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to Cornelius Fudge,
the Minister of Magic
from Sinew Shipwreck,
Head of Magical Law Enforcement Squad (MaLES)



our investigation of the Dark Mark conjuring accident taken place on August 25, 1995 at 2.52.47 a.m. proceeded as follows:

1. The Symbol appeared over the forest used by the wizards Apparating to the Cup.
2. At 2.53.00 half of the MaLES Apparated round the supposed position of the conjurer, forming the Snowflake Attacking Disposition (SAD) accompanied by three trained MoM workers, Arthur Robert Weasley, Amos Frederick Diggory and Bartholomew Fitzpatrick Crouch.
3. At 2.53.20 Stunning Charms were fired as to stupefy the possible culprit/culprits for further questioning.
4. Almost on the spot of conjuring three Hogwarts 4th-year students, Ronald Billius Weasley, Hermione Jane Granger and Harry James Potter were found. The said students stated they have heard a man's voice conjuring the Mark.
5. Under the nearby tree Mr. Potter's wand was discovered, revealed to have been used for conjuring, clutched in the hand of Mr. Crouch's houself, named Winky, who was laying stunned. When questioned by Mr. Diggory, member of the Department and Control for Magical Creatures, the elf denied having conjured the Mark and unconvincingly explained her hiding in the wood by being frightened by the Muggle-hovering commotion. Mr. Crouch having had ordered the elf to stay in the tent and disgusted with her disobedience, Gave Her Clothes and requested of Mr. Diggory not to take her to the DfRCoMC for questioning, which was granted.
6. No other being happened to be caught in the vicinity of the spot. It remains unknown, therefore, who the Mark was conjured by and what the culprit aimed for other than causing a severe public disturbance.


MaLES - this abbreviation comes from a time when no woman could serve in the Magical Law Enforcement Squad

SAD (or SAF, Formation) - disposition used to stun a culprit known to be at fixed point or small region, designed for the MaLES not to accidentally hit each other while spellcasting. http// img. photobucket. com / albums / v344 / Kehlen-Crow / Mugglenet / SnowflakeAF. jpg (without spaces)

"Trained wizards" - for the Stunners to cover more space, other wizards having gone through one to two days practice may join the MaLES. Those aid-wizards should stand the closest possible to a MaLES officer in the Snowflake and fire their Stunner parallel to his.

All adult middle names are thought up by me, Kehlen Crow ;)

Mr. Shipwreck sounds much like Mr. Crouch in his attitude toward the house-elves, doesn't he?


A/N As you may see, I tried to imitate the official document-style here :)
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