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Chapter 5: Friends 'Till the End

Zoro laid on the grass, he sighed heavily… right now was interesting… almost everyone had a guest… only himself, Luffy and Sanji did have a guest or guests in some cases… he looked at others, Nami was having a conversation with Belle mere and Sakurako, Usopp was telling his mother about his adventures on the high seas… of course his mother knew otherwise (a mother always knows), Chopper was currently laughing it up with Dr. Hiriluk, Robin was somewhere on this ship with here mother having moments and Franky was in his dark corner again after Tom told them that to his knowledge Gold Rogers didn't have a monk, a minister, a Shinto priest or three of his decedents on bored the Oro Jackson... Tom was trying to get him out it… Zoro sighed… because was expecting someone to visit…

"I wonder if she knows about it…" said Zoro.

"Jealous much?" said a voice

Zoro looked up and saw Natsume sitting beside him.

"Jealous of what?" asked Zoro.

"Oh come the way you're acting is that someone you cared about died… and still haven't come for a visit or has even been offered a chance to move in…" said Natsume.

Most of their loved ones had been offered chance to move on board since there was always room for non annoying sprits like The dismembered voice and Jasper… but everytime they decided for various reasons…

"It's none of your business…" said Zoro, he changed the subject, "Say… I've wanted to ask you something?"

"What?" asked Natsume.

"If you haven't been dead for so long… and you're from Earth… whatever that is… why are you guardian sprit…" said Zoro.

"Good question, I've been waiting for someone to ask me that…" said Natsume, "You see there's an election… the other 6 vote on the sprit who puts forth their name… in this election there were only 4 candidates… Yamiko, Hanako's rival… Blue Haten… the Mantle's younger sister… a girl who died about 10 years ago falling down stairs and has no connection to the sprit members of this crew…"

"Why were you talking like that?" asked Zoro.

Natsume sweat dropped, "Man is he dense…" thought Natsume, "No reason as I was saying and the last one was myself however blue Haten and Yamiko dropped out..."

"Why?" asked Zoro.


"She's a Shinigami!" yelled Yamiko.

"Oh no…" cried Blue Haten.

"I'm not a Shinigami! I'm just dressed like one!" yelled Natsume going Chibi.

(End of flashback)

"I don't like talking about it…" sighed Natsume.

"So it was a vote with you and the girl who fell down the stairs…" said Zoro.

"No… she drop out too…" said Natsume.

"Why… and don't say you don't like talking about it…" said Zoro.

"I don't mind talking about it… you see she chose to drop out for personal reasons… she couldn't become the Guardian Sprit of this boat…" said Natsume.

"Oh…" said Zoro.

Natsume got up, "I'll catch you later…" said Natsume she began to walk away, "Zoro… remember what I said about the girl who fell down the stairs…" she said quietly.

She continued on her way… then she noticed that there was someone behind one of Nami trees listening on the conversation.

"Still watching from afar I see…" said Natsume.

The person she was talking to nodded.

"Why won't you just talk to him… I mean you live here… you choose to live here… and he doesn't even know…" said Natsume.

"I can't talk to him… I just can't…" said the person Natsume was talking to.

"You have to… you have to eventually… he'll figure out that you were the 4th candidate Kuina…" said Natsume.

The person she was talking to was indeed Kuina… Zoro's late rival but considering the ship's condition death doesn't mean anything any more…

"But you're keeping your promise… right… you won't tell him that I live here?" said Kuina.

"Yeah, yeah… I know…" said Natsume.

Natsume walked away then disappeared… sometime later Zoro was training by himself and Kuina watched in secret from a corner…

"Hi there who are you!" said a rather loud voice behind her.

She turned around and saw Luffy and Mirror Girl.

"Oh… um hi…" said Kuina.

"I know you were… you wren one of the candidates for the 7th Guardian Sprit… but chose to drop for some reason…" said Mirror Girl.

"Yeah…" said Kuina.

"Really?" said Luffy, "Why?"

"Um… well…" said Kuina, "I don't like talking about it."

"Come on tell me…" said Luffy who repeated and repeated over and over again… then she blew "I KNEW ZORO IN LIFE OKAY! I DIDN'T WANT TO BE GARUDAIN BECAUSE I REALIZED THAT IT WOULD BE A BAD IDEA IF I WAS!" she yelled. She sweat dropped and looked to find Zoro didn't hear her.

"Thank goodness…" she said.

"You knew Zoro?" asked Luffy.

"Yes I did…" said Kuina.

"Then why don't you talk to him…" said Luffy.

"I… can't…" said Kuina.

"Why?" said Luffy.

