"Mikan, sweetie," I groaned as I heard my dearest mother call me. Whenever I hear that sweet voice of hers, it usually, no, it always ends bitterly. Grudgingly, I walked towards my parents' bedroom. Something tells me I was going to regret it, but running was no use. My mom may be an extreme airhead sometimes, but she's still the one who raised me and would use that fact to full advantage.

"Uh, yes mom?" I looked at my mother who was currently on her bed with shopping bags all over it. She seemed to be searching for something, and when she found it, an alarm suddenly went off in my head.

"Sweetie, I've bought you something your boyfriend would surely love!" She held up some sort of garment which I think is… The alarm was suddenly on full blast.




"LINGERIE? You've bought me a SLUTTY LINGERIE!" I shrieked. My eyes were as wide as saucers and my breathing was beyond normal. I willed myself to calm down, and then asked the only question that I could come up with. "Mom, what were you thinking?"

She actually had the cheek to look annoyed. "This is not a lingerie, and certainly not slutty. These are pajamas."

"What? Th-that's a pajama!!?" With disbelieved eyes, I looked at the 'pajama' my mother bought me. It looked like what a whore would wear…which I AM NOT!

She smiled sweetly at me. "Yes, sweetie. They are pajamas. And before you ask why, you've finally gotten yourself a nice boyfriend who's staying here by the way and I thought I should buy you some nice pajamas. What kind of mother would I be if I let you parade on those horrid pajamas you always wear?"

"What's wrong with pajamas with the pigs and teddies? They're cute!"

"Horrid, Mikan. Horrid's the word you're looking for." My mother said exasperatedly. "Besides, my friend told me that a good mother always supports her children. Is this not right?" My mother looked completely clueless that I couldn't help but feel guilty for the way I blew up and the fact that this seem to be the only way my mother could show that she loves me didn't really made my decision easier.

Argh, now I have to say sorry and probably succumb to her will.

Which is what exactly happened.

And that's why, just for this night I'll have to wear it.


Natsume found out that the slut and Mikan's mother were twins but their personalities were as different as night and day. Serena acts all high and mighty while Mikan's mother was a little more reserved and… a little hopeless.

After meeting her, Natsume concluded that she was not the brightest of the bunch, and she seems to be absent-minded. Nonetheless, she was still very supportive of their 'relationship'. No wonder Mikan had any backbone whatsoever; a mother who cares about fashion and only fashion is not the best role model to have. Natsume guessed when her mother graduated from high school; she went straight to a sorority house then to her rich husband's house which is why she probably never worked in her entire life.

Speaking of her husband, Natsume wondered what would Mikan's father reaction be when he meets him. He never really had a formal introduction, or asked for permission. He left it all to Imai's hands to inform them what he had planned. It never entered his mind that Mikan's parents might reject him because he was handsome, intelligent and one of the richest men in the world – the ad just writes itself. No sane parent would ever reject him.

They were even probably planning the wedding right now.

Of course that would probably never happen. Mikan and him getting married? That's just as stupid as it gets. He was just here to pass time. Being rich also has it flaws. Boredom was bound to be an issue, but so far since meeting Mikan, it remained out of the picture. Besides, Mikan's not his dream girl anyway. Maybe someone like that Imai girl, but a lot less colder and more obedient. Dominance is something he likes to have in a relationship, and Imai would not be willing to give that up.

But Mikan wouldn't too. A persistent voice told him and he couldn't help but agree. Underneath those layers of cowardice and inferiority lays a strong-willed girl, and he'd seen her surface a few times whenever she gets mad. He always finds it amusing whenever that happens. It's like she's a totally different person but still the same.

Natsume shook his head. Too much free time is starting to affect his head. Where was Mikan anyway? After she led him to his room, she had left without as much as a word. He could tell she was still mad about the news he had suddenly sprang on her earlier.

Suddenly, the door creaked open and he found himself face to face with the object of his thoughts.

"Hyuuga-san, dinner's at seven. Wear something formal."

When I entered Natsume's room, I was only planning to tell him what my mother forced me to pass on. I believe my exact words were "Hyuuga-san, dinner's at seven. Wear something formal." Short and simple, right? But how the hell did I end up in his freaking arms???

My senses were already going mad. I can't even breathe normally. He noticed it too as any normal human would.

"What's wrong polkadots?" He let out a small sardonic laugh. "Did you think I was just going to let you go just like that? Well if you did, you're sadly mistaken."

He was sitting on his bed, and I was seated on his lap. Much like a position we had in the living room earlier. This is starting to become a habit of his and it annoyed me to hell. No one had ever touched me that way, and he was ignoring my personal space. I don't care if he's my boyfriend, they're still limits which should not to be crossed and this is one of them.

With a sudden spur of anger, I quickly moved out from his arms.

I could tell it caught him by surprise but he recovered quickly and was about to pull me to him again when I stepped out of his reach. The hurt look in his face that appeared after my cold rejection was gone as quickly as it materialized.

"Don't ever do that again." The coldness in my voice didn't surprise me. "Even if I agreed to be your girlfriend, I didn't agree to be your sex toy."

But his anger did.

"I'm not a monster, Sakura." He said in an eerily calm voice. He didn't need a loud voice to get his venom across. "You may not know everything about me but I'm not that kind of person. Don't assume things you know nothing about." He was becoming dangerously close, and I found myself backed against a wall and starting to suffocate. "Putting ideas in my head is something you shouldn't do too."

He forced me to look up to him, and suddenly, he dipped his head and kissed me forcefully. It was only for a few seconds, but it only took one to paralyze me. I…I can't believe he…kissed me. I was shocked when I felt something wet dropped from my face. I was…crying. And of course I knew why, it's because he…he took advantage of me.

That was the only thought that occurred to me as I ran for the door.

He was a complete prisoner to insomnia.

Ever since he was a little kid, he never could sleep easily. His parents often caught him exploring around their mansion with a flashlight in his hand. His insomnia gets even graver when he had a problem and at the moment, his thoughts were filled with her image. He knew the moment her tears had fallen, it would forever be embedded in his memory. He had been right and now, he's wondering why the hell he ever did that. That girl just had the knack for making him lose control.

The kiss scared the hell out of him. That's why he had moved away so fast. He was just pressing his lips to her, but the feelings that suddenly attacked him were too bizarre to be real. He understood the feeling that he wanted more, but feelings such as regret and remorse are not something he felt whenever he kissed someone he actually liked. The look on Mikan's face was enough to make him want to puke. He was disgusted with himself.

The sudden ring of his cellphone snapped him out of his reverie.

"Natsume," Ruka Nogi said as he answered his phone. "How are you and your little girlfriend there?"

"Good." Was all Natsume could say. He wasn't really in the mood to talk right now.

"Well, hope so. The company's going great but I thi-" The line was suddenly cut off and Natsume was annoyed to see the signal was suddenly gone and it showed no sign it was going to back anytime soon. He sighed as he held the flashlight in one hand, and then went out to look for a signal. It sounded that Ruka had something important to say so he had no choice but to do this. He went down the stairs when he suddenly heard a sound coming form the kitchen. He checked his watch and it was already 2:30. Who would be up at a time like this?

He dimmed his flashlight and silently walked towards the kitchen. When he reached the kitchen, he saw the refrigerator was open and someone was getting something from it. That someone just happen to look up and their eyes met.

The sound of breaking glass didn't seem to reach Natsume's ears.

At this point, not even an atomic bomb could probably sweep his attention away.

All he cared about right now is the girl right in front of him,

Who was wearing something that's definitely not polka-dotted.


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