Gaara has a secret.

Well technically, its not his secret, but it affects him a lot.

Shukaku is a girl.

Yes, when the Yondaime Kazekage decided to seal a biju in his son, he didn't check to see if it was male or not.

But that's not the only problem.

Shukaku doesn't really eat the personalities of its Jinchuuriki.

That's a lie.

Its other carriers made up that reason because of the embarrassing truth

The truth is that with nothing to do in their mind, Shukaku constantly reminisces about all the guys it's seen during the day.

That's possible to ignore.

But when it turns night, Shukaku thinks about the things she'd like to do to those guys.

And unfortunately for them, all of Shukaku's Jinchuuriki have been male and straight.

Another image of a random guy's but passes through a certain sand boy's mind.

Gaara grimaces.

The last thing that 'random guy' saw was a wave of crushing sand.