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I liked the idea of Zoro as a demon pirate hunter, so I decided to develop the idea a bit. This first chapter has too many parts, but it won't be like that for the rest of the story.

The Demon

Chapter 1:

The man smiled and took another sip of his wine.

This is very interesting………..

He gazed for a while at the piece of paper in front of him, before making up his mind.

"Kneale, I have an errand for you." He said suddenly. His voice was one that sent shivers running down your spine. So cold. So emotionless.

"Yes master?" Replied the man who appeared beside him. If he could be called a man; His skin was as black as pitch, and his eyes blood red. On his back he wore a pair of dark grey wings. He was not human.

"I want you to find this man." Ordered the master, handing Kneale the paper in his hands. "And bring him to me. Alive."

Kneale looked at the paper and grinned.

"Of course master. He shouldn't be hard to find, everyone's talking about him."

"Good, because I want him as soon as possible."

Kneale bowed and walked away. This was going to be an easy job, he thought. Taking another look at the 'wanted' poster he was holding. This guy may be wanted for 60 million Belis, but he didn't stand a chance against the powers of a demon!

Zoro lay on the deck of the Going Merry, watching the clouds float by. They were in the climate region of a spring island, and everyone was taking it easy. Well, it was hard to any work in such nice weather. Zoro didn't know how the inhabitants of the island managed to get anything done.

"Zoro!" Yelled an angry voice from below deck. Zoro groaned, maybe the inhabitants had a woman at their necks all the time, to make them work.

"I've just added up all your debts, do you have any idea how much you owe me?!" Yelled Nami as she stormed up to the swordsman.

Zoro shrugged. He wasn't in the mood for arguing.

"7 million beli's!"

Zoro's head snapped up.


"That's right, I don't know how you managed to spend that much, but you did. And what worries me is that you're never going to pay it back!"

Zoro shook his head.

"I've never spent that much, you must have added it up wrong. Either that or your lying."

Nami looked at him.

"Are you calling me a liar?" She asked threateningly

"Don't you call my Nami-San a liar, you Marimo!" Shouted Sanji, coming up onto the deck.

Zoro shighed.

"Piss off Sanji." He said off-handedly, closing his eyes in an attempt to go back to sleep.

"Don't you tell me to piss off yo-"

"-Leave it Sanji." Nami interrupted. "He's just being stubborn. Lets go."

Zoro grunted as they walked down the steps. He wasn't being stubborn, he was just telling the truth. He didn't spend that much, Nami must have added it up wrong. He grinned as he thought of Nami's face when she realised he was right. That was a face he didn't see very often.

He suddenly became aware of someone else on the deck with him.

That's strange. He thought. I didn't hear anyone come up.

Lazily he opened one eye, looked at the deck, then quickly opened both. In a hurry he tried to draw his swords, but it was too late, the creature was on top of him……….

"Alright Luffy, lets go over this again. What exactly did you see?"

Luffy put his head in his hands.

"I've told you, a man flew onto the top deck, I lost sight of him for a few seconds, and then he was flying off, really quickly again with Zoro. He was so fast I couldn't stretch my arms quick enough to grab hold of him."

"And what did the man look like?"

"He was completely black, and had grey wings."

Nami sighed, about 5 minutes ago Luffy had started screaming something about a black angel taking Zoro, she thought he was being ridiculous, until she went to the upper deck and found Zoro gone. But what was more worrying was that, although Zoro was missing, his white katana was lying on the deck, unsheathed, and there was a large pool of blood.

They needed to get Zoro back, she knew that, but the only thing they had to go on was Luffy's description, and besides, they had to follow the Log Pose, if Zoro was anywhere but where the Pose was taking them, they didn't have much chance of finding him.

Nami shook her head. Why was she worrying so much? Zoro was strong; he could take care of his self. He'd been in worse situations before and got out of them O.K. Nami grinned, she didn't need to worry. Death itself could not kill that man.

Vice-Admiral Tsuru looked down at the file in her hand. Shaking her head unbelievingly.

This was impossible.

"Are you sure this information is correct? She asked the officer who had given her the file.

"Yes Ma'm, I checked it myself, it may seem impossible, but it's true."

She read the writing again.

Funeral date – 12th May

Destination – Armry Town

Authorized by – Father Haslam

Course of death – gunshot wound to the head

Name of deceased – Roronoa Zoro

There was more, a whole page of it.

Tsuru couldn't believe it. According to this, the pirate hunter, Roronoa Zoro, was dead.

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