Title: Endless Dream

Category: Tennis No Oujisama / TezuFuji

Disclaimer: Tezuka and Fuji belongs to Konami-sama, no matter how I wish otherwise

Genre: Romance/Drama/Slight Angst

Rating: T (for now)

Summary: TezuFuji. Yaoi. Fuji and Tezuka met again on Christmas Eve after ten years apart. Will they be able to get back together again?

CHAPTER 1 - Tezuka Kunimitsu

Tezuka Kunimitsu glanced at his wrist watch and gave a sigh. It was already 10pm. He began clearing up his desk and prepared for the journey home. He had been working late a lot these days, what with a major case coming up, but it didn't excuse him to be on this day, which was Christmas Eve. He had promised Ayumi that he would have a special dinner with her tonight and then they would spend Christmas holidays together. Tezuka smiled wryly as he pictured his fiancee pouting in anger for his tardiness, but she always forgave him. After all, most of his time were spent working for her father's law firm. At twenty seven, Tezuka was hailed as one of the brightest and most promising lawyer in Japan. Not to mention the youngest. He had a bright future ahead of him, and it could only get brighter working in his current law firm, which was one of the most prestigious in Japan.

Tezuka glanced once more over his desk to make sure everything was tidied and packed, before turning off the light. He wouldn't be coming back for at least a week, until after new year, and he didn't want to leave his work behind, especially those that he could finished up at home. For some unknown reason, Tezuka felt reluctant to leave his office. When had he turned into a workaholic?

It was a cold night, and Tezuka pulled his winter coat tighter around his neck before hurriedly crossed the street. Many people were still milling around. Excited chatters filled the air as people waited happily for the countdown to Christmas. Bright lights and ostentatious decorations created a suitable atmosphere for this joyous season. However, Tezuka did not feel like being a part of this happy crowd. He walked on unseeingly, his mind still going over the case he had been working on.

Someone bumped into him. Tezuka looked up and frowned at the guy, who was obviously drunk, from the looks his beet red face and silly grin on his face. "Oops, sorree...," he slurred. Tezuka just shook his head slightly and continued on his way.

"And Merry Christmas to you too!" the drunk shouted cheerfully before giving a loud hiccup.

Tezuka ignored him and stuffed his hands into the pockets of his coat. He kept his head down to avoid any more confrontation. Just as he was passing a large crowd who had gathered to watch some street performance, a familiar laughter reached his ears. It was a sound from his past that he did not expect to hear again.

Despite himself, Tezuka slowly approached the crowd for a better view of the stage. A part of him was hoping fervently that he had not mistaken the voice. Yet another part was dreading it.

The person on stage was singing. Sweet melodious voice wafted to Tezuka just as he got a clear view of the singer. Tezuka's eyes widened, his heart skipping a beat. It was really him!

The perpetual smile that Tezuka knew so well was still present on his beautiful face. His eyes were the same breathtaking cerulean blue, gazing at the crowd while singing in his low hypnotizing voice.

Tezuka could not believe that he would encounter Fuji Syusuke again after more ten years apart.

Seeing Fuji for the first time again was always a shock to the senses. He had forgotten how breathtakingly beautiful Fuji was. No, he didn't forget, but memories fade. Tezuka's memory didn't do justice to the tensai.

Fuji had kept his silken rich mahogany hair in more or less the same style as he sported in Junior High. To Tezuka, he didn't seem to have aged at all. Using his boyish charm, Fuji had totally captivated the crowd.

Tezuka clenched his fists as he continued to stare at the radiant vision before him. Memories of long ago, bitter and sweet, came flooding back to him like a burst gate. Emotions threatened to overwhelm him. Defeated, Tezuka closed his eyes and let the memories swept him back to one of the sweetest and yet heartbreaking moments of his life.

Ten years ago...

Tezuka was walking home after school with Fuji beside him. Back then, Tezuka wasn't a talkative person (not that he was now) and he was content just walking in silence. Fuji was following him home so that they could study together for their finals. The weather was getting increasingly chilly, and Tezuka hastened his steps, eager to reach the warm comfort of his home.

Fuji, who now lagged behind several steps, suddenly spoke up. "Ne, Tezuka, were you talking to Haruka-chan this morning?"

Tezuka spared Fuji half a glance. "Hn," he answered curtly, not stopping in his stride.

Fuji quickened his pace to catch up. "So, what were you two talking about?" he asked, almost too casually.

Tezuka gave Fuji another look. Fuji smiled innocently back at him. Since when had Fuji became so nosy, he wondered. Tezuka thought of just ignoring him, as he usually did when people were asking him stupid things and irritating him. But he knew Fuji would never give up until he got his answer. With a small sigh, he said, "Nothing important."

"But what was it about?" Fuji pressed on, dissatisfied with Tezuka's ambiguous answer.

Tezuka glared at Fuji, but Fuji just smiled back, waiting. Finally, Tezuka gave in and answered somewhat reluctantly. "She was just asking about some Math problems that she was having difficulty with."

"Hmm...is that all? Why did she stand so indecently close to you then?" Fuji pointed out, his lips curling into a smirk as he watched Tezuka's reaction from the corner of his eyes.

