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How Joey feels about Seto

My Dragon

I have gazed at you from afar

Wondering who you were really were

Under that disguise you wear

Others see you as cold and uncaring

But to me you are loving and majestic

Just like that beautiful Blue Eyes you love to use

You are mysterious where I am obvious

I wear my feelings for all to see

And when you glance at me I know that you know

I will always be as loyal to you as anyone can be

So my Dragon ask of me what you wish

Your command I will obey

I am your Puppy and will always be

Together there isn't anything we can not do

So take my hand and we will go to wonderland

And be forever together, forever to be

Dragon and his Puppy.

How Seto feels about Joey

My Puppy

When I look into you eyes

I see the love you try to disguise

I see the determination to be the best

The hurt when others laugh at what you try to do

The loyal way to fight to protect your family

Against those who try to destroy

But what I love about you is your heart

You give freely to one who pretends not to care

So never bow down and pretend to lose

Because you will always be my hero

The one that has my love forever and will be

The one who tamed the Dragon.