An open letter to the readers of POKEMON WATCHERS:

Dear Readers,

First I wish to express my vast appreciation for all the support you have ever given me. I began writing Pokemon Watchers in January 2007 and posted the last chapter in February 2009, leaving the story incomplete. In doing so, I admit that I have given the story the appearance of being dead or abandoned. But such is not the case - not entirely.

You see, when I began writing Pokemon Watchers I knew that one day I would want to turn the plot into a story of my own, set in a universe that I created. A non-Pokemon universe. Yet I felt that I did not having the writing ability to write good stories. I needed a way to practice my writing and, just as important, I needed a place where people could give me feedback.

You were able to do that for me. Thanks to all your assistance, I have been able to hone my skills to a level where I am confident enough to break free from series created by other people and write a story set in my own world.

In February 2009 I realised that I could not both plan my new novel and Pokemon Watchers. Thus, I had to make the decision to post whatever I had finished on Watchers and focus my attentions to my novel.

My novel, ELEMENTAI, has a similar premise to Watchers. It contains similar characters, many of whom have the same names and personalities, but has been set on modern-day Earth. It was a challenge to convert Pokemon abilities into something original, but I feel pleased with the end result.

My novel is about 90% completed, with only a few minor scenes to go. If you are interested in reading the new version of this story, you can do so at my website: www (dot) pgpalmer (dot) net. It is being updated as I finalise new content.

Thank you, everyone, who took the time and interest to read my story, to review it, and thus enabling me to strengthen my writing skills. I will always remember my time on , and I encourage everyone to continue to develop your writing skills and to keep on doing what you enjoy doing: writing.

Your fellow author,

PG Palmer aka "Juptile"
WEB: www (dot) pgpalmer (dot) net
EMAIL: palmer (at) pgpalmer (dot) net
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