That's when Luffy and Mirror Girl felt themselves being dragged… they looked behind them and saw it Natsume.

"We'll continue this conversation far away from Zoro…" said Natsume.

She dragged the two the lion's head and Kuina fallowed… Kuina and Natsume began to tell the story of how Kuina knew Zoro… Luffy's eyes were wide when he heard that story.

"You beat him over 2000 times?" he said.

"Yeah" said Kuina.

"Join my crew if you're better than Zoro!" said Luffy.

"I'm dead and I've been a part of this crew for a while!" yelled Kuina.

"Kuina's been living here for a while…" said Natsume.

"Really?" said Luffy.

"Wow…" said Mirror Girl.

"Please don't tell Zoro that I'm here… please…" said Kuina.

"Okay…" said Luffy.

"Hey Luffy! It's lunch!" yelled Sanji.

"Okay!" called Luffy he ran off.

There was an awkward silence.

"He's so going to tell…" said Natsume.

"Yeah…" said Mirror Girl.

"I know…" said Kuina crying anime tears.

"I make sure he doesn't spill…" said Natsume.

Natsume vanished… Kuina began to cry more anime tears…

"She's going to tell too…" said Kuina.

"No, I don't think so… maybe just subtle hints." Said Mirror Girl.

"Define subtle…" said Kuina.

All thought out Lunch someone kept hitting Luffy.

"Ow!" yelled Luffy.

"Why do you keep yelling that?" asked Nami.

"One of the ghosts keep hitting me!" yelled Luffy.

"Do you think it's Jasper?" asked Chopper.

"No, I banished him earlier today." Said Nami with a shrug, "He won't come back for a while."

"Say Zoro…" said Luffy that's when an invisible Natsume hit him once again.

"Is it me or is Luffy getting hit whenever he mentions Zoro?" asked Usopp.

"It's you." Muttered Zoro.

And so after lunch…

"You were the one hitting me Natsume?" asked Luffy.

"That's right!" yelled Natsume who began to stretch his face, "You don't get it do you!"

"Stop stretching my face." Mumbled Luffy.

"It's something Kuina and Zoro needs to work out for themselves." Said Natsume.

"Stop it Natsume!" cried Mirror Girl.

"Fine." Said Natsume.

"So we're not meddling with them, okay." Said Luffy rubbing his cheeks.

"I didn't say that." Said Natsume sticking her tongue out, "You have to be subtle about it."

"What do you mean subtle." Said Luffy with a sweat drop.

"Follow my way." Said Natsume.

Zoro who was training in the crow's nest (the one of the few places where no ghosts dwell).

"Yo!" said Natsume.

"What do you want?" asked Zoro.

"I need to show you something." Said Natsume.

That's when Luffy climbed into the room.

"No fair." Pouted Luffy.

"I take it you ant to show me too." Muttered Zoro.

Luffy nodded.

"Fine…" muttered Zoro.

The two of them lead Zoro to where they needed to go… then pushed him into someone then ran like hell.

"What the hell was that about!" yelled Zoro.

"Ow…" said Kuina who was who he collided with, "Why did this ship allow me to feel things?"

"Kuina?" asked Zoro.

"Oh… hi…" said Kuina blushing slightly.

"I was wondering when you were going to show up." Said Zoro.

"I'm going to find a way to kill Natsume." Muttered Kuina.

"What?" asked Zoro.

"I've been living here since this ship became haunted but I haven't gotten the courage. I was a candidate for Guardian Sprit but dropped out when I found out you were living here." Said Kuina.

That's when Zoro blinked, "So that's what Natsume meant."

Kuina nodded, "That's right."

"Why didn't you come?" asked Zoro.

Kuina shrugged, she honestly didn't know.

"So was Natsume the only one who knew you were here?" asked Zoro.

"No Luffy and Mirror Girl found out." said Kuina.

"I'm going to kill Luffy… I don't care he's one of the three things keeping this ship haunted!" muttered Zoro.

"I think he's with Natsume… let's go find them together." Said Kuina.

Meanwhile in the Library both Natsume and Luffy were hiding.

"So what did you do?" asked Nido staring at the fact Luffy was in the library.

"It's something personal…" mumbled Natsume.

"I doubt Zoro and Kuina will find out." Said Luffy.

"What did you say." Said a voice.

Both Luffy and Natsume turned around and saw the two… angry.

"Well… in the lesser known words of Bender B. Rodriguez: "Well we're boned."" Said Natsume with a big sweat drop.

And so the two beat up Luffy and Natsume… which served to lessen the awkwardness of meeting once again and hidden fact she was there for quite a while…

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