Tezuka didn't deign to answer such impertinent question. Fuji chuckled to himself as he saw Tezuka's stoic expression with a faint frown marring his forehead. "Ne, Tezuka, can we study Math together at your house?" he teased, his hypnotic blue eyes twinkling with mischief.

Tezuka looked away and sighed inwardly. Why did Fuji enjoy teasing him so much?

At Tezuka's home, they found out that they had the whole house to themselves as both Tezuka's parents and grandparents were out of town visiting some relatives. Fuji looked absurdly happy upon hearing the news. Tezuka eyed him suspiciously. Was Fuji planning to play some prank on him?

Then he sighed again and resigned himself to his fate. He would just take whatever that was coming his way with his usual somber self.

Tezuka prepared some tea as they settled themselves in the living room. They were meticulously going through some Math problems (as wanted by Fuji), or rather, Tezuka was meticulously going through some Math problems while Fuji just barely glanced at them, scribbled the answer, and then spent the rest of the time staring at Tezuka.

This annoyed Tezuka to no end, more so when he happened to glance at Fuji's answers and found them to be correct. Fuji was extremely gifted and excelled in everything. The term tensai was associated with Fuji for nothing. Tezuka wondered why Fuji wanted a study partner anyway since he obviously did not need any help whatsoever in that department.

Tezuka found it unnerving the way Fuji kept staring at him. He couldn't concentrate on the Math question in front of him at all.

"Will you just stop staring at me?" Tezuka gave Fuji his most ferocious scowl, trying to intimidate the tensai.

Fuji just smiled sweetly back. "Nothing."

Tezuka fumed silently. Well, he was going to ignore Fuji from now on.

Tezuka was just able to get his concentration back on the Math question when he sensed Fuji sidling towards his side.

"WHAT NOW?" Tezuka snapped, turning to glare at Fuji.

A pair of the bluest eyes Tezuka had ever seen greeted him. Fuji was staring at him intently, his eyes seemed to be glowing. No man should have eyes like this, they belonged to an angel, Tezuka thought irrelevantly, as he took in the full impact of the tensai's gaze. This was the first time that Tezuka had looked into Fuji's eyes directly at such a close proximity and he felt himself drowning into those orbs of the purest blue. It was the blue that appeared for the briefest moment at dawn before it faded into the ordinary blue of the sky. The blue at the core of a flame. So clear and compelling that it took Tezuka's breath away.

'Ne, Tezuka. I need to ask your permission for something," Fuji said, never breaking his gaze from Tezuka.

Tezuka just raised one eyebrow. That was all he was able to do at the moment as he was stunned speechless.

Fuji moved slightly closer. "May I kiss you?" he asked softly.

If Tezuka had been speechless, he was dumbfounded now. Did he hear Fuji right? Kiss him? Automatically, Tezuka's gaze lowered and focused on Fuji's lips. He didn't know much about lips, but he would bet his ten cents that Fuji had the most kissable lips on earth. They were lush and of a pale pinkish hue. Tezuka wondered what it would feel like to have those beautiful lips on his.

He abruptly gave himself a mental shake and looked away. What was he doing thinking about lips, especially Fuji's, for that matter? The last time he looked, Fuji was a guy, albeit an extremely beautiful one that bordered on being feminine, but still. The tensai must be playing some sort of game with him. Some sort of a dare.

Tezuka frowned to himself. Well, he would not fall for it. As he was just about to turn to Fuji to give him a piece of his mind of his childish behavior, his vision was filled again with the breathtaking blue that was Fuji's eyes.

He is so close, Tezuka thought dumbly. He stared back like a deer caught in the headlight, unsure of what to do. And then it happened. A feather-like kiss on his lips as Fuji gently cupped the side of his face. It seemed to go on forever. And then, it was over.

Tezuka was too stunned to react. He sat there like a wooden block, his face expressionless (he didn't have any other expression).

He heard Fuji gave a small sigh and retreated back to a safe distance . Tezuka found out he was able to breathe again.

Fuji's trademark smile was back on his face, eyes almost closed. "It's time l get back home already. Ja ne." Acting like nothing had happened, Fuji gathered his stuffs and let himself out of the door.

All the while, Tezuka just sat there as if in a trance. After Fuji left, he slowly raised his fingers and touched his lips where the kiss had been.

It was Tezuka's first kiss, and although in the years to come, there were kisses more carnal and lustful, he still remembered tnis as the sweetest one he had ever had.

Tezuka snapped out of his reverie when the music ended. There was a expectant pause, before the crowd erupted into a thunderous cheer. "More! More!" they chanted amidst the roar.

Tezuka heard Fuji laughed good-naturedly. "No more, no more," he grinned," We need to give others a chance as well." With a deep bow and a wink, Fuji stepped down from the stage, and was replaced by a giant cupcake on two legs. The crowd laughed joyously, curious to see the next entertainment.

Tezuka found himself leaving the crowd and moved towards the direction Fuji had taken. He didn't question his decision or ponder upon the consequences. After all, he and Fuji didn't exactly parted as friends the last time they met. But he just wanted to have an up close view of Fuji. His heart yearned for it, if he cared enough to admit to himself.