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Digimon/Yugioh GX
Heart of the Warrior

Chapter 32: Prelude
The clear blue skies vanished as black clouds gathered and blocked out the sun. a strong wind then kicked up forcing the group to brace themselves as not to be knocked back by it. "Ah man, there goes the nice weather. So much for Spirit Day." Syrus said in a disappointed tone.

"I don't know Syrus," Bearmon said to his partner, "Something doesn't feel right."

"Yeah, I'm getting some seriously bad vibes." Gabumon added.

"Tai, what do you think it is?" Kari asked, sounding rather worried.

Tai said nothing, as he stared up at the sky his eyes shifted from their usual brown to their red feral state.

TK meanwhile began to break out in a cold sweat, a look of terror appearing on his face. "No, no...its him," he told the others, "He's here."

A patch of the cloud parted as a portal from the Digital World opened up and countless pieces of digital data emerged from it and began to coalesce, forming a vaguely humanoid shape, a pair of glowing red eyes stared down at them.

"N…no way!" Davis exclaimed, "It…its possible, it can't be. We beat him."

"Actually Davis, we didn't." Ken told them, "Despite our best efforts we couldn't even scratch him, we threw everything we had at him and nothing worked. In the end all we could do was seal him in the Dark Area, before he vanished he saw to return and it looks like he's succeeded."

"Wait, you know this…thing?" Chazz asked.

"Yeah, you can say we've met him before." Kari told him the dark haired teen, "Its Daemon."

"Daemon?"Alexis said, she then took out her D-arc and scanned the newly revealed foe.

Level: Mega
Attribute: Virus
Type: Demon Lord Digimon
Evil Inferno Evil Flapping Hammer Knuckle Double Dust Slash Nail

A chuckle was heard coming from the Demon Lord. "I see that you remember me Chosen Warriors of light, I'm glad." The demon told them, "Because I can assure that I never forgot you, nor what you did to me. But that doesn't matter now, I've returned and don't think for one moment that I'm letting any of you off the hook."

"What do you want?" Tai demanded, "If you're here to gloat then your wasting your time."

"Poor stupid human." Daemon sneered under his hood, "I am here to show you what you helped to create."

"What are you talking about?" Jaden demanded, "Your nuts if you think would we ever help the likes of you."

"Fool I am only here because of you, my plans for my revenge would all have been for naught if not for you." Deamon retorted, "Or did you honestly think those new Digivises of yours were made for your benefit."

Taking out his D-arc Tai stared down at the devise. "What are you talking about, what do our Digivises have to do with anything?" He demanded.

"Fool, who do you think had them made for you?" Daemon told the brunette, "Whilst I was controlling Azulongmon I instructed that lap dog of his Gennai to create them according to my design, but even he had no idea of their true purpose."

"True purpose, what are you talking about?" Matt demanded.

"Didn't you ever wonder where the data from all Digimon were defeated was going." Daemon told them, "As well as using my new power to corrupt the rebirth cycle, those devises sent that data to me, allowing to absorb it and use it create this new body for myself. Without even knowing it you became my pawns, assisting in my return."

"What!" TK exclaimed, "You had all that planned and yet…all the things you made me do…what you were going to make me do…you telling me it was all for nothing?"

"Oh I wouldn't say that. I had desires on a new body and I wasn't about to go in without a back up plan." Daemon told him, "After all a vessel birthed by the union of Light and Hope would have made for an excellent body for me to inhabit, the irony alone would have too good to pass up. All the same it would have been a fool of me to simply put all my time and energy on a single course of action. Besides you had your uses, you provided an excellent diversion, giving me time to complete my rebirth."

TK fell to his knees, his skin turned pale and his breath laboured. "A diversion…you violated my body, used me as a pawn in your twisted little scheme. What you would have made me do to Kari...and you tell me I was just a diversion." A cruel sounding laugh emanated from the Demon Lord.

"Poor child of Hope, many would consider you to be one of the most powerful members of your group. Despite everything even you were not immune to my manipulations." He said, "Just another of my pawns." TK stared at the ground, his body shaking.

"That's enough." Tai said sternly, "So you manipulated us, good for you. You've done what you've come here to do, now get lost. But don't think for a second that I'm just letting you go, we are coming after you and we are gonna make you pay for what you've done."

