in the mirror.

"Want to play a game?" asked Luffy.

"Of course!" said the little girl in the mirror.

About 10 minutes later Nami walked by… "Hey Luffy…" she said… then she noticed that Luffy was playing a clapping game with a little girl in a mirror. She began to walk backwards with her eye twitching…

"Luffy… what's that?" asked Nami.

"Oh this is Mirror Girl…" said Luffy.

"Hi there!" said the little girl in the mirror named Mirror Girl cheerfully, "Luffy… I have to go now…"

"Okay bye…" said Luffy.

Mirror Girl suddenly disappeared… that's when Luffy finally noticed how strange it was…

"Oh my god! She was in a mirror and then she disappeared! Nami did you see that?" said Luffy.

However Nami fainted at the site of Mirror Girl disappearing.

"Nami!" yelled Luffy.

Luffy began to drag Nami to the infirmary…

"Hey Chopper!" said Luffy.

When he walked in, he saw Chopper backed into a corner in fear.

"What's wrong Chopper?" asked Luffy.

"That…" said Chopper pointing to the other side of the room.

On the other side of the room… were two models, one of a skeleton and one of a autonomy model. They were performing a Varity show act… Luffy sweatdroped… then screamed.

"Well Bones… I guess we should go…" said the autonomy model.

They were about run away when both tripped breaking apart…

"Ah! My guts!" screamed the autonomy model then both disappeared.

"What's going on…" said Luffy.

"I don't know…" said Chopper.

Later in the meeting room… everyone in was freaked out except for Sanji.

"I see dead people…" muttered Usopp who was the worst out of them all.

"Okay some pretty weird stuff is going on!" said the now concouis Nami.

"But Miss Hanako isn't weird…" said Sanji.

"A girl was attracted to you… then disappeared! What's not weird about…" said Zoro, "Especially the girl who was attracted you…"

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Sanji.

"Stop now!" said Nami.

"Franky… what's going on…" said Luffy.

"I have no idea…" said Franky.

"A disappearing girl, a girl in a mirror and living models performing slapstick… something strange is going on…" said Chopper.

"The ship's haunted!" yelled Usopp.

"He's right we're on top of an ancient Indian burial ground!" yelled Luffy, "They removed the head stones but they didn't remove the bodies!"

"Luffy… don't listen to Usopp!" said Nami, "and besides we're on a ship…"

"But the ship is haunted…" said Robin.

Everyone stared at Robin surprised.

"That's impossible! The ship's brand new…" said Franky.

"It doesn't matter how new the ship..." said Robin, "It doesn't matter the age if the wood's haunted…"

"True, true…" said an old man appearing from nowhere, "Sometimes legendary tree's wood have spiritual properties."

"Really?" said Franky.

That's when the site of the old appearing out nowhere sunk in…

"What the hell…" said Zoro.

"Who are you?" asked Luffy.

"My name is not important… just call me Chairman…" said the old man.

"What's going with this ship…" said Franky… after all what shipwright wouldn't be worried about the fact the ship they built might be haunted...

"Well not many people know this but trees, including Treasure Trees have special properties that attracts sprits like myself…" said Chairman.

"You're a ghost?" said Usopp shaking.

Chairman began ot float up… and he didn't have feet…

"Cool!" said Luffy.

"He's a ghost! How is that cool!" yelled everyone else in his crew.

"You see it is said that when the wood of a Treasure Tree… a minister or his decedents, a Buddhist monk or his decadent and a Shinto priest or priestess or his/ her decedents are together at the same time and let it sit for a few days it will create a haven for sprits…" said the Chairman.

"Yeah but what does that have to do with anything?" said Zoro.

Luffy and Sanji began to laugh uneasily.

"Luffy… Sanji… what's going on?" said Franky with his eye twitching.

"Well my grandpa was minister…" said Luffy.

"Garp was a minister?" said Usopp shocked.

"No… not him… my other grandpa…" said Luffy.

Everyone sweatdroped…

"Well what about you?" asked Zoro.

"Well years ago my mother told me the story about my father… she told that one day she met a monk named Miroku, he asked her to bear his child and one thing lead to another… and 9 months later… I was born…" said Sanji.

Everyone in the room sweatdroped…

"Well my neither of my parents were Shinto priests…" said Zoro.

"My mother wasn't…" said Franky.

"Neither was mine…" said Usopp.

"I'm a reindeer…" said Chopper.

"Neither was my father…" said Robin.

Nami was silent, "I guess… it might have been mine…" said Nami quietly.

Luffy, Usopp, Sanji and Zoro were quiet all of a sudden.

"What is it?" asked Chopper.

"I was orphaned… when I was a baby…" said Nami quietly, "At least I learned more about them… or at least one of them…"

"Well that's great for you…" said Franky, the Speedo clad cyborg began to sulk in the corner, "My dream ship is haunted…"

Chairman began to chuckle, "Well if you want to this ship to be un-haunted there's something you can do…"

"Really what?" asked Luffy.

"Gather the 7 badges of the Guardian Ghosts form this boat…" said the Chairman.

Next Time: The Straw Hats search for the 7 Guardian Ghosts... from strange fangirls to an extremely handsome bishonen in a mask... chaos will happen... will the find the badges? Is Chairman telling the truth? Why does that ghost Hanako haunt the Toilet? Most of these questions will be answered next time...