Chapter 7- Ron

The clouds above them hovered happily, their silver linings clearly visible. The sun shone through in beams to shine upon the paradise that they were in. Songbirds flew through the air and serenaded the peaceful wind that gently rocked the trees from side to side. Side by side two figues lay on beach chairs, absorbing the sunlight and watching the world pass by. In their musings they came upon their friends, and to Ronald Wealseys surprise everything was not as it seemed.

"Oi, Sirius look at that."

Looking up, and giving Ron a sly grin Sirius turned to look at what Ron was pointing at.

Widemouthed, Ron gaped. "That Jammy git."

"His arms are all over her," Sirius sneered in disgust.

"And She's enjoying it? Traitor!"

"Look at Snivellous go!"

"That's my best friend, mind what you say!"

Disgusted, Ron turned away from the sight of Hermione and Severus only to be faced with a similarly disturbing sight.


Spinning round, Sirius looked wide eyed at a helpless Ron. Ron pointed a jagged finger towards what he intended Sirius to watch.


In a choked, estranged voice Sirius replied, "It would seem so."

"So I've been replaced with…Malfoy?"

"You were Harrys first ever friend wrong, he'll never forget that."

"But look at them," Ron gasped. "We were like that before."

"The wars just ended Ron," Sirius said sharply. "They just all want to move on."

A few moments silence passed before Sirius let out a pained cry and shouted, "No Remus, God no Remus."

"He killed Pettigrew Sirius, he was the last marauder. Im sure he's had enough."

Teary eyed Sirius bit out, "But to die like that Ron, alone in the forest. And full of so much self- loathing."

"Its no way for anyone to go," Ron nodded.

"But Remus did."

Jamming his sunglasses firmly over his eyes, Ron laid back on the deck chair and shut his eyes tight. He could hear Sirius' voice from afar, "At least when Albus died they found him."

"SURROUNDED BY SHERBET LEMON WRAPPERS!" Ron screamed, sitting up and shaking his head in misery, "And poor Hannah turning off Neville's Life Support Machine in a muggle hospital."

"At least they had people to mourn their deaths." Sirius said bitterly. "At least they got a funeral."

It was another auror mission during the war. Sirius and Ron had been sent to check out the supposed location of another Horcrux.

What they hadn't expected was a group of trainee Death Eaters waiting for them. They hadn't expected to be gagged and forced into fighting with their bare hands,and they definitely hadn't expected to die. Feeling the breath sucked from their lungs and a bright green flash of light.

It was only two weeks after that when their bodies were found, transfigured and buried unceremoniously. And so funeral-less, together the two bitter souls that were Ron Weasley and Sirius Black lived in heaven.

And they would watch their friends jealously until they too would pass on, and together they would be once more.