Another chuckle rumbled from Daemon's throat. "I look forward to watching you try." The clouds rolled in and obscured the Demon Lord from view; within minutes the wind dropped and dark clouds dissipated, revealing the cheery afternoon sky.

"Tai…" hearing his name Tai looked over at TK, the blond was still staring down at the ground, "We're going after him right? I mean he's caused so much pain and suffering, he's got to pay for what he's done."

Tai stared at him, although he could tell from the tone of his voice that the young blond wanted revenge for what the Demon Lord had done to him. He couldn't hold it against him; after all he had been the same way when his sister had been in danger. "Yeah, we're going after him." He assured him, "But before we do there's something we need to do first."

He then looked down at his D-arc. "First thing's first, we need to get our Digivices fixed. If they're really responsible for helping Daemon then we're gonna have to fix that." He then looked over at Izzy and Bastion. "You think you two are up to the task?"

"I'm sure we can come up with something." Izzy told him, "Although I think contacting Gennai would be a good idea, I mean he did make these after all."

"Alright then, you get on it." Tai told them, "In the meantime the rest of us will make preparations, Daemon's not going to be an easy opponent and we need to be at our best."

"So what do you want the rest of us to do?" Zane asked.

"Right now you guys should go do what you want, go and enjoy the rest of the school festival. Enjoy yourselves whilst you can." Tai said, "Tomorrow is there's gonna be a major battle, I mean long and drawn out. I expect to see you all at the ruins first thing." He then turned his attention to Kari and the other members of the Odeiba Digidestined.

"Guys, after everything that's happened I can't call myself your leader anymore, as such I can't give you orders." he said in a firm tone, "But still I have ask, what are you going to do? Whilst me, JAden and the rest if us would be appreciated the help, I can't ask you to fight with us. This is our fight and I don't want to force you to take part if you don't wish to."

"Wait, are you kidding?" Matt retorted, "You're honestly asking us to sit on the sidelines for this one? Sorry Tai, but if you expect me or anyone else to stand back whilst you guys go off to fight then you need to get your head checked."

"Sides we still got a score to settle with Daemon,"Davis added, "No way are we gonna pass up a chance to get even with him."

A smile appeared on Tai's face. 'Thanks guys…' "Ok then, its clear that there's no way for me to talk you out this. Suit yourselves." He then began walking off, "Thats it, remember the ruins first thing tomorrow."

The rest of the day passed, each member of the Chosen spent their time doing different things. Most of them were checking out the festival, however despite the cheery atmosphere none of them could really get into the spirit of things. Whilst this was happening Tai had gone up to the slopes of the volcano, sitting on a rock he was looking out at the panorama that was spread out before him, his thoughts however were elsewhere.

"Hey Tai." Looking over the brunette barer of Courage saw Matt coming towards him, a can of drink in each hand.

"Matt," He said, "What are you doing here? I figured you'd all be enjoying what's left of the festival."

"I tried but after what happened but wasn't really in the mood, I figured I'd come find you and see what you were up to." Matt replied as he tossed one of the cans to the brunette, "So we're going up against Daemon."

"Yeah," Tai replied as he pulled the tab, "I've been trying to come up with some way we can deal with him but no such luck, I mean Kari and her group went up against him and they could barely scratch him."

A frown appeared on the blonds face as he sat down next to his friend. "Yeah, seems like its gonna be seemingly impossible." He told him, "But then again many probably would have said that about the Dark Masters and Apoclamon and we still found a way to beat them, I'm sure we can find a way this time as well."

Tai stared at his blond haired friend, a smile then spread across his face. "Thanks man." he told him.

Whist this was happening Mimi and Sora were in the Slifer dorms dining hall, the pair were seated across from one another at one of the tables each with a steaming cup of tea in front of them. After Tai told them to enjoy what was left of the day the red head had told Mimi that she wanted a word with her, thus the pair had come here to have some privacy. "So Sora, what did you want to talk about?" Mimi asked.

Sora stared down at the steaming liquid in her cup. "Mimi…I…I know about you and Tai." She managed to say.

"I see." Mimi said in an awkward tone, "I always knew that you would find out at some point but…so what do you think?"

Sora looked up from her tea, trying to come up with some kind of response. "I…I don't know…" she finally said, "I don't know what to think. I mean I know I have no right to judge either you or Tai, you're both free to hook up if you want."

Mimi then let out a small chuckle. "What?" Sora asked, sounding rather confused.

