Summary: When the Ducks find a tear in the space time contiuum they go back and foward in time, and encounter alternate versions of themselves in other movies and one TV show. Just some silly little fun!

Author's Note: Ok guys, here's the deal, this is just some unbridled silliness I came up with, while I was watching Heavyweights on TV one day. What would happen if Russ and Goldberg showed up at that camp? If Portman found himself living amoungst the Newsies? Luis and Jesse visited The Sandlot? Charlie went to Capeside? Coach Bombay met up with the Breakfast Club? Obviously it would only happen through a tear in the space time continuum, so that's how we did it. It takes place after the camp scene in D2!

Disclaimer: I don't own The Mighty Ducks, Heaveyweights, Newsies, The Sandlot, Dawson's Creek or The Breakfast Club or any of their associated charcters. These disclaimers will get a little wordy simply because of the sheer volume of things I'm stealing from!

The Ultimate Duck Crossover

Chapter 1: A tear in the Space Time Contiuum

The Ultimate Duck Crossover The Ultimate Duck Crossover

When the Mighty Ducks, a group of Young Preteen hockey players left their campsite in the middle of the night after winning the gold medal in the Junior Goodwill Games, they didn't realize what they were in for. They were thinking they would just go for a walk, see what they would find. Little did they know that they were entering, The Twilight Zone.

"Dude, watch it, that was my foot!" Dean Portman said, hitting Fulton Reed on the arm.

"Sorry, man, I didn't see you." Fulton said.

"Guys, what is that?" Charlie Conway said, pointing at a swirling mass sitting in front of them.

"It looks weird." Luis Mendoza cocked his head to the side.

"I wouldn't touch it if I were you guys." Connie Moreau said staring at it.

"Oh, please!" Jesse Hall said looking at it. "It can't be anything too dangerous."

"It looks kind of like a tear in the space time continuum." Julie Gaffney said, walking past the guys.

"You know, that's exactly what I was thinking." Russ Tyler said sarcastically.

"Wait, don't those send you back in time?" Lester Averman asked, "Like Back to the Future style?"

"Nah, sometimes they send you to parallel universes." Guy Germaine said. "Or something."

"We should walk through it, y'all." Dwayne Robertson said, "See what happens."

"Yes, there's a brilliant idea!" Adam Banks laughed. "Let's all get lost in the parallel universes!"

"It could be fun." Greg Goldberg said, inspecting the swirly blurry mass. "I mean, who knows what we would find."

"I don't love the idea." Ken Wu said, "this whole thing seems kinda freaky."

"Let's give it a shot!" Portman said, "Come on."

"Well, we better do something." Guy said, looking behind him. "Cause Coach is coming, which means we could get into serious trouble!" All of the Ducks scurried into the blur, which lead them into a whizzing whirling swirl of colors where they all got separated.

"Where did they go?" Gordon Bombay said, looking around. He noticed the swirly blur, just as the team had. "What this?" He said to no one. He stuck his head into the blur and found himself being sucked in, swirling along with the rest of the team.

Dean Portman, Lester Averman, and Connie Moreau screamed as they found themselves landing on a hard city street.

"Ow," Averman said, rubbing his butt. "What just happened? And where are we?" They both looked around.

"It looks like New York City," Connie said, "but like really old New York City."

"Wherever it is, we should check it out!" Portman said standing up and looking around. "It's strange, this place seem oddly familiar."

"Whoa!" Jesse, Luis and Ken released all at once as they landed on a grassy spot covered in dirt. There was an old fence barely standing.

"What happened?" Jesse said, looking at the sorry excuse for a dugout that was sitting next to them.

"If I had to guess we got sent either back in time, or to another dimension." Ken shrugged. "Since we went through a rip in the space time continuum and all."

"Whatever happened, is it just me or does this seem like the greatest place in the whole world?" Luis said standing up and looking around.

"It does seem pretty great." Jesse agreed. "I don't know why, but I suddenly feel the need to pitch a couple of balls. Luis you wanna hit?"

"Yeah," Luis said, walking over to the dugout and picking up a bat, "I don't know why, but, yeah I do."

Charlie, Adam and Julie found themselves in the middle of a huge river or lake of some sort. The water was freezing.

"Come on you guys!" Charlie shouted. "Swim to shore!" Adam and Julie coughed and followed Charlie. Coughing they all pulled themselves out of the water.

"What happened?" Adam said looking around. "And where are we?"

"I told you it was a tear in the space time continuum!" Julie said, condescendingly, she was proud that she had figured it out. "And who knows where we ended up!"

"I don't," Charlie said looking around. "But let's check it out. Come on!"

Russ, Goldberg and Guy also found themselves landing in a wooded area.

"Man, we just ended up back at camp." Guy said. "What a ripoff."

"I don't think this is our camp," Goldberg said. "It looks a little different."

"Yeah, but familiar just the same." Russ said, "It's very weird, but don't you feel like you've been here before?"

"I do actually," Goldberg said. "This is very very weird."

"I don't know what you guys are talking about," Guy shook his head. "This place doesn't seem at all familiar to me."

Fulton and Dwayne found themselves in what looked like a school library. They didn't say anything, just looked around confused. After a few minutes Gordon landed on top of them.

"What the hell?" He said looking around. "Where are we?"

"Well coach," Fulton said, trying to sound like he knew what he was talking about. "We found a tear in the space time continuum, and then we walked into it, and now we're here."

"Great that explains everything." Gordon said rolling his eyes. "But it doesn't explain the Déjà vu I'm having right now."

"Deja what?" Dwayne asked.

"It means I feel like I've been here before." Bombay explained. "It's very weird."

"Yeah, because anything about this situation is normal." Fulton grunted.

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