With trickles of tears cascading down her face, Sam looked back up at Will. There was no turning back now. She had done what she intended to do, but she didn't want to leave it like that between them. Sam walked closer to him, but with every step forward, he stepped back.

She didn't blame him.

How could she? She had betrayed one of the only people she had ever trusted. He was the one who helped her with her ailing marriage to Craig when he was cheating on her. All the times she thought her marriage was going to fail, Will was the one to make her see sense. He had helped her in so many ways and now she didn't have him anymore.

"I don't think I'll be able to."

Those words had stung on impact. He couldn't trust her the way she had been able to trust him and it really hurt her. There was no-one to blame but herself for this. Looking at him squarely in the eyes, she nodded slightly. Now knowing that their friendship was over and without another word, she turned on her heel and proceeded to the door.

"Does Craig know?" came his voice suddenly which made her turn back. After standing there silently for so long, she was relieved that he had finally said something. Despite the fact that the question she was about to answer was on a touchy subject, she had to answer.

"He knows that I have a daughter," she responded hesitantly trying to stay composed. "But he doesn't know who the father is." Sometimes she had wished she had told Craig the whole truth, but she knew that it would make her and Will's situation, not to mention her and Craig's, much worse than it already was.

He looked at her in silence again, trying to figure things out. Craig was his best friend, that much was true, and to hurt him would just be torture. They had grown up together and despite the fact that Craig knew that Will was in love with Sam once upon a time, they still remained tight and he wasn't gonna let one mistake ruin that.

"Good," he responded simply. "I don't want him to know anything else until I've had time to process this myself….and it's probably gonna take awhile."

It wasn't that Will didn't want Craig to know, he did, but the problem was timing. He and Sam had Henry now and were their own family. The last thing Will wanted was to complicate things. He watched as Sam nodded in understanding. Will was still upset, angry and confused and was no way gonna forgive her in a hurry, but the truth was out now and he was relieved that he knew the truth and that he had a child.

"So, uh, where is she?" he asked her a lot more calmly and a bit more relaxed than he was before. He took a spot on the sofa and sat there, patting the seat next to him so Sam could sit down. Standing wasn't gonna do them any good. Sam was reluctant so sit next to him at first because of everything that had just happened, but she sat down anyway and looked at him.

"That's the thing," she replied. "I don't know. Her adoptive mother left town with her three years ago. She's sent cards since then, but that's all I know." Sam bit her lip nervously. She so wanted Will to forgive her and if that meant telling him everything then so be it.

"Is she a nice person?" he asked just staring blankly at her. "Her adoptive mother? I wouldn't want our daughter to be unsafe." It felt strange referring to her as their daughter when he didn't know she existed until five minutes ago.

Sam was taken aback too. After hearing him so those words she couldn't help but shoot him a smile.

"I've only met her once, but I wouldn't have let her take her if she wasn't capable of being a good mother, so I would say she is." For the first time that night since she had told him, Sam felt relaxed, but that was probably because they were being civil. Once Will knew everything, he'd be back to giving her the silent treatment.

"Does our daughter have a name?" he asked giving a little chuckle. "I don't wanna keep saying 'our daughter' all the time." This time Will was looking squarely at her. His eyes were sparkling at her, still with a little madness, but Sam could deal with that.

"Yes," she responded with a nod. "Amy. Our daughter's name is Amy."