"Sora, Tai and I are not together." Mimi told her, "I mean yeah the two of us shared something but…it was born out of necessity more then anything else. I was going through some stuff at the time and Tai…the two of us just needed some kind of release."

Sora stared at her, a little taken aback by what her friend had just told her. "You mean…you weren't…" she tried to say.

A sad smile spread across Mimi's face. "Maybe, for a moment anyway." Taking a sip of her tea Mimi looked over at her friend, "So what about you? How are things going with you and Matt."

Sora shifted her gaze back at her drink. "We…we're not together anymore." She told her, "Its not like we don't like each other but…we've had our problems as any couples do but…its just no matter how much we tried we never really…clicked I guess."

"To be honest I'm not really surprised to hear that." Said Mimi, "Don't get me wrong I was happy for you when the two of you got together, but to be truthful I was a little surprised when you did. Let's be honest here, you and Matt are like oil and vinegar, you really don't have anything in common with each other."

"Yeah, I guess we don't." Sora said.

"Hey don't be sad, I mean I'm sure relationships like that can work but it just takes a lot more work then any other relationship." Mimi said in a reassuring tone, "Also, even if both sides really want it to, it takes a lot of guts to realize that something isn't working."

"Yeah, I guess." Sora replied, "This whole thing sucks though."

"Oh honey, I know." Mimi told her in a reassuring tone, "Breakups always suck, even if they're mutual."

The two of them then sat there in silence for several minutes, in the time both of them had drained their teacups and had poured a new cup for themselves as well as some cake. "So Sora," Mimi finally spoke up, "Do you and Matt ever…y'know?"

Sora almost choked on the piece of cake in her mouth, "Wha…what?" she managed to choke out, "Why would you ask something like that?"

"I don't know? Just curious I guess." Mimi replied, "So how about it, how was it like?"

"We…we tried it, a couple of times…"" Sora replied, her face flushing slightly, "It was…ok, I guess…"

"'I guess', that doesn't sound good." Mimi replied.

"Its not that its just…" Sora began but her train of thought quickly got derailed and she stopped, "Well what about you, I mean you…you and Tai tried 'it' after all."

This time it was Mimi's turn to look a little embarrassed. "Y…yeah, yeah we did. It was…good…" she replied, "It was good, although to be honest I've really not got anything else to compare it to."

Sora looked at her friend, a look of surprise on her face, "Mimi, you were…were a…" she stammered out.

"A virgin, is it really that surprising?" Mimi replied.

Elsewhere Izzy and Bastion had locked themselves in the dark haired Ra's dorm room as they worked on the D-arcs, they had 'borrowed' some tools and had set to work. After several hours of working Izzy let out a frustrated groan as he dropped one of the devises onto the desk and leaned back in chair that he was sitting in.

"Uhhhh, that's it. I quit." The red haired bearer of Knowledge groaned, "I have no idea what it is I'm supposed to be looking for or doing."

"It does seem to be a rather difficult challenge." Bastion replied, his eyes never moving from the blueprints that Gennai had sent them, "Still I can't shake the feeling like we're missing something, like its staring me right in the face."

The two of them settled into silence as they tried to wrap their minds around the task at hand. "Y'know sometimes I wonder why Tai asks me to do these things." Izzy said, "Because of my intellect its like they expect my to work miracles, like I can somehow pull the answers out of thin air."

Bastion looked over at him. "I know the feeling." He replied, "Bastion Misawa, the scholar, always having a formula or theory up my sleeve."

"Y'know I think the others expect a touch too much of us." Izzy told him.

"Agreed, however I suppose it understandable," Bastion replied, "After all when the leader is a hot headed and impulsive, he needs someone on hand to to be the level headed rational one."

The pair fell into silence once again; Bastion walked over to the desk and picked up his D-arc as well as Davis's D3. Looking down at them a thought occurred to him. "Say, have you ever thought about opening these up and have a look inside?" he asked his companion.

"Can't say I haven't thought about it once or twice." Izzy replied, "However I didn't to risk damaging it just in case it an emergency arose. If I'm honest, I don't even know how these things work. I always meant to ask Gennai how they did but I just kept putting it off."

Bastion stared at the two devises a moment long when something occurred to him. 'Wait…could it be that simple…' "Come on, lets go." he told Izzy as he stuffed the items into his pocket and headed for the door.

