When a myserius girl shows up at the temple not knowing the extent of her powers of the dragon of darkness.Darkness? Where have we heard that before...ChaseOmiAmithist.

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Kimiko looked in anoyance as Omi jumped through every hoop blindfolded whith perfect ease coming to ring the bell making a new record.

"Well done Omi" Master fung said whith his small smile.

Omi grinned his huge grin and kimiko as well as the others could swear his head looked bigger than ever. As they heard the chime chime chime of the bell for lunch they as always, were stampeeded by Clay as he charged through the temple doors almost smashing them to pieces.When they had finaly recovered from being the door between Clay and his lunch they made there way to the temple to feast on whatever scraps they could gather from Clays oversized pie-hole.

They watched in awe as clay fitted another 2 spring rolls in his mouth on top of the 2 before and swalled them whole whith only two chews whith those enormous noshers, but suddenly they heard an obscene bang outside and the crumbling of a wall .As the 3 monks ran outside they saw Jack Spicer whith an army jack-bots just asking to have there chips knocked out.

he chuckled his evil chuckle as the monks eybrows turned diagonally down, but all of a sudden Jack looked awestruck and looked at them whith one eybrow raised counting up whith his petite hands.

Jack looked confused "There are 4 monks right..." he said his eyes rolling into outer space he started once again counting on his small fingers.

"Hmmmm let's see. Theres the brazilian thats ramundo... the one whith the beach ball for a head thats omi..the cutie thats kimiko" he said going so red that his face turned the same couler as his hair . "...wheres the cowboy?" he said a look of triumph appearing on his face at the achievment of counting to four.

The monk stepped out of the food court looking rather red "Sorry" he said going even redder at the embaresment "indagestoin".

"No wonder the ammount you eat you could feed a city" the now-flustered at Jacks comment about Kimiko brazilian cut in.

"Let's cut to the chase, give us the wu or-" "-prepare for defeat" the angry cheesball interupted.

"I was thinking of more of a kick your butt but prepare for defeat works too"the redhead replied.

"lets boogie"Omi said a huge grin spreading across his supernatrual-sized head.

"Teams!"the shoku warrior Ramundo shouted.

The woodi warriors split to the closest people to them Ramundo and Omi came together as the new plum-coulered Clay teamed whith kimiko as they began using theyre new battle teqnuiqe. Ramundo and Omi were the first to start as they once again formed a ginormous fist of water in the air then kimiko and clay started whith theyre firery foot.

Jacks part once again was said as it was every time "JACK-BOTS ATTACK!!!!!".

The mechanicly altered bots threw themselves at the monks just asking to have their chips knocked out. As one aproached a bit too keenly toward Clay and Kimiko and it seemed to find it self squished by an orversized foot on fire and it's partner found itself in much the same situation as it was sent flying over the Xioalin mountin as Omi and Rai scored a home run. When the Xiaolin monks had sent all-but 1 Jack-bots on their way Rai and Omi sent the last one on a too low run over the hill which sent a girl on top of the mountin scidding down on a Jack-bot helmet screeching at the top of her voice. Suddelny 2\3 of the way down a rock got caught in her path and she started rolling down the hill in a desparate struggle, landing on her behind.

Omi stepped forward "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine" said the girl rubbing her head.

"I'll get you some ice" said Omi.

"No it's alright-" but the speedy little monk was already on his way.

Kimimko helped her up"I'm Kimiko"

"Oh yes I'm Amithist pleased to meet you" she said brushing the dirt of her shorts,top and backpack.

She watched in awe as the the yellow-headed monk and a rather old looking man whith the kindest pair of eyes she had ever seen aproached her "here" said the yellow headed monk handing her a hanky whith ice in.

"Oh thankyou ...?".

"Omi" said the man "that's Omi thats Ramundo"he said pointing them out. "thats Clay and you seem to know Kimiko" he said smiling a small smile.

"So..."she said not wanting to sound rude "who are you?".

"I could ask you the same quistion"he said the smile not leaving his lips.

"Oh! I'm sorry...I'm Amithist".

"And I am Master Fung I lead the Xiaolin warriors in their training-"to become dragons one day" Amithist finished for him.

"Yes" he said tilting his head to the side ever so slightly "how do you know?".

"Oh...my..mother taught me-. she was interupted by a loud bang which made the ground shake.

The monks immidiatly ran to were the uproar had come from Amithist followed she stoped at the corner watching.The monks were speaking to two distinctive charecters a man and a woman. She examined the two charecters the woman plucked a cord in her mind something her mother had shown her... it struck her she was the Haylin witch Wuya ,the skinny witch whith the red dress and BIG BIG hair. She examined the man he was handsome whith long black hair that refleted the sun wearing a heavy armour then she saw his eyes, a pair of orange cat eyes. Amithist could've sworn shed seen him somwere before somthing her mother had shown her...? She didnt think so.She stoped thinking and listened.The man was holding a strange looking object...A Sheng-Gong-Wu! It was amazing how much Amithist remembered of what her mother had told her after she lost her memory, she could just about remember these facts and cherished them as the only part of her mother she could remember.She was taken by suprise as the man fired a bolt of lightning at the monks, Omi and Ramundo managed to dodge the first but failed to dodge the next as the man aimed another attack. Amithist picked up a rock and threw it at the object knocking it right out of his hands he looked to see were the stone had come from and Amithist ran out.

"Leave them alone!" Amithist shouted.

The woman gave out a chukle. Amithist entered her fighting position as her mother had taught her as 9 dots glowed on her forehead. The woman reached for the Wu and fired an attack.

"Darkness bubble!" Amithist shouted reaching her arms out as a huge black ball covered herself and the monks.

The man smiled a develish smile she followed his eyes to her shoulder she looked at the marking she had observed so many times before an eye. An orange cat eye.

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