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Sora's POV:

It's been one month and two days without him, and I'm exactally the same as I had been that first day. The only difference is that I have regained motor skills, I hadn't even spoken. Riku and Kairi managed to get me back into my own house, and all I did every day was eat bits and pieces of food every now and then, walk to a different spot, and stare blankly. Trying to remember what exactally the point of life had been before him. Something must have been significant about today, because, all of a sudden, it became clear to me. There was no point in living if he wasn't with me. My eyes grew wide, and I gazed down at my pale hands. They looked old. Worn from the many adventures I had suffered through.

Clenching my ugly hands into a fist, I began moving down the stairs from my bedroom. Down, I flew, out the door, and past Riku and Kairi who were strolling up the road towards me. Sprinting by, I heard Kairi call to me, "Sora! Sora what're you doing?!"

Ignoring them, I ran down the road to the bustling center of Destiny Islands. Maybe I could throw myself in front of a car. Would that kill me fast enough? That might work. It was rather difficult at first, trying to figure out a way to die. I had Riku and Kairi right on my tail, so I had to get rid of them first. Darting through the crowds, I managed to give them the slip, just as I saw I looming semi speeding down the main street. This was my perfect opportunity. Quick and easy.

It drew closer and closer, my heart began to race as I started walking out. Horns blared in my ears, and I felt a sudden relief wash over me. But, just before I was going to step right in front of the truck's path, I sawout of the corner of my eye, a glint of golden hair. My eyes grew wide as I saw Roxas, walking placidly away from me.

I stopped dead, and I only starred as the car blarred past me, the driver cursing down at me. There he was, plain as day! No. This has to be a hallucination. I'm seeing him flash before my eyes before I die. Blinking rapidly, and pinching my arm, I tried to get this pituresque dream out of my head. But, it wasn't a fantasy, it was true. Across the street, my love was walking jovially towards an unknown destination.

I opened my mouth to call after him, but couldn't find my voice. I hadn't used it in so long, I forgot how to make sound. I ran after him, not being able to call to him. He turned down the sidewalk, and I sprinted after, but he kept getting further and further away from me. In my haste, I felt my foot catch on a crack in the walkway, and I fell forwards. Crashing to the earth, my hands immediatly began to sting and smart. Despite the fact that I was hurt, I felt, not tears of pain, but tears of sadness at not being able to call to my love. Opening my mouth once again, and reaching a bloody hand out to him, I only heard a scraggly whimper escape.

This couldn't be happening. Pushing myself up, I felt my longing for him finally push itself from me, and come out throught my mouth.

"ROXAS!" I yelled as loud as I possibly could. It hurt so much, that I immediatly began spluttering and coughing. Bent over with my hands clutched around my throat, I looked up.

He had stopped dead. And, turning slowly, he looked at me questioningly. I smiled, and waited for him to answer. He asked, "Who are you?"

That must have been the price. His memmory of me.

I smiled sadly, feeling my throat burning, I wiped a hand over my lips. When I looked at my hand, I saw that it had turned a deep crimpson, my blood. Turning around, I started to walk away. Tears spilling over in gracefull torrents. That's when I heard something that made my heart stop.


My head snapped up, and I whirled around, and I saw that tears were coarsing down his face. He cried out, "Sora!"

He ran to me, and fell into my arms. We started crying histarically, and I heard him cry into my shoulder, "I can't believe I forgot you!"

I managed to choke out hoarsely, "Don't w-worry!...It's payback for me forgetting about you!...We're even now!"

He pulled away to look at me, the tears glinting in the sunlight. Laughing slightly, he leaned in, kissing me tenderly. My whole body seemed to be melting into his. It felt like I was home again. Where I really belonged...in his arms. Just then, I heard the patter of feet behind us, and a girl gasping. Looking up slowly, I saw that Kairi and Riku had finally found us.

Ignoring them once again, I whispered, putting my head into his chest, "I love you..."


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