"What is it?"Izzy asked, he then scooped the other Digivises up and followed the ebony haired Ra student.

"A thought occurred to me, an idea so simple I'm embarrassed it did't occur sooner." Bastion told him as they hurried down the hall and out through the doors into the late afternoon air, "Both types of Digivise, whilst different in appearance, ultimately they're designed to fulfill the same function. Even if one is a more advanced version of the other, would it not stand to reason that they all have the same basic programming? At a software level, they're all the same device."

Izzy stared at him, his eyes wide in astonishment. "Same software, different casing." He said in a breathless whisper, "Same software, different casing. That's…that's brilliant, how did I miss that? They look different but they all perform the same function, so it stands to reason that they would have similar interiors. So where are we going?"

"Somewhere to test this hypothesis." Bastion told him. Soon enough the pair found themselves in the Academy's infirmary, making use of an X-ray machine to do an internal scan the Digivices.

"I can't believe this place has an X-ray machine." Izzy said, "Heck, this place has stuff that I would expect to find in a hospital rather then a nurses offices."

"Well this isn't your run of the mill school, but then it's no surprise what with being bases on an island in the middle of the Pacific with an active volcano and all." Bastion told him, "With us being as far from the main land as we are if an emergency we can't expect a swift response if we need help, as such our founder made sure we have just about everything we need to deal with things ourselves."

Soon enough the scans were finished at the pair of geniuses were hunched over the findings. Bastion had been correct; despite some cosmetic differences at their core all the Digivices were exactly the same. That was until Izzy notices something, some kind of component in the original D-arcs that wasn't present in the reformatted ones or the D3's.

"What is that?" The red haired barer or Knowledge wondered aloud.

"I'm not sure, however I'm afraid that there's only one way to find out." Bastion told him, "We're going to have to risk it."

A frown decorated Izzy's face as he thought this over, however he could see no other way. "…ok then," he said firmly, "Let's do it."

Time passes as it always does and the day melted away into evening, the festival had all but wound down and many of the students were now gathered round a bonfire that was set up not too far from the Slifer dorm.

Amongst those who had gathered around it was Syrus, despite the upcoming battle with Deamon and the dangers that he and his friends would be facing soon enough the younger of the Truesdale siblings thoughts were elsewhere. 'I don't see her,' he thought, 'Dark Magi Girl isn't here…'

Looking about he saw everyone who ahd gathered here, including Alexis Jasmine and Mindy who were still dressed up as the Harpy Lady Sisters and per posing for photos, everyone seemed so happy.

'Wait…could it be. Could you have been the real Dark Magician Girl…'At that moment Jaden was making his way through the crowds when he noticed his friend sitting on a log staring up at the star filled sky. 'I bet you came here to duel and make sure everyone had fun today. I had fun today to.' A smile formed on Syrus's face, "Thank you Dark Magician Girl." Unbeknown to him the ethereal form of the Dark Magician Girl appeared next the bluenette Roid user.

"Glad to hear it, I had fun today as well. Thank you for a great time." She told him, although she knew that he couldn't hear her voice, "I saw what you and your friends are going up against tomorrow so here, take this for good luck." She leaned over and gave him a small peck on the cheek before vanishing. The instant he felt something brush against his cheek Syrus brought his hand up to his face as he began looking about for what it could have been.

"Wait, was that…nah." Syrus said to himself, "Must have been a dream, yeah that's probably it."

"Hey Sy," Jaden said as he approached his friend, "What's could have happened to put that smile on your face?"

"Oh Hey bro," Syrus replied, "This is gonna sound a little weird, but for a second there the world became rose colored. Isn't that strange?"

"Wow, that is weird." Jaden told him, "Cos to me it looked like you were getting a kiss from the Dark Magician Girl."

A blush broke out suddenly Syrus's on face, unbeknown to him the spirit of Dark Magician Girl was watching the pair and flashed a smile before vanishing. "Wha…what are you talking about, how could you possibly know about my dream bro." he replied in a slight flustered tone, after a few second he calmed down and a small smile spread across his face, "Still the kiss I got was real. Even if it was just a dream I don't mind. This day has been the best." The smile on his face then vanished as memories of the encounter with Daemon earlier came back to him. "Everyone's so happy bro…tomorrow, it going to be tough isn't it?"

