Author notes: My first Tamora Pierce story, with my favorite characters, from my first Tamora Pierce book I read. It starts at the very end of the novel, when they are leaving Chammur.

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Chapter One,
A Plant wizard.

The caravan to Laenpa pulled out of sight of the flame-coloured cliffs of Chammur and entered a mountain pass where the stones were tan and grey, without a hint of orange. When Briar Moss, green mage, realized he'd seen the last of that ancient city, he felt as if a weight had fallen from his shoulders. He had not liked 'fabled Chammur'. It was an old tired place, and because it was so far away, in the middle of nowhere, the Nobles in that city do things civilized folk can't.

"Let's take another route home," he called to Dedicate Rosethorn, his teacher in plant magic, as she rode ahead of him. "South or north, I don't care."

She nodded without looking back. She was a broad-shouldered woman dressed in a long-sleeved dark green habit, with short chestnut hair and an Ivory complexion. Her large, brown eyes were on the tumble of dirt and gravel to her right, seeking any plants she might not know. She was a green mage as well, her magic tied to plants. Briar had known her since he was ten, and for four years she had been a teacher, mentor, parent figure and a friend to him.

Briar's own search for plants was interrupted by a giggle of delight. He dropped back to where his student, twelve year old Evumeimei Dingzai, rode camelback, a scruffy student queen, with a travelling desk on her lap, with her cats in a basket next to her. She was a stone mage, but because Briar recognised her magic, he was her teacher. It wasn't all a bad thing because Evvy was a former street rat, like he was, and she trusted Briar.

"Q is for quartz!" She had just found the surprise Briar had left in her stone alphabet, for when she got to Q. It was not a single stone like the others, but a small cloth strip to which six small quartz stones were fixed. "Crystal, blue, rose, green, smoky and roo-rootle – rutilated!"

Briar grinned up at her and was about to reply when he saw a flash of light. It looked like magic, but magic was white when he saw it. It wasn't green. Rosethorn had noticed it as well and came towards them. Then suddenly there was a blinding clash, like thunder, and Briar, Evvy and Rosethorn dissappeared.

The key had opened the portal. It wasn't fully open yet but it was nearing it, dragging in all manner of things to Sunnydale.

Back in the world that Briar and company had just left, three girls felt a conection to their foster brother strain and pull away. It didn't break.

The slayer jumped. The portal closed. The three foster sisters of Briar fainted. And three travels saw a girl jump from a tower.


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