"Yeah Sy, it is." Jaden replied, his usual happy tone had vanished and it was replaced by a serious one, "Tomorrow is gonna be the toughest fight we've had so far."

"But what if we fail…" Syrus said in a down cast voice, "Daemon is so strong, I mean even as just a cloud of data he managed to corrupt one of the Digital Worlds most powerful beings, Kami only knows what he'll do now that he's got a body again."

"We won't fail Syrus," Jaden told him, his voice carrying a strong and determined tone, "Yeah its going to be tough but we'll find a way, as long a we stay strong and give it our all. I know we can beat Daemon."

'Bro…he's so sure of himself…' Syrus stared at his friend; he was in awe of him, he then began chuckling. "I almost can't believe this has happened to us." Syrus told his friend, "I mean it like if someone came up to us at the entry exam and said that when we got here that we'd have to duel against a group of assassins who came to this island to steal a bunch of cards that contained the essences of three super powerful demons within them that could potentially destroy the world."

Jaden chuckled at this. "Seriously Sy, that sounds like the plot to some manga or anime series." The two friends then began laughing at this.

Kari was wandering between the stalls hoping to find a food stand that hadn't closed yet, she was finding little success however, it seemed everything had either closed or was in the process of doing so. "K…Kari…" Hearing her name, the younger of the Kamiya siblings look round and saw TK standing not to far away, a stick of dango in each hand.

"Uhhh…hi." The blond said.

"Hi." Kari replied, "So…what are you doing here?"

"I…I've been walking around…thinking... I can't help it, I keep thinking about all the things I did whilst…well y'know." TK told her, "I want to do something Kari, I really do, I want to do something to make things right again but I…I don't know how, I don't know if I can."

The blond paused as he looked over at Kari who's eyes were looking away from him, a look of uncertainty on her face. "You…don't believe me do you?" Tk said, sadness creeping into his tone, "Guess I shouldn't be too shocked, after all why would you trust me after what I almost did to you."

"Its…its not that." she told him, "I…I understand TK, really I do but after everything that's happened…its going to take time before I'm able to trust you again."

"I…I understand, that understandable I guess." TK said after a slight pause.

The pair then fell into a rather uncomfortable silence, neither really knowing what to say to the other. Just the silence was broken by a rumbling sound, placing a hand on her stomach Kari looked away in an attempt to hide her embarrassment. Seeing this TK held one of the dango sticks out to her. "Here, take it." he offered, "Don' worry, its not poisoned or anything."

Kari studied the blond young man before her, despite know that it was utterly ridiculous to suspect any treachery from him she couldn't help but look for any sign of it, hesitantly she reached out and took the confection from him and bit down on one of the sweetened dumplings. As she was eating a thought occurred to the young brunette, no it had been something that had been troubling her ever since she learned that he had been taken over by Daemon.

"TK…can I ask you something?" she asked.

"Um, yeah sure." TK replied.

Taking a deep breath Kari decided to just lay it out on the table. "Back when we were…y'know, together, you were already possessed by Daemon." She said, trying to convey rather chaotic thought process, "I mean it wasn't exactly anything overly romantic or anything, but I have to know, was any of that stuff…real? Do you honestly feel that way about me?"

TK averted his eyes from her as an uneasy expression formed on his face. "I…I don't know Kari, looking back I have a hard time knowing what where my own feelings and what was his influence." TK told her, "To be honest I don't even know if I even like you like that, for all I know that whole thing was just him pushing me towards you all for his own benefit."

Kari stared at him, a look of hurt and disappointment forming on her face, despite how she felt about him at the moment she couldn't help but feel hurt about this. "Oh…I see." She replied, "I…I guess I should be going, I mean tomorrow is gonna be a really long day so we should get all the rest we can."

"Y…yeah, your right." TK replied, "Guess I'll see you then."

The pair then quickly parted, the sting of hurt still hung in air.

The evening passed and the sun was beginning to creep over the horizon signaling the start of the new day. On the far side of the island stood the mysterious ancient ruins, over the years numerous archeological teams had come to investigate them however despite this no body really knew who built them or what they were or what they were doing on the island.

Amongst the crumbling structures was Tai, who had changed out of his Dark Blade armor, and Matt watching the sun rise as they waited for their fellow Digidestined to arrive, their respective Digimon partner snoozing nearby.

"So, this is it. Today's the day." Matt commented.

"Yep." Tai replied, he then looked at his watch to check the time, "Where is everyone, we need to get moving as soon as possible."

"Hey chill already. They'll be here" Matt told him, "Sides its not like Deamon's not exactly going anywhere, he's probably somewhere like Infinity Mountain or Etamon's pyramid waiting for us to arrive."

"Yeah, guess…" Tai replied.

The two of them fell silent again as they continued waiting for the others. "Sooo," Matt said after a while after he couldn't take the silence anymore, "You think of any way to beat Deamon?"

"Zip," Tai replied, "What about you, you come up with anything?"

"Not much, the only thing I could think of is that we hit him really hard." Matt told the brunette Dragon/Volcanic duelist, "Ok, granted its not a great plan but it's a start at least."

Tai laughed at this. "Well its more then what I got so I guess we'll have to go with it."He replied.

Just then a rustling noise caught the pairs attention and soon Syrus along with a sleepy looking Jaden and with Monodramon and Bearmon headed came into view. "Well look who's here." Matt said upon seeing the foursome.

"Hey guys, we're not late are we?" Syrus asked, "It takes a nothing short of a miracle to get Jaden up."

"Tell me about it." Tai said under his breath.

"Don't worry Sy, you guys are the first ones here." Matt told him.

"Really? I figured we'd be the ones who'd be late and hold everyone else up." Syrus said in a surprised tone.

"Belive me Sy, no one is more surprised then me." Tai told him.

Time passed, the sun had risen higher across the sky, and within the hour practically every member of the Digidestined arrived, the only two they were will waiting on were Bastion and Izzy. "Damnit, are those two coming or not?" Davis groaned, "I'm itching to get to Digi World and kick some butt already."

"Calm down Davis," Kari told him in a reassuring tone, "I'm sure Izzy and Bastion will be here soon."

Fortunately the young brunette didn't have to wait much longer. Checking his watch again Tai noticed that it was almost 7:50 am when the sounds of someone approaching and looking over saw the pair heading towards the group, both of them looking utterly exhausted. "There you are, we were starting to wonder if you were going to show."

"My utmost apologize, Izzy and I were working on the Digivises to the wee small hours and we lost track of time." Bastion told him.

"Don't worry about, there was no doubt you'd be here." Sora told the pair, also elbowing Tai the ribs, "But are you alright, you two look rough."

"Considering we had to pull an all nighter I'm not surprised." Izzy replied, he and Bastion then handed everyone their respective Digivises.

"So you managed to fix them?" Matt asked as he accepted the white devise.

"I believe so." Izzy told him.

"Good enough for me." Tai said firmly.

Just then a beeping sound from inside his pocket was heard, reaching in he took out his PDA and found a message on the screen. "Tai, what is it?" Kari asked.

"Its Gennai, he say's he's managed to locate where Deamon is. He's going to open a portal to send us there." Tai told his sibling, putting the devise away he then looked over at the gathered humans and Digimon, "Guys, I'm sure I don't have to tell you what's about to happen. We're about to face the toughest opponent we've possibly ever had. Its not going to easy and to tell you all the truth I can't think of any way we can beat him."

He paused for a moment, allowing the others to comprehend what he was saying. "However, that doesn't mean I'm not going to try. If I have to go down I'd rather go down fighting then sitting on the sidelines doing nothing." As he was talking a portal formed in the ruined archway behind him. "If any of you have any reservations about going this is your last chance to opt out and stay behind, once you go through that portal it'll be too late to be having second thoughts." He continued, "So, if any of you got anything to say speak now or forever hold your piece."

"Bro, are you serious." A now more wide-awake Jaden spoke up, "You seriously think we're going to stay behind. When you think about it this whole year has been leading us up to this point, and now that the final battle is in sight you think I'm just gonna sit back and let you fight it all on your own."

"He's right Tai, we've all come too far just to falter now." Syrus added, his tone surprising just about everyone, "Now lets go already, let's do this before I wimp out and try running."

Tai let out a chuckle. "Sure thing Sy. Guy and girls, lets get this show on the road."

Everyone the lined up, their Digimon partner at their side, in front of the portal and pointed their respective Digivise at it. The instant they did the gateway began to glow even brighter, the light from it swallowing up the party and obscuring them from view. It only lasted for a few seconds and the light and the portal vanished leaving no trace that it had been